Best Underwater Boat Lights

10 Best Underwater Boat Lights 2022 – Reviews & Guide

If you own a boat or prefer fishing, you know the beauty of water during the nighttime. The experience can’t be described in words since there is a perfect balance between the sea and darkness.

Whether you plan to enjoy the beauty or catch some fish, it is necessary that you should have the best underwater boat lights. Since water comes with pros and cons, it is best that you should have this equipment for your boat in advance.

The lights will show you the way you are staying or heading, and it also helps you with fishing.  

From the following article, we will cover all about these marvelous lights and some in-depth information about the various models. Read on to find out more.

Best Underwater Boat Lights

As there are many models available in the market, it could get overwhelming for you to choose the right one. For your ease, we have come with the top 10 products that are currently dominating the market.

Check out the underwater boat lights reviews.

1. Lumitec 101320 SeaBlazeX Spectrum LED Underwater Boat Light

Lumitec 101320 SeaBlazeX Spectrum LED Underwater Boat Light

This model is very powerful and will make your trips enjoyable during the nighttime. Many boaters consider it as one of the best LED boat lights as they are satisfied with its performance.

You will be happy to know that it has used bronze alloy of marine-grade as its housing materials. These are very strong and have the capability to withstand pressure in all situations.

The illumination is top-notch, and after its installation, you will get to see its magic. It uses 3000 Lumens, which is very good when it comes to brightness. Due to that, you won’t have any problem navigating the area.

Fortunately, it uses 12 to 24 volts DC, which becomes very easy when you have to connect the device with the power supply.

To prevent corrosion in water, the manufacturer has done salt-spray tests for a long time so that you don’t experience the problem in the future. The remarkable feature is its color-changing facility.

Yes, you will have full control when you are interested in changing the color or styles without additional controllers. So, it is a win-win situation if you decide to go for this model.


  • Saves energy
  • Color changing facility
  • Durable
  • 3000 Lumens
  • Won’t corrode or rust


  • Not suitable for large vessels
  • Installation process is not easy

2. SeaBlaze X2 Underwater Light

SeaBlaze X2 Underwater Light

If you are looking for the kind of model that can illuminate different colors, this one can be a great pick. You will get excellent performance, and you can completely rely on it without any hesitation. In the list of underwater boat lights reviews, it is one of the most popular ones.

It has more than 6000 Lumens (white color), which is quite rare. So, you can guess the kind of output you will get after you have successfully installed it. Moreover, you will get the facility to experience the change in color. Without the need for additional controllers, you can easily control the color output (white or blue).

The installation process is easy since it won’t take that much of your time and physical effort. You simply have to surface-mount it with the use of a 3-wire hookup.

If you are concerned about the constructions, don’t worry, it has used bronze of naval-grade as its housing materials. Plus, the device uses heat-tempered glass. So, you are getting a sturdy product that is all ready to provide you the best service. 


  • Provides maximum output (more than 6000 Lumens)
  • Tested with salt-spray
  • Tough product
  • Reliable
  • Change in color can be controlled


  • Not affordable
  • Need to follow the manufacturer’s instruction during installation strictly

3. Lumitec Lighting, LED Underwater Light, SeaBlaze Quattro Underwater Light

Lumitec Lighting, LED Underwater Light

This budget-friendly model has a perfect balance when it comes to brightness. Since you are using it underwater, the designers made sure that you get all the lights out from it.

You will get 2000+ Lumens from it, which is a feature that you can’t ignore. During your purchase, you could get attracted by its outlook as it has an elegant outlook.

If you talk about the output, it comes with multiple modes of the facility. You can easily control it with a switch, and the feeling will be mind-blowing.

Also, you will get the opportunity to experience the cross-fade feature without any hassle. Other than its brightness, it is constructed with the bronze of marine-grade as its housing material.    

To level up even more, it has undergone salt-spray tests to make sure it won’t corrode or rust in any situation. As you can see, your investment won’t go to waste, and you can completely rely on it without giving a second thought.

The installation procedure is not challenging at all, and it won’t be hectic throughout the whole time. After you have fitted it, you will find out that it has the potential to perform excellently underwater.   


