Best Under Seat Subwoofer Reviews

Top 9 Best Under Seat Subwoofer Reviews 2022 – Guide

Not enough space in the trunk for your preferred sub? Well, you don't need it, nor do you need to settle for your factory speakers, because now you have under-seat woofers.

These are moderately priced and can give you the best audio experience possible. So, make your car sound system complete with the resonating bass effects.

With that said, not all products come alike, some might not come with all the wires and components needed or some might. But don't let that cloud your judgment, because you can get those additional items easily.

So go for the best under seat subwoofer without worrying about peripherals, as we guide you through the process.

How Do You Install a Powered Subwoofer?

Powered subwoofers usually come with enclosures and amplifiers. Depending on your level of expertise, you should check whether it comes with an amp or not.

If you're more of an amateur, then you should choose a sub that comes with an amp because when you need to purchase the amp separately, it usually requires more wiring. So, inexperienced people will prefer subs with a built-in sub.

Without further ado, let’s look at the process of installing a subwoofer.

Step 1: Specifying the Spot to Mount the Woofer

Remember that the sub will heat up at some point, so there should be space for ventilation. Moreover, if the place is too tight, it might become difficult to reach.

So, if it fits, then under the seat is a good place to mount the sub.

Step 2: Acquiring the Wiring Kit and Fuses

When you buy the woofer, you won’t get the needed wires and fuses. So be sure to buy those separately. Thereby you should buy the amp wiring kit.

Step 3: Connecting Battery and Subwoofer

Before you start, remember to disconnect the battery. Do not start working before it.

Next, use the power wire to connect the battery and sub. If your fuse isn't assembled, then slit part of the cable so that it covers the distance between the fuse holder and the battery. After doing so, cut the insulation off the ends of the cable.

Similarly, cut the insulation of the amp cable. Cut only the end that goes into the fuse.

Press together the terminal ring to one end and fuse holder to the other. Next, connect the amp cable’s end to the fuse holder.

Step 4: Passing the Power Cable 

Once the battery end of your work is done, you need to pass the power cable into your car. Usually, there are holes present for entering. Use those and enter the car’s cabin.

Then again, once inside, put the wire under the carpet along the corner, so that you don’t have to step on it.

Step 5: Turn-On, Signal and Ground Wire Connections

Your next step is to run the turn-on wire and the RCA signal cable. Use the opposite side of the power cable to bring this to your stereo. Both of these are to be attached to the radio of your car.

Use the manual to see which outputs are used for the cables.

Now the ground wire needs to be in touch with the car's bare metal. Connect it to a bolt that is on the ground.

Step 6: Mounting and Connecting to the Sub

So all that's left is connecting the appropriate wires to the sub. Afterward, reconnect the battery, and you are good to go!

9 Best Underseat Subwoofer Reviews

In this review, we have not only considered powerful and sturdy products, but also the ones that have overall stability and clarity.

1. Rockville RW10CA 10" 800 Watt Slim Low Profile Active Powered Car Subwoofer Sub

Rockville RW10CA 10" 800 Watt Slim Low Profile Active Powered Car Subwoofer Sub

With its slim and sleek design, this is the best compact subwoofer for cars.

Rockville, known for their slim designs and even better sound quality, developed this model as the perfect option for your sports car. It is suitable for all cars, but vehicles with less height will accommodate this precisely.

While it peaks at a whopping 800W, its RMS is 200W. That means you will get strong bass from this system. You can listen to both high and low tones with utmost clarity.

Although in terms of specs and quality, it's right there at the top, where this wins all our votes are its easy installation.

It requires very few adjustments as the amp is built-in, so you can set it up easily using little wiring. That's another reason we recommend this. We know how tiring the wiring process can get, so with this, you will have the least amount of worries as the wiring process is simple.

Wiring is further simplified by its same side housing options. You can hang up all the cables on the same side.

Also, this has an automatic turn on and off technology. This will work per the stereo system in your car.

If you want to adjust the volume or bass, you can also do that easily with this. You don't need to adjust your stereo to set the bass to your liking; you can do so with the sub alone.

