Best Welding Table Reviews

10 Best Welding Tables Review 2022 – Expert Buying Guide

Welding projects are just better when done on a table. A flat surface can provide balance and support when doing this meticulous task.

Bending down or welding on your knees can cause you strain and pain that lasts for quite a while even if you are wearing the best knee pads. Doing this without table support can also cause injuries that leave a permanent impact.

That is why a welding table can save your life. The best welding table will support you and provide a strong structure for a precise balance.

You’ll notice a change in your performance and energy the day you start working on a welding table. You can always make a DIY welding table. But it’s better to get a good one from the market if you lacks the time.

Want to know more about this product? We’ve got you covered. Down below, you will find all details you need to know about this product. We’ve also included 10 of the best options you could consider. So why wait? Let’s get started.

10 Best Welding Table Reviews

No need to spend hours tracking down good welding tables. We’ve already done that for you. Mentioned below are 10 of the top welding tables that we trust and value. We’re sure one of them is going to be the perfect match for you. However, you will not find the range of plasma cutting welder in the products.

1. ArcStation Workbench, Work Surface 29×29

ArcStation Workbench, Work Surface 29x29

Being foldable is always a plus point in a welding table. This 29 x 29-inch construction weighs just 0.01 ounces. If you are someone who has to travel a lot for work, you will love this table.

Another great thing about a foldable welding table is that when you’re done using it, you can just fold it and put it away.

As the item weighs less, you can easily carry it from one place to another, making this the best portable welding table. When folded, the item has an approximate width of 6-inches, making it even more compact.

Besides people who have to travel for work, people who need a welding table just once in a while will also enjoy this product.

With a weight bearing capacity of 500 pounds, you can trust this table to last through any challenge. Don’t underestimate the power of this foldable workbench. It might be compact, but it is not weak!

The whole frame has a sturdy construction made of steel tubes. Place your project on the surface, fix it in position, and start welding those edge joints, butt joint, and cross joints or whatever you wish without any shaking. Unlike other lightweight welding tables, this frame stays put in one spot on its own.

For ease of work, you get a welding gun holder as well. If you’re in a budget, there is no other welding table that we could recommend.

An additional heatproof top makes sure that the heat from all the welding does not affect the build of the table.


  • Compact, lightweight, and easy to store
  • Portable table for travelling
  • Added welding gun holder
  • Solid Steel tube construction
  • Great deal for the price


  • No additional storage space options like shelves

2. KASTFORCE KF3002 Portable Welding Table Welding Cart Universal Work Table

KASTFORCE KF3002 Portable Welding Table Welding Cart Universal Work Table

Are you looking for a heavy-duty welding table for your home or office? Check this one out!

The solid construction is not too heavy but still stays put in one position. After all, you are buying it for heavy-duty applications with a premium welder. There is no shaking or trembling, no matter how hard you go at your welding.

Moreover, the18 inches by 36 inches welding table top on the table is spacious enough to get most welding done. This is the perfect addition to any home office for a welder, as well as being heat resistant. So, the heat produced during the long hours of welding is not going to put a dent on the table.

Unlike wooden or plastic tabletops, this durable steel material can handle a lot without melting off. This is a better and safer choice for sure.

Like industrial welding tables with holes, this too has holes in the top. This is so that you can use tools such as welding clamps and stoppers with ease. You can also use it as square stock applications.

The wheels attached at the bottom make this table portable as well. Your job is not always located in one place. Sometimes you have to change rooms or even locations. Having a table that has wheels on it is nothing but a great advantage.

These four bearing wheels also come with a brake function. The wheels also get 3 inches of swivel. These wheels with the especial design make the table double down as one of the best welding cart in the market.

Down below, the welding table is a tray that can store all kinds of tools. This tray can come in handy when you’re having a busy day at work. Just throw all your scrap materials into the tray for now, and you can clean it up later. 


  • Comes with wheels
  • Sturdy stays put without being heavy
  • Storage tray included
  • 18 x 36-inch spacious tabletop
  • Can be used for industrial applications


  • Needs a bit of leveling before use

3. Klutch Steel Welding Table with Tool Kit

Klutch Steel Welding Table with Tool Kit

The debate between holes and no holes welding tables is a controversial one. If you are team holes for your welding table, this Klutch Steel table is just the one for you.

This handy table comes with 16 mm holes all over the top of the working surface. These holes are evenly dispersed and 2-inches apart from each other. You can use all kinds of accessories including ground clamps with this. Manufacturing of precision ground clamp is one of Klutch Steel's pride achievements. And customer feedback verifies it.