  • 2000+ Lumens
  • Comes with multiple modes along with cross-fade
  • Has used strong housing material
  • Performs well all the time
  • Good brightness


  • Lights can’t penetrate too deep
  • Mounting is time-consuming

4. VOFONO 2 X Waterproof Ip68 42 Led Drain Plug Light Underwater Boat Lights

VOFONO 2 X Waterproof Ip68 42 Led Drain Plug Light Underwater Boat Lights

Purchasing a good quality product is nothing more than a heavenly feeling. Not only it makes your investment successful, but also you will get the chance to use it for a long period of time.

This fantastic device is powerful because the intensity is high. Furthermore, it is waterproof and has used IP68 to make sure you don’t face any water problems.

To make it sturdy, it has used 304-grade stainless steel and high-quality PC (Polycarbonate) plastic, which is safe for the environment as well. Also, the lamp has been reinforced with rubber that makes the overall product very powerful.

The brightness is the most highlighted feature. You will get a huge amount of light because it has used 42 LEDs. After its installation, your boats’ atmosphere will be completely changed. You will notice the change in beauty. Plus, you can easily catch baitfish with ease, thanks to this model.

Since it has used lots of LEDs, you might think about the heating issues. Fortunately, it won’t get heated up like the other lights, so you are safe from that. In total, it can be a smart choice if you are looking for heavy brightness and long-lasting performance.


  • Sturdy
  • 42 LEDs
  • Brightness level is very high
  • Catching fish becomes easy
  • Waterproof


  • Installation is stressful
  • Outlook looks cheap

5. HUSUKU SOOP3 Mini 2×27LED Waterproof Stainless Steel High-Intensity Boat LED Underwater Light

HUSUKU SOOP3 Mini 2×27LED Waterproof Stainless Steel High-Intensity Boat LED Underwater Light

For fishermen or boaters who prefer to have a small and flexible model, they can easily select this one.

It comes with a waterproof (IP68) feature that is very important when the device is underwater. Also, it has the potential to prevent dust and shock in all conditions. Luckily, it is compatible with your beloved boat, pontoon, caravan, marine, and many more.

During the nighttime, it is helpful to have a clear vision of the water. With its unique design and 27 LEDs, you will get the highest amount of brightness possible. This will increase your safety, and if you prefer to navigate in this time period, the illumination will guide you in all ways possible.

The material used in it is a light board made of PC (polycarbonate) plastic and stainless steel (SUS316). To prevent the lights from scratching or damaging your boat, the manufacturer has included a rubber gasket.

Anyone can install it without facing any trouble. The screwing system is so flexible that mounting will be bliss, and you can even fix it in any location of your preference.


  • Small in size
  • Plastic material shields the light from external harm
  • Won’t be damaged when it comes in contact with water
  • 27 LEDs provides maximum brightness
  • Suitable for fisherman and boaters


  • Construction of the light doesn’t look strong
  • Not that durable

6. HONG 111 LED Boat Lights

HONG 111 LED Boat Lights

This device is packed with features that can impress anyone when they purchase it. Some of the professionals consider it one of the best underwater led boat lights.

After opening the packaging, you will be surprised to see 4 pieces of this marvelous light. Moreover, the installation won’t give you a headache.

The best thing about it is its mounting facility. You can use it above the water level, and if you change your mind, you can even do it below the waterline.

It is made with aluminum in alloy form, and due to that, it is tough and can survive any kind of external pressures. Plus, it won’t get damaged when water hits it and will stay secure all the time.  

To add even more protection, the manufacturer made sure it resists dust and prevents collision if things go south. When it comes to brightness, the output is amazing. Besides, it won’t consume much power when you are using it.

With a life of 50,000 hours (maximum), this model fits smoothly with most of the boats, trucks, trailers, and cars. Other than navigation, you can use it for decoration and many other purposes.


  • Has various applications
  • Huge life-span
  • Various protection facility
  • Provides high-intensity output
  • Beautiful design


  • Tiny wires create problems during connection
  • Lights start to fade with time

7. Kawell 27LED Underwater Boat Lights

Kawell 27LED Underwater Boat Lights

Up to this point, you have read lots of underwater lights for boats reviews, but this one is just on another level because of its lucrative features.

The lights are made in a way that provides high-level intensity underwater. Also, it is waterproof (IP68), which is simply fantastic. When you do the installation, it will only take a couple of minutes to get the job done.