However, though this is efficient, it is not the loudest, so if the sound doesn’t satiate your soul, you will need to shift to something more powerful. Also, the audio distorts if you try to go beyond its capacity.


  • The peak of 800W with 200W RMS
  • Auto turn on and turn off
  • Ideal for sports cars
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Easy installation


  • Overheating was noticed on some occasions.

2. Pioneer TS-SWX2502 10 inch Shallow-Mount Pre-Loaded Enclosure

Pioneer TS-SWX2502 10 inch Shallow-Mount Pre-Loaded Enclosure

Pioneer is known for its variety of electronic audio devices. They have been making headphones, speakers, and woofers for years now. So, you say they know their way around subwoofers.

This shallow mount device is one of their strongest devices. It will give you the glass shaking experience that you always wanted in your car. With a power of 300W RMS and a peak of 1200W, this is simply a beast.

Therefore, you will get superior deep and full resonance in a clear sound.

With a frequency as low as 20Hz, you can expect to hear the low tones with clarity that you might miss in most other devices.

In terms of design, this has a low body, meaning you can easily set it up under your car’s seat. Furthermore, the shallow compact design makes its size small, but when it comes to the sound, you can easily hear up to very high volumes without disturbance.

Moreover, Pioneer cares about you getting the best out of it, so they have designed to have a carpet cover, which is scratch and slip resistance. Hence, no matter how bumpy the ride gets, the sub under the seat will be your last concern.

However, this doesn't come with an amplifier, so that means an additional expenditure. Besides, you need to purchase the wirings necessary. Also, as you get more power, you have to spend more money.


  • Powerful with a peak of 1200W
  • Scratch and slip-resistant carpet enclosure
  • Can play at high volumes without disturbance


  • Doesn’t come with an amp
  • Price is on the higher side

3. Kicker 11HS8 8" 150W Hideaway Car Audio Powered Subwoofer Sub Enclosure HS8

Kicker 11HS8 8" 150W Hideaway Car Audio Powered Subwoofer Sub Enclosure HS8

This Kicker subwoofer is not the most powerful in the market, but for those looking at stability and feasibility overpower, this is certainly worth it. Despite its lack of power, it’s considered as one of the best hideaway subwoofers out there.

Kicker subs were originally designed to give you clear sound and not the window shaking bass. For years they have stuck to their methods, and as a result, they are very well reputed in the industry.

It is one of the easiest devices to install. It has a plug-and-play design. You place it and hook it to your sound system, and you’re good to go.

With a tiny dimension, it can be placed under most car seats easily. This device is perfect for people who like good sound quality but aren't into the details much and want a good and feasible system.

As this is very easy to work with and maintain, it also has all the good features of a sub. 

Although its power is nothing to boast about, you get crisp audio out of it. Moreover, if you prefer mid-range bass, you can get excellent sound. On top of that, this handles the lows well. We appreciated the deep low bass. 

You also get to adjust the bass to high or low with a remote controller. Besides, this comes with a power amp, saving you the trouble of going to buy one yourself. However, the amp is very small, so for the best output, you may want to switch to something better.


  • Easy to install with plug and play design
  • Can fit under most car seats
  • Supports mid to low bass


  • Amp is small and may need to be changed

4. Sound Storm LOPRO8 Amplified Car Subwoofer

Sound Storm LOPRO8 Amplified Car Subwoofer

If you are looking for an upgrade for the stereo system in your car, in a budget and which takes up less space, LOPRO8 is the subwoofer for you.

The LOPRO8 is a combination of an amplifier and a subwoofer that comes in two sizes, depending on the power. With a power of 600 Watts is the 8-inches compact size and another is a 1200 Watts, 10-inches size. This 8-inches subwoofer can be easily set up in any vehicle under the front or back seat or even the stereo system.

Moreover, the sound storm has done a great job with the high-low level of inputs that helps to connect with factory radios and also can be connected to multiple amplifiers through the interconnection of wires. This provides space for adjustments of the gain, base, frequency to suit one’s taste.

Given the price range, it is a great deal; this subwoofer is perfect for a compact space. It is not a winner in terms of sound quality but not a bad investment as you get fully immersive sound and can play loud music.

