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5 Best Welding Pliers For MIG & TIG – Reviews 2022

Be it removing weld spatters or fixing electrical wiring systems for industrial and residential use, the uses of welding pliers are stretched nearly everywhere in the repairing, installation, and maintenance arena.

Pliers are the most commonly used hand tools that neither a welder nor an electrician can substitute. Not to mention, you can keep them in your tool box for a quick fix here and there around the house.

While cutting wires is their general use, welding pliers also come in handy when you have to tighten or loosen a bolt. Find out about our best welding pliers below, which are going to do so much more and withstand the rigors of your work.

5 Best Welding Pliers Review

We have listed down five outstanding welding pliers to give you a head start!

1. Lincoln Electric MIG Welding Pliers K4014-1  

Lincoln Electric MIG Welding Pliers K4014-1

The glory of Lincoln Electric goes back to 1895. They manufacture impressive welding and cutting systems for professionals and small-scale welders alike. Their MIG welding pliers are bound to make your job much more comfortable.

First, this pair of welding pliers by Lincoln Electric is skillfully made of drop forged stainless steel and features form-fitting handles for comfortable use.

You can use them as a slag hammer for chipping slag after completing a weld. Their versatility is what makes them our top favorite. Moreover, you can skip carrying a couple of extra hand tools for simple tasks.   

These pliers have a spring-loaded hinge that reduces stress on your fingers. The materials have the perfect amount of strength and hardness for cleaning stubborn weld spatters and cutting hardened wires.

Their overall construction agrees with ergonomics and helps you tackle heavy-duty work keeping arm strain at a minimum. Lastly, the pliers serve six different purposes in professional MIG welding and Flux-core welding. Their serrated tips are sturdy, and they maintain satisfactory performance even for the busiest electrician.    


  • Suitable for profession fabricators
  • Soft silicone rubber for comfortable grip
  • Spring-loaded handles for consistency
  • Form fitting handle for a better control


  • Not ideal for cutting thick wires

2. Pearson MIG Welding Pliers YS-50 Welper

Pearson MIG Welding Pliers YS-50 Welper

The multifunctional use of Pearson welding pliers is what makes them the absolute best for an experienced welder. You can use this pair for neatly cutting MIG welding wires. Their incredible durability is another reason why professional welders prefer Pearson MIG welder pliers above the cheaper alternatives.   

For starters, this set of heavy-duty welding pliers is a versatile tool that has many uses other than cutting wires in your workshop. You can use them for removing not only a nozzle but also the weld spatter from both inside and outside of it.

Since these multi purpose welding pliers are made in Japan, you can expect the best outcome in your daily tasks for a long, long time. The blue handle of the hardened steel plier is also rare in these types of pliers. However, they are not as good as rubberized handle. But this is what you get for one of the lowest price point.

Sharp and thick wires are no match for its incredible hardness; whatever welding wires you work with, this pair of pliers will perform with brilliance. Although the pliers do not let you alter the width of the jaw, having a different wrench in your toolkit will keep you ready for general repairing duties.


  • Made of high-carbon steel for more strength
  • Suitable for CO2 welding
  • Has eight different uses
  • Superior welding nozzle splatter removal


  • The fulcrum is not adjustable

3. Irwin Vise-Grip 1873303 MIG Welding Pliers

Irwin Vise-Grip 1873303 MIG Welding Pliers

These specialty pliers by Irwin Vise-Grip flaunt a slim and sharp nose for removing weld spatters as efficiently as possible. Welding aftercare will take a minimum amount of time when you have them in your go-to toolkit. However, you have to have some light welding gun maintenance.

What makes the Irwin Vise-Grip pliers one of the best mig welding pliers is no other than their induction-hardened cutting edge. Not only do they stay sharp longer but also cut wires of various qualities and thicknesses.

On top of that, their strong jaws are perfect for installing nozzles and tips or drawing out wires for welding operations. Satisfaction guarantee for people who love perfection. However, we are not talking about any official guarantee like the lifetime guarantee as other pliers give with high hardness rating.

Additionally, their spring-loaded hinges help you grip for comfort. The grips are also slip-resistant, and they wouldn’t budge even when you’re working with sweaty palms.

Not to mention, they help a great deal in maintaining a firm, precise grip on wires and bolts. The strong jaws open and close completely to make the wire drawing tasks a piece of cake. For the reasonable price, Irwin Vise-Grip pliers are our winners.     


  • Induction-hardened sharp cutting edge
  • Dipped grips for extra comfort
  • The built-in wire cutter has ergonomic handle
  • Multiple jaws ensure a versatile use
  • Suitable for installing tips and nozzles
  • Best MIG pliers


  • The exterior of the needle nose is not grooved

4. Weldflame MIG Welding Pliers

Weldflame MIG Welding Pliers

A set of 8-inch MIG welding pliers is all you need to shine in your assorted hand tools kit for day-to-day tasks as a professional welder. Even if you’re not one, this pair of welpers will go a long way for home use- aiding you in various repairing and DIY projects.

To begin with, these pliers are going to save your valuable time with their multifunctional use. Your productivity will undoubtedly increase when you have the opportunity to use the same hand tool for eight different services. So, this is a perfect tool for almost all the functions of welding pliers.

That’s right. These versatile pliers will do everything from installing tips and nozzles to scraping weld spatters from your workpiece for a neat finish. The pliers are specially made for the latter purpose, which is to remove spatters and pieces of metal from not only the nozzle end but also from both inside and outside.

Since they are manufactured from top-grade carbon steel, the strength and durability you get from these Weldflame pliers are unmatched. Moving on to their rather innovative take on protecting this super handy tool, Weldflame incorporated a premium nickel-iron coating to the metal components- making them more resistant to rust. That being said, unlike many of the hand tools you’ve lost to rust, these pliers are not going to fall prey to it. Prices of metal are always increasing. So, you should be careful about it.