The housing material used is stainless steel (SUS316), which is very strong and will give you the best performance in various situations. Luckily, you won’t face power wastage issues as most of it will be reserved. If you encounter critical water environments, it can prevent dust and shock during that uncertain situation.   

It comes with 27 LEDs, and the Lumen is 74, which is bright enough to create a beautiful atmosphere on your vessel. You can even catch baitfish with this brightness.

With its unique output, you can use it to warn other boats in order to avoid accidents. Other than the boats, it is compatible with the caravan, mobile homes, RV, etc.


  • Compatible with the boat, caravan, and many more
  • Quick installation process
  • Can be used to warn other nearby vessels
  • Price is not high
  • Prevents dust, shock, and water from harming the device


  • Can’t be used below the waterline
  • Not very powerful

8. Jiawill 120W CREE LED Surface Mount Underwater Boat Lights 

Jiawill 120W CREE LED Surface Mount Underwater Boat Lights

In your night journey, this high-quality model can be your companion through thick and thin. If you are looking for the kind of product that is good for your boat and your safety, this one fits your criteria.

The construction is excellent as it has used stainless steel of marine grade 316. Furthermore, the hosing material is so strong that it resists shock and vibration in any critical situation. With the addition of a polycarbonate lens, it resists shattering issues, which makes it very demanding among people worldwide.

It has the potential to produce different types of illumination, thanks to the beautifully designed 24 LEDs. Your boat will look beautiful after its addition, and you can even use it if you are interested in swimming or catching fish during nighttime.

Other types of the facility included overheating protection that makes sure the light functions properly above the waterline without getting damaged. The installation is easy since there is not much connection, and you won’t need various equipment to get the job done.

Thankfully, the size is not big, so you won’t have a problem fixing it on your vessel.


  • Prevents overheating issues
  • Small device
  • Can be used for swimming or catching fish
  • Fantastic construction
  • Resists shock and vibration


  • Won’t operate if 9-32 DC range exceeds
  • Not a strong design

9. Smithink Underwater Boat Lights

Smithink Underwater Boat Lights

With the beautiful lights installed in your boat, you won’t have to go through trouble in the night when the darkness arises. Everything from enjoying the atmosphere to catching the fish will simply be fantastic.

The brightness is high, and it is said that it performs like a regular bulb in terms of power. When it illuminates, it spreads the light at an angle of 120 degrees. Because of its powerful output, the whole atmosphere of your boat will change.

Since the device will be in an environment that consists of water, the manufacturer made it waterproof with a rating of IP68. Due to that, you can even see what is going on inside the water.

It has used strong materials like rubber, PC plastic, and stainless steel (SUS316) for its construction which prevents corrosion. Furthermore, it can overcome any kind of marine obstacles without showing weakness.

The installation takes a small amount of time with the use of 2 pieces of screws straight through the holes. Besides, you can mount it in any location you prefer. It will be best that you do it above the water level.


  • Works with different types of boats, RV, camper trailer, etc
  • Powerful light
  • 120-degree illumination
  • Can be mounted in any location
  • Immune to water


  • Can’t be installed below the waterline
  • Light starts to leak after heavy use

10. Partsam 3 Inch Round Chrome Marine LED Stern Light

Partsam 3 Inch Round Chrome Marine LED Stern Light

Finally, this model successfully got its spot in the list of underwater led boat lights review. This energy-efficient device is in high demand among people because of its features that have benefited lots of people.

It has used bezel made of chrome, and the whole construction is made in a strong form. Also, the bezel keeps the mounting screws out of sight so that it doesn’t hamper your boat’s beauty.

To keep the light safe, it is placed inside the rigid plastic lens and the whole body. As it comes with versatile features, you can use it as a courtesy or interior cabin light without hesitation. Plus, it works perfectly with 12 vehicles, boats, etc.

Whether you encounter water, sand, dirt, dust, or even snow, the device will always remain unharmed because it is waterproof (IP67), which can give you a sigh of relief.

Its unique design makes the installation easy. You don’t have to be a professional to make it happen. With some patience and confidence, you can quickly wrap up this task.

After you are done purchasing it, you will be happy to know that signaling other boats or navigating during the nighttime is simply a piece of cake.