The product, however, can improve in terms of bass and the lifespan. As a quick solution to some quality sound in a vehicle, it works just fine. This subwoofer has performed better than expected and thrives on doing so.


  • Reasonable pricing for a combination of amplifier and subwoofer
  • Easily installable
  • Has high-low levels of setting


  • Some customers complained about the lifespan of the product

5. Rockford Fosgate Prime R2S

Rockford Fosgate Prime R2S

This may not be the best compact subwoofer for cars, but you can still fit it in most tight places. Rockford is known for its fabulous subs, and this one is no different.

For the price, this is a top-notch woofer. Although this is more suited for trucks and cargo vehicles, almost any cars can find a place for this 10-inches shallow mount.

The enclosure has a carpet covering to make sure it won't slip off or get scratches. In terms of weight and depth, this is also very suitable. With 14.88 pounds, this isn't all that heavy, and you can easily place it under the back seat of your car.

Moreover, it is well under 6-inches, meaning height won’t be a problem factor for you.

With 200 RMS, you can be sure that you will get great bass and be able to feel all the highs and the lows.

The sound output of this device will give you remarkably crisp and clear audio. Once you buy this, you certainly won’t expect such benefits from the price you’re spending.

This will give you more depth than most of the other products that you will be getting for this price. But it’s the only problem is it's a bit bigger than your most under-seat subs. But that is also the reason you're getting better and deeper bass.


  • Affordable price
  • Power of 200 RMS for deep bass
  • Carpet covered enclosure for scratch-free use


  • It might not fit under the seats as it is bigger

6. Rockville SS8P - Sub subwoofer 400 W, 8 inches, thin, under the seat

Rockville SS8P - Sub subwoofer 400 W, 8 inches, thin, under the seat

The second Rockville product in this review.

This is much like the first one in terms of the features, but it is a lot cheaper and also less powerful. Although it gives you a good peak power, it falls behind when it comes to the RMS, as it is only 100W.

But don’t let that deflect you from its awesome features as it has plenty. This comes with a built-in amp, so you don’t have to be concerned about wiring a whole lot.

This was made in a way for even amateurs to use it right away. So the installation process is straightforward. Moreover, this has an automatic on and off feature. Meaning it will turn on with the stereo system and off with it as well. 

Rockville knows how to make your life easier; hence, their RCA high-level inputs will make it easy to play with any factory stereo system.

Further, this has controls for you to select your bass level. More importantly, you can even adjust the subsonic filter to control the low frequencies.

This is a safe and durable product too. The thermal protection construction makes sure your device doesn’t go down easily and doesn’t heat up either.

Finally, a device with a built-in amp and great sound for a low price, what more could you ask?


  • Built-In amp and no extra wiring concerns
  • Thermal protection construction to avoid damage
  • Controls for bass and subsonic filter
  • Price well within budget


  • Not very powerful

7. Alpine Electronics pwe-s8 Restyle Compact Powered 8-Inch Subwoofer

Alpine Electronics pwe-s8 Restyle Compact Powered 8-Inch Subwoofer

If you’re looking for the best under seat subwoofer, then you’ve probably heard of Alpine Electronics. They have some of the most high-end products.

What sets this apart is how compact the enclosure is. You can almost mistake it for a free air sub.

But that is not all, alongside being compact you get full-toned bass as well. With a power of 120W, you should know your expectations, but unlike many other devices, you won’t be hearing distortions or cracks.

This is a small device; it is small enough to be placed under sports cars with ease. But that also means you can’t compare it to bigger subs.

Therefore, you will get very clear audio, but you won’t get the oomph that you may have gotten in a bigger device.

But if that is not your only requirement, you will certainly be satisfied with this product’s performance.

As this is a high performing device, it also has an amp, so you don’t have to buy it. It is quite astounding that they managed to place everything in such a small box, and in doing so, they have only provided the best. 

It even has a side panel with all the necessary keys for adjusting. On top of that, it also has the RCA inputs which most systems need; therefore, you shouldn’t have a problem in hooking this up.

However, being as good as it is, it’s also one of the most expensive subs in our list. But you do get your money’s worth. So it’s an expense you won’t come to regret.