What we love about this Kluch welding table is that it has a slim working top. A 4 mm thick steel top is what you get to use. Now, if you are familiar with welding, you can guess how useful a thin and slim worktop can be. 

On top of that, it is made with high-quality steel. You won’t need to check the worktop for leveling. No matter how hot it gets, there won’t be any bumps or bends on the surface. This is quite a feature, especially for a worktop that is so thin.

Moreover, this steel top stays put in its position, as does the table. There is no shaking. You can take on projects as massive as 600 pounds on this welding table. So you can guess how stable and robust the steel top is.

Similarly, the frame of the table is also quite petite. A 2-mm frame is what holds the worktop in place. Therefore, this slim construction can easily be picked up and relocated to another location. Lightweight welding tables are useful in all kinds of situations.


  • Comes with its fit-up kit
  • 600-pound weight bearing capacity
  • Heavy duty welding table
  • 2-mm steel frame and 4-mm steel worktop
  • 16-mm Holes dispersed all over the worktop at a distance of 2 -inch


  • Not the most affordable option

4. Eastwood Adjustable Steel Welding Table Strong Hold Industrial Workbench Table 

Eastwood Adjustable Steel Welding Table Strong Hold Industrial Workbench Table

As we’ve mentioned before, a foldable table is the best form of welding table you could have. So here’s another foldable option for you.

This one form Eastwood is a foldable table that can be adjusted into three angles. A significant advantage of having angle fixation on a welding table is that you can use it when sitting down. Yes, sitting and welding is not the safest thing to do. But it is great to know that if in any case, you were to sit and weld, you could. You may also use it for square stock applications.

The table, when folded, is relatively compact and portable. You can even fold up the stands of the table. So storage is never going to be a problem with this Eastwood Adjustable Welding table.

A full-frame that is made of durable steel material is just what you should look for when you’re in the search for the best welding table for beginners. Steel is not going to melt or bend from all the heat that will be produced when you work. So you’ll have a table that looks brand new for quite a long time.

The 14 gauge flat plate surface for working is also quite durable. There is no hole on the surface. But there are a few wide slope that make clamping easier for you. Three of these slots are placed on the top. Each of these slots is 1.1-inches wide.

Weighing just at 36.4 pounds, you can carry this table by hand. That is why there are no additional wheels added. You won’t need them!


  • Weighs 36.4 pounds, easy to carry
  • Great for construction site work
  • High Load capacity for the price
  • Three slots on top of for easier clamping
  • Foldable with three angle adjustments


  • No storage trays
  • No wheels

5. Strong Hand Tools Fixture Point Table and Tools Kit 

Strong Hand Tools Fixture Point Table and Tools Kit

Versatility in any product is well appreciated. So, when we saw this Strong Hand Tools Fixture Point Table, we knew we had to get this on our welding table reviews list. Because this seemed like on of the best tables for new welders.

Are you struggling to adjust the height of your welding table? This flat plate table has that problem solved for you. With this fantastic welding flat plate table, you get an extra leg frame. It is effortless to attach and detach. You can store the leg frame in your workplace or garage and get an additional 34-inches whenever you want.

This is a fantastic addition if you have a lot of people using the same welding table. People can then adjust the height of the table according to their comfort.

When this leg frame is not used for adding height to the welding table, you can use it as a free-standing table.

To make working more comfortable, this table has 16-mm holes distributed throughout the worktop. These holes are set in a 2-inch x 2-inch grid format. So you can easily plugin and stabilize tools on the top.

The worktop itself is only 4-mm thick. You might think that a worktop this thin is going to be fragile. But no! The steel construction has all of us shocked. Even after years of use, you won’t find a bend or crack on the table. Manufacturing of precision plate of steel bears the proof of their commitment to perfection. 

This is the table a welder needs to get if de does not like leveling his welding table so often. But I would suggest you to get a leveling foot the machine doesn't have adjustable feet.


  • Added 34-inch leg frame
  • 16 mm holes set in a 2 x 2-inch grid format
  • Sturdy steel 4-mm thick worktop
  • Heavy duty welding table
  • Leg frame can be substituted as a standing table


  • Quite heavy

6. Chicago Electric Welding Adjustable Steel Welding Table

Chicago Electric Welding Adjustable Steel Welding Table

Don’t you just hate it when it takes you hours to set up a simple welding table? Installing welding tables should not be rocket science!

If you’re tired of spending your valuable time trying to figure out how to install a welding table, we suggest you give this one a try. The Chicago Electric Welding Adjustable Steel table will take you just about 30 minutes to install.