  • Removes insulation bushing and weld spatters
  • Works as a hammer and welding wire cutters
  • High-quality materials for rough use
  • Nickel-iron plated pliers for increased rust-resistance


  • Doesn’t come with a protective sheath

5. Strong Hand Tools Deluxe MIG Welding Pliers

Strong Hand Tools Deluxe MIG Welding Pliers

If you’re looking for a set of all-purpose wires for everyday use, Strong Hand Tools has a pair you’re going to love in your tool arsenal! It has a side pull V-notch for nuts and wires and two choices of hammers for added versatility. If you get this, the cost of spatter spray is going to reduce drastically.

Strong Hand Tools gives a new definition to multi-purpose welding wires. For example, these pliers flaunt not only a coarse file and a fine file but also a flat face hammer and a round face hammer smartly designed in a sleek, minimalistic way.

They go beyond the capacity of standard MIG welding wires with these much-needed extra features.

Next, the jaws align correctly not to leave a space between; it helps gripping or tightening bolts and nuts much more manageable. Moreover, the premium quality plier also gives you a ergonomic grip. You can also expose them to the ordeals of your weld station, and the pliers are going to hold up just fine.

Furthermore, they are incredibly sturdy and surprisingly less prone to breakage or bending like needle-nose pliers at a similar price point.          


  • Comes with a retention chain for attaching to your MIG gun holder
  • Includes both the fine file and coarse file
  • Strong cutting jaws for fast operation
  • Can be used as a flat hammer and rounded hammer


  • The retention chain is not that strong

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What Are Welding Pliers Used For?

Welpers welding pliers are probably the only item in your toolkit that serves as many as eight purposes for both a handyman and a professional. It’s natural if you’re not updated on their lesser-known uses. Let’s get you all caught up!

Cutting Wires

Wire cutting is just as crucial to an electrician as it is to a welder. Especially in the welding arena, this is a very common chore that you can’t leave for the next day. High-quality pliers have induction-hardened edges for cutting MIG, TIG, or flux-core wires. Remember, quality TIG wire cutters are hard to come by.

Fastening Screws and Bolts

Welding pliers have a serrated curved portion that will help you thread in bolts into position. They will also give you the right amount of strength needed to install nozzles and remove them. 

Welding Pliers

Removing Weld Spatters 

Spatter removal after a long day of welding is a crucial task. If the spatters are not eradicated, your weld gun might jam and seize to function. This is where a pair of pliers come to save the day! The best mig welding pliers will have sleek yet strong jaws for effectively extracting spatter from the nozzle. You will need it even if you have the best anti spatter spray for welding.

Additional Features  

Did you know that a pair of pliers can serve as a hammer too? Not only that, after laying a welding bead, you can use welpers pliers to scrape off the slag or welding spatter effectively. Other than that, you have the option to clean the insides of your MIG weld gun beside the nozzle.

Welding Pliers

You can increase the versatility by replacing your fixed pipe pliers with an adjustable pipe pliers. There are many other plier tips for the function welding pliers do. But for the simple design of the pliers, these tips should be enough.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the purpose of crimping pliers?

Crimping pliers are used for crimping beads in jewelry making. They usually have an oval-shaped, and a dipped oval hole at the front part.  Compressing crimps of different sizes and shapes is their sole use. So, it’s not going to be a multi-purpose tool in your kit.

2. Are side cutters and pliers the same thing?

Side cutters or lineman’s pliers are a different type of pliers used in construction and electrical works. Their main use is to cut and splice wires or strip insulations. Since these cutters do not have that extended and slim jaw profile, they cannot remove weld spatters from tricky areas.      

3. How do I fix sticky and rusted pliers? 

You will need dishwashing liquid, a brush, and water to clean the stinky gunk off your pliers; or use rubbing alcohol on the handles. Submerging your rusted pliers in undiluted white vinegar for half an hour or spraying it on them will clean most of the rusty surface and make them brand new.    

4. What is the function of vise grips? 

Vise grips or locking pliers feature an over-center clamp. The best thing about these pliers is that you do not need to clamp the handles together for maintaining pressure regularly.

Its configuration allows a spring pressure, which induces the jaws to remain tightly clamped to the object as is. A bolt is attached to one handle, letting you adjust the spacing between the jaws. However, you should not skimp on getting the best welding ground clamp.

5. Can pliers be used as a wrench?

Wrenches don’t have adjustable jaws, which make their configuration more straightforward than that of pliers. Besides the visual difference, slip-joint pliers can serve the same purpose as wrenches, which is to loosen or tighten bolts and nuts.

Although the serrated insides of the pliers’ jaws might damage these fasteners, so, it’s advised that you don’t use the two for the same cause. Wrenches have a better advantage at tightening or loosening fasteners.

6. What are welding pliers used for?

A welder will always need welding pliers in his toolkit. It is necessary for many requirements like nozzle and tip installation, filler wire cutting, nozzle cutting, slag hammer, and spatter removal.

7. What type of pliers are used for welding?

Manufacturers make pliers for only welding. But those are very similar to combination pliers. Flat jaw welding pliers have even more similarity to combination pliers. These tools do a lot of functions needed for welders.

8. What are the 6 types of pliers?

There are many kinds of pliers. But the six prominent ones are needle nose pliers, crimping Pliers, diagonal pliers, slip joint pliers, tongue & groove pliers, and welding pliers.

Final Words

Pliers are undoubtedly one of the versatile hand tools we have ever seen. From cutting wires to removing spatters, installing nozzles to threading in bolts, the best welding pliers will take your welding game to whole new heights!

Given their many uses, you will love our handpicked pliers and get the most bang for your buck.

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