  • A small and compact device
  • Durable and made with quality materials
  • Has RCA inputs and amplifier


  • Quite expensive compared to the other woofers

8. BassPro SL - JBL 8" 125W RMS Powered Under-Seat Compact Subwoofer Enclosure System

BassPro SL - JBL 8" 125W RMS Powered Under-Seat Compact Subwoofer Enclosure System

JBL is one of the most reliable brands of subwoofers. They have the most variety of woofers so that you will see a JBL product in an under-seat subwoofer reviews article.

This device is perfect for beginners, as it has a range of features to support amateur use. To begin with, most of the connectors are colored and marked in a way for you to understand easily.

Besides, the blue and red LED light indicators also make it easier to get the hang of.

Another thing that impressed us is its stylish appearance. It has a modern and unique look to it.

Although it is an under-seat subwoofer, it is quite big in dimension and might not fit under a few cars.

But don’t let that stop you from buying it, because this will give deep-toned bass and can give you the reverberating experience that you always want in your sub.

It has all the features of a professional-grade subwoofer, including a wide range of frequency and sensitivity. Moreover, it also has the low-pass filter to make sure you hear the lows with absolute clarity.

This also comes with a perfect amplifier that you don't need to replace.

However, we do think considering the overall power of the device, the price could have been reconsidered.

So beginners who are not shy to spend on a safe and easy product can surely take a look at this for its easy installation and good construction.


  • Easy to install with colorful connectors
  • Easy to use and adjust with LED indicators and keys
  • Compact design with even better features


  • Doesn’t fit under a few cars
  • Price is on the higher side

9. BLAUPUNKT GTHS131 200W 10" CAR Under SEAT Super Slim Powered SUBWOOFER Enclosed

BLAUPUNKT GTHS131 200W 10" CAR Under SEAT Super Slim Powered SUBWOOFER Enclosed

BLAUPUNKT’s story started way back in 1924 when they were a small radio company. Since then, they have come a long way, along with radios, they have also expanded into making different products like stereos, speakers, and cameras, among other things.

Their subwoofer might not be your first choice in terms of the features, but if you consider the price, it is hard to find a better deal.

Although it’s cheap, it comes with all the necessities that you’d expect from a good sub. It comes with a built-in amp and even has a low pass filter.

The filter makes you can hear the low tones and deep basses properly. Many devices get scratchy or are unable to play the low tones, but with the filter here, you won't be having problems. 

This device is very flat and perfect for fitting under the seat of cars. These are good for convertibles or cargo vehicles.

It may not have the greatest output power with it being 120 Watts, but it will surely make your stereo system much better, giving you good deep bass.

While people complain about their subs heating up too quickly, you don’t have to worry about that with this one. As it has an aluminum die-cast heatsink to make sure your device doesn’t heat up when you boost the bass up.

Finally, to meet your taste, this also has controls for setting the bass to your likable level.


  • Budget-Friendly price
  • Has most of the features of high-end subwoofers
  • Adjustable bass level
  • Doesn’t heat up when overused
  • Good for convertibles and cargo vehicles


  • Power output not very high

What to Look for Before Buying?

After reading our under seat subwoofer reviews, you must have some favorites already. But how to pick among them?

Below, we are going to talk about some features that will help you to make a pick between them.


The more power the woofer has, the better the bass you will get from it. There is nothing simpler than this.

But most people don’t need glass shattering bass, so they can make do with normal bass as long as it sounds melodious.

Under Seat Subwoofer

Still, check the RMS instead of the peak power. RMS determines the overall functioning. So, the more the RMS, the better the chances of it handling the sound.

Having more power means it can convert more electric energy to sound. Hence, more power means more sound.


The frequency range indicates what you hear. The more the range, the more clarity you get. Without a wide range, you will not be able to hear the lows well.

So for people who like their audio to be pitch-perfect, they ought to check the frequency.

Size of the Enclosure

For under seat subs, the greatest advantage is you get to keep the enclosure within your car. Most car subs are either free air, or they are placed in some awkward position.

But under the seat is their rightful position. So, keep the size of the seat in mind when buying the subs, as space determines what height your sub should have.