Adjust this table to 5 angles. Whichever works for you! Tilt to adjust the angle and lock the table in place. This can be done with no creaking. A feature like this on such an affordable table is quite rare.

Moreover, a welder can fold this table as well. So it’s great for storage. The feet almost acts as an adjustable leveling feet. A lot of people recommend this table for traveling. The durable full steel construction makes this a perfect companion for working on construction sites. 

Furthermore, the worktop measures 30-inch x 20-inches. This is an excellent size for small to medium scale welding projects. You can’t use this for heavy-duty work, but it’s a fantastic option for light welding.

Beginners will benefit a lot from this welding table. A zinc-coating protects the table from all kinds of rust.

Retractable edges on the sides of the table can be used for clamping. This makes working on the table more secure.

Trestle style legs on the electric welding table keep the table from wobbling. So there’s no need to worry about shaking.


  • Retractable edged that can be used for clamping
  • Trestle style legs keep the table stable
  • Foldable and lightweight; great for traveling
  • 30 x 20-inch worktop
  • Five adjustable angles
  • A cheaper option


  • Cannot be used for larger projects

7. Strong Hand Tools Nomad Welding Table 

Strong Hand Tools Nomad Welding Table

The Strong Hand Tools Nomad welding table is quite a popular one. This is because the table is exceptionally lightweight and has excellent features as well.

What’s unique about this table is that it’s a lightweight table with a three-angle adjustment feature. So you can move the table around and weld with an angle that best suits you.

Holes on welding tables can be a bit annoying sometimes. Some welding tables, if not made with the correct kind of steel, can also get too hot because of these holes. Not to mention the constant falling of objects through these holes!

If you don’t like holes in your welding table, you might want to check this one. It has three slots on the table, which allows you to balance a few tools without them falling on the ground.

The lightweight construction can be folded as well. Yet, it has a good load capacity that can take considerable weight. So if you don’t have too much space to work with, this table is a perfect choice. If needed, you can also travel with this welding table to construction sites or any other job location. This feature alone makes it the best 

These legs are quite sturdy and do not shake. Once set, they won’t move, giving you firm stability.

The height of the product can be adjusted from 26-inches to 32-inches, which is a great feature that makes this table usable by a variety of people. This table is an excellent addition to any workplace, especially if you have many people in the office who have to use the same welding table.


  • eight adjustable from 26 to 32-inches
  • Lightweight solid steel frame
  • Stable legs that hold the table in place
  • Foldable
  • Three angle-adjusting options


  • Expensive option

8. Champ Welding Table

Champ Welding Table

The Champs Welding table is a great table to have if you want to get a closer look at what you’re working with. As the table is taller than usual, you don’t have to bend down to check your work; a perfect table if you have back pain or want to avoid causing damage to your back.

This table is one of the smallest ones on our list. Granted, there is not much space on the table; this is an excellent tool for focusing on smaller projects requiring more detailed attention. With no additional cost, this table is great for small jobs as per customer requirements.

If you already have a large welding table at home and need an extra one for smaller projects, this is the perfect option. The exact size of the worktop is 24-inches.

There is a torch loop, which you can use to rest your torch in between work. Unfortunately, there are no fixture points.

Wheels on the table allow you to move the whole table around. And as this is a small construction, it’s relatively lightweight. But the height of the working surface is good as well.

For ease of work, the tabletop has 360 degrees movement capability. So you can get a clear look at your welding job without having to move the product.

Full steel construction is what makes this product so durable. You can’t even get a scratch on this thing. 

If you’re a beginner and are looking for a welding table on a budget, this could be a great option. The unbreakable solid steel top is excellent for conducting experiments on.


  • Tall construction gives you a closer look at your work
  • The tabletop rotates 360 degrees
  • Wheels attached for ease of movement
  • Added torch loop


  • Size of the tabletop is too small
  • No fixture points

9. Strong Hand Tools BuildPro Modular Welding Table

Strong Hand Tools BuildPro Modular Welding Table

This is one of the most expensive welding tables on our list that has the most positive customer feedback. But, keep in mind, you do pay for many extra features and durability with this one.

If your welding projects are heavier than usual, you will definitely like this one. The rugged construction was built to last forever. You can add quite a lot of heavyweight on this one without risking chances of any dents or scratches.

After all, this table has a maximum weight capacity of 2 tons. This almost 4000 pounds load capacity should be enough for any of your projects.

Strong Hand has made this table to be rust-resistant. So you can set this machine outdoors.