  • Easy navigation or signaling other boats
  • Water-resistant
  • Unique design
  • Increase the boat’s beauty
  • Versatile


  • Unable to flush mount without creating holes
  • Quality is poor

Where Do You Mount Underwater Lights on a Boat?

Actually, there are no strict rules about the spot you are going to use to mount the underwater lights. Just make sure you are keeping around 6 inches underneath the waterline.

In this way, the lights will always stay underwater without showing any problem when it comes to illumination. Also, install the device on a clean surface that is completely flat and won’t block lights.

Use the templates that come with the product, as this will be helpful during the underwater light installation process. You can cut it out and place it in the area where you would prefer the lights to be. This will give you a heads up about the kind of result you will get in the end. 

Underwater Boat Lights

Consult with the other boaters regarding this aspect and find out where they have mounted their device. To be on the safer side, do some internet research as well.

What to Look for Before Buying?

There are some factors that you should consider before you buy the best underwater led lights for boats.

Below, you will find all of them. Keep reading.


The durability is considered one of the most important aspects since you will use the lights underwater. Plus, it should come with a waterproof feature, or else your investment will go to waste.

Underwater Boat Lights

Also, it should have the capability to prevent shocks in all situations and about the design; it should have a rigid case.

Installation Process

This type of light comes in different models. Some are easy to install, while some are a bit tricky. It is mandatory that you should follow the direction provided by the manufacturer to get maximum results.

During the installation, the important part that you should focus on is the mounting location. Go for the one that will be compatible with different locations.


Most of the best underwater lights are made by some of the renowned brands. So, choose the one that has a good brand image.

This will give you peace of mind since many customers have used it, and because of their positive reviews, the brand came into the limelight.


The brightness of these lights is expressed by lumens. If you use more lumens, it means that the illumination will be huge.

For navigation purposes, you should choose 600 lumens. You can even increase it if you prefer a safer movement and comfortable fishing.

Underwater Boat Lights

Power Consumption

Along with the lighting, you would prefer a device that consumes less power. Avoid purchasing the one that consumes energy very quickly.

The best choice will be the LED lights since they have the feature to store energy. Moreover, it is highly suitable for fishing, and you will surely have an enjoyable experience if you have it installed on your boat. To check the lights accurately, you may use multimeters like the Fluke 15B+ meter or the Innova 3320.

Angle of Illumination

If the light view is over 90 degrees, it means that the beam is wide, and for less than 90 degrees, the illumination is narrow.

Most of the professionals recommend that you go for the option that radiates with full width.


You will be amazed to know that some of these uniquely designed lights can emit more than one color. Yes, you will also get the one that can emit a single color, but at the end of the day, it depends on your preference and the kind of output you would expect during the time you are using it.

Materials in Housing

Keep in mind that all boat lights are not constructed with common housing materials. Some are made with stainless-steel of marine-grade, which is very good in preventing corrosion. There are some models that are built with aluminum or bronze.

Underwater Boat Lights

Aluminum or bronze is considered the best option for underwater purposes as it performs excellently in preventing rust when it comes to contact with salt water.

If you have confusion regarding these materials, don’t hesitate to consult with the manufacturer. They are highly experienced in this area, so their advice will definitely help you out.    

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use the underwater boat lights in an outside area?

Yes, you can. Since it is specifically designed for underwater, it will be best that you use it for this purpose only. There is a possibility that it could get damaged if you take it outside.

2. Do I need the help of a professional for installation?

It is not mandatory if you know all the tools and techniques in advance. The installation process is not tough at all. You simply have to drill holes for the screws and wires and use them to connect it with the power supply. If you are not getting the courage to get the job done, don’t hesitate to hire a professional.

3. Which one is better Incandescent bulb or LED?

LEDs are considered the best as it is durable and doesn’t consume much energy. Plus, it has the strength to tolerate water in all conditions.

4. How can I clean the device?

Use some amount of detergent (mild), microfiber towel, and clean water to make the lights look as good as new.

5. Which color has good penetration power in the water?

Blue light, as it has the shortest wavelength. The penetration power increases with a decrease in wavelength.

Final Words

These are all about the best underwater boat lights. Hope you have got all the information that you were searching for from this article.

Always purchase the one that fits with your requirement.

If you are an aspiring welder, you may want to know how to read welding symbols. You may check it out after finishing this article.

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