Under Seat Subwoofer

Also, the spacing varies for different cars. Sports cars have really low seats, so there isn’t much space underneath. Trucks and cargo vehicles have enough space to mount to subs under it if needed.


This is not that big of a concern if your car has a slip-resistant carpet or mat. But to avoid uncertainties, good subs come with a scratch and slip resistant boxes. 


Subs that come with amplifiers are always more popular. They save you plenty of wiring work. Also, buying amps separately will cost you more.

Besides, if you aren’t an expert on the subject, you will also lose sleep over it because this comes with a lot of additional questions like which amp to buy or what wirings are needed.

Construction Material

You’re not supposed to understand a whole lot about it. But the gist of it is, a sub with a good magnet and cone means the product is there to last.

However, you may find cheaper alternatives, but that won’t matter if the product collapses within days. So check whether they have used a good magnet, voice coil, and cones.

Under Seat Subwoofer

Further, the material of the enclosure needs to be sturdy because your ride might get bumpy at times, and it has to be strong enough to protect the sub.


The more sensitive the sub is, the less electricity it will require to produce sound.

So the higher the sensitivity, the better the chances of the product's stability. Because when it will need less electric energy, it will also not wear out the sub much, and it will not heat up easily. Therefore, it can be used for a longer time.

Easy Installation

Installing a sub becomes extra troubling because you have to do it in such a closed space. Therefore, the inputs on your sub should make it easier to install by being visible.

Also, most accessible options should be on the side panels where it’s easy to reach.

Price and Brand

Buying the product of a renowned brand is always a safe bet, but if you’re unwilling to spend on it, then you should remember how tedious the process can get.

Therefore, don’t buy something without properly checking.

Underseat Subwoofer Vs. Trunk Subwoofer

Whether you place it under the seat or in the trunk usually depends on your car’s accommodation. However, if you’re open to both options, then it might turn into a dilemma.

Underseat subwoofers are recommended to people with smaller cars who do not have space in the trunk. The reason behind that is under-seat woofers are not as powerful as the trunk ones. So if you have space, then you might want the only that will give you more sound.

One recurring problem with under-seat ones is it becomes uncomfortable when it’s under you. When your woofer is bigger, then it becomes even more difficult to sit.

Furthermore, keeping it under the seat is also sometimes unsafe. Unsafe for the sub as it doesn’t have much room for ventilation. Also, it may heat up. Alongside that, durability comes in too. Trunk subs are seen to be more durable.

However, although trunk subs give you more power and clarity, they are also more expensive. For subs, it is an obvious thing that more power means a higher price.

But if budget isn’t a constraint and you prefer very loud and clear bass, you should always go for the trunk subs.

Besides, you have more mounting options for trunk ones, and you can easily do the wiring work as well.

For bass specifically, though, the under-seat subwoofer should be more than enough if you are not a huge fan of loud music. The under-seat subs may have less power, but within the small boundary of a car, it should be enough for most people. 

So if you are a small car owner with no trunk space, don’t be disappointed because you probably don’t need the big sub anyway.

But for bigger cars or cargo vehicles, the trunk woofers seem like the better choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which subwoofer gives the loudest oomph?

The sub that with the greater power should give louder bass and oomph.

2. If I want my windows to shake, what sub should I buy?

This depends on size, power, and sensitivity. The size here is the size of the enclosure. With a bigger box, you will get louder and deeper bass.

3. What features to look into if I want a clean sound?

For sound clarity, check the frequency range. A wider range means you will be able to hear the highs and lows with more clarity. The richness of sound also depends on the enclosure.

4. Does the quality of the amplifier matter?

It matters when it comes to your subs lifespan. Better amps mean your sub is having an easier time. It won’t heat up easily nor wear itself out. So a good amp is essential if you want the woofer to be in good condition.

5. What is the first thing to check when buying under seat sub?

The obvious answer is to check the accommodation of your car. If that is not a concern, then check the power and ease of installation.

Final Words

Buying the best under seat subwoofer is no easy task, especially when the concern is even with whether to buy one or not.

With options like free air and trunk subs, deciding on one is tricky. Hopefully, the decision became easier with this review.

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