Feet on these tables have a leveling cap. This ensures that the table does not move one bit when you’re welding. Not only does this make the table safer, but it also eliminates any flaws in your welding.

The working top on this table is 48-inches long and 36-inches wide. This spacious worktop is excellent for welding

At the height of 36-inches, this table is not too low and not too high. With the perfect height, you won’t have to bend down too much to keep an eye on your work.

Holes are distributed evenly across the table to make using clamps and jigs easier. The working top is not the slimmest. But this is what keeps it so stable during work.

This is the perfect welding table for people who weld on a professional level. But the versatility of the table allows you to learn on it and do some DIY projects as well.


  • Weight bearing capacity of 2 tons
  • 48-inch long 36-inch wide tabletop
  • Evenly distributed holes to make suing clamps easier
  • Feet have leveling caps that keep the table stable


  • Not travel-friendly
  • Not affordable

10. Miller 951413 60SX Arcstation Fully Loaded

Miller 951413 60SX Arcstation Fully Loaded

Sometimes you need a high quality industrial strength welding table at home as well. If you need to weld stuff on a daily level, this is a tool that you need.

Made with high-quality, durable steel, this construction is as close to an industrial-strength welding table as you can get. You can certainly do heavy-duty applications close to industrial applications. The structure is unbreakable. You can use this table for years straight without even making a dent on it.

But the one downfall to this welding table is that the durable steel makes it quite heavy. So we would suggest that you buy this table if you need a permanent addition to a workplace or your home.

However, to allow just a bit of movability, this table comes with caster wheels. So you can wheel it from one area to the other. But once it is set in place, it will be challenging to move around because of the weight.

So there’s a possibility that you won’t be using the wheels that often. Although it’s an excellent addition in case, you needed to relocate the table. 

The worktop has a maximum weight capacity of 1000 Lbs. Therefore, it is the perfect addition to your workstation if you want an industrial-strength welding table. Also, the wide 60 x 20-inch worktop gives you plenty of working surface. What more can you ask when you have more than eight square feet of working space.

Putting a scratch on this welding table is going to be tough.

This high-quality table comes with its shelves and racks for storage. Moreover, you get quite a lot of fixtures and adjusting features that can come in handy.


  • Industrial strength table
  • Full steel construction
  • Includes shelves and storage
  • 1000 pounds weight capacity
  • Comes with caster wheels


  • Very heavy

What Makes A Good Welding Table?

There are plenty of welding tables to choose from in the market. How will you know which one is right and which one is wrong? Here are a few factors that make a table suited for you.


Most of the time, there will be fire involved in welding work. To fervent any fore hazards, a welding table should always be made of steel. Other materials such as wood or even worse, plastic, can be hazardous and should be avoided. However, wooden welding tables can be an option for some special customer requirements with proper treatment.

metal welding tables

These materials will not last you even a month. Steel is sturdier, so it gives you more balance and support. Medium duty welding tasks get very easy with a piece kit. So, make sure, you have a one with the welding table.

There are several types of metals and other materials used to make welding tables. Some of the most common materials include steel, aluminum and wood. Each type of table has its pros and cons.

Steel welding tables are typically made from a 1/4 inch thick sheet of metal that is supported by a steel frame. A good metal for welding tables is A-36 steel, which is a high quality material with low carbon and low alloy content.

The legs allow for easy storage because they can be folded up if necessary to save space or pulled out again whenever a lot of extra room is needed for working on large pieces. Steel tables can easily support a person weighing as much as 300 pounds.

This makes them very durable and strong enough to hold heavy tools such as grinders or drills without breaking or bending Steel tables also don't conduct heat very well, which means they remain cooler during welding. On the downside, steel is subject to corrosion and rust if it isn't treated with a protective surface such as zinc or paint.

Both steel and aluminum tables are similar in weight and usually cost around $100-150 depending on whether or not they come with an included work surface such as a sliding top or removable piece of sheet metal that can be placed over the area where welding will take place.

Aluminum welding tables are made from lightweight metal that can support up to 300 pounds of weight. This makes them good for people who either want an easy-to-move table or need something less heavy duty than steel would provide.

Aluminum is also non-corrosive and has a protective coating that prevents rusting or other damage, so the tables won't rust even if they're left outside for months at a time without being covered. The downsides of aluminum is that it conducts heat, so the person using it will feel warmer than they would on a steel table.

Another downfall is that some types of metals can become too hot to touch after enough use, which means you must be very careful with what's placed on or next to the aluminum welding table.

Welding Tables

Wooden welding tables are often homemade by skilled woodworkers who know what it takes to make a high-quality wooden tabletop for a welder. When done correctly, a wooden table can be as durable as any metal one would be for many years. But keep in mind, wood can easily catch fire or burn. Thus, having a metal top over wood table is recommended. We've an article about whether a welding table be wood or not.

Overall, each type of material has its own pros and cons. Steel tables are more expensive but offer better protection against rust and corrosion while aluminum tables are lightweight and easier to move around but don't keep you as warm or protect you from the heat of welding as well as steel does. 

Fixture Points

Fixture points on a welding table are what hold a project in place. This part of a welding table adds safety as well. If your project is not secured in place, it might move around too much. This creates a safety concern as you might injure yourself if your hand gets in the way of all the movement.

The fixture point on a welding table is used to secure the project and prevent it from moving while the welder is working. They usually come in sets of four and can be rotated and locked into different angles for maximum versatility.

A welder requires a perfectly level surface so that their welds will be consistent and straight. A level surface also allows the welder to concentrate on their welding without worrying about the work piece shifting, which could result in a poor weld.

Fixture points are used with our tables because it allows for different angles and positions to be set up quickly, making them extremely versatile tools. No matter what the job is, fixture points can make all of your welding jobs much easier.

Welding Table

Caster Wheels

These wheels are a must-have in a welding table if you have to travel a lot. It’s also handy in case you want to move your set-up from one room to the other. Just roll the table onto the next table, and you can set up your workstation there. Lockable wheels would be better as they can ensure minimal movement while working.

Caster wheels are used to adjust the height of the welding tables, they allow welder to easily move their table around with no added effort. This is particularly useful when one needs to move closer or further away from objects that are being welded/cut/brazed/etc. Some welder prefer not having caster wheels on their welding table because they claim they get in the way during certain tasks, but this problem can be simply resolved by getting rid of them which takes only seconds.

There are also different strengths of caster wheels that you can choose from depending on your preference. If you have a large amount of load on your welding table, you probably want stronger caster wheels so it doesn't topple over. If you are looking for caster wheels that can withstand heavy loads, you should consider getting pneumatic caster wheels.

Why Use A Welding Table?

We’ve seen a lot of people try and weld on just any typical table. While you will get the job done, doing this increases the risks of accidents. So, at the end of the day, buying a welding table is entirely worth it, at least for the sake of following the welding safety precautions that can save your life.

Use A Welding Table

Here’s why you need to get a welding table as soon as possible.

No Fire Hazard

As you’ll see in welding table reviews, most of the tables are made of steel. This is to prevent any fire hazard. Working on your usual wooden table can easily cause a fire. You can’t always tame fire, weather indoors or outdoors. If you want to avoid a fire burning your house down, a steel welding table is quite necessary.

Welding Table

Projects Stay Put

Welding tables are designed to hold your projects in place. There are fixture points that hold the parts together so there is no slipping. You can avoid a lot of major accidents because of this part.

eastwood welding table


A welding table can connect parts to the table electronically. So you won’t have to do a lot of the manual labor that you would have to do when working with a usual table. Also, make sure that you have more than four square feet of working space. Doing medium tasks will be very easy. And joining two metal pieces will be easier than ever. 

Here's some more reasons to get one:

  1. It makes welding much easier and more efficient
  2. It reduces the risk of injury as you can position yourself in a safer way
  3. You know exactly where your tools are, as everything is stored safely below the table
  4. They take up less room than having to store all those items on shelves or the floor
  5. It's easier to clean up after welding
  6. You can use it for other things, not just welding 
  7. They're not very expensive, so it's a good investment for home or garage owners that do a lot of welding

Why Do Welding Tables Have Holes?

Are you wondering why there are holes in your welding table? Don’t worry. These holes are standard and put there to make your job easier for you.

Having holes in your welding table does not mean that it is broken. The holes are there for a reason. These holes help hold your tools in place when you’re working.

Tools such as stops, jigs, and clamps can fit quite easily into these holes. You can balance and make clamps stand straight with the help of these holes. A greater square feet of table top area with holes will be better for your work.

The holes that you see at the end of the table are more for storage purposes. You can keep the tools at hand or at stand by when working.

Materials that you are welding can also be fit into place with the help of these holes.

Why Do Welding Tables Have Holes

If you wish, you can adjust the cavity according to the size you want.

But these holes can also cause a bit of a problem at times. Tools that are a bit small might slip right through these holes on to the ground. Some welding tables cannot be drilled into. So, the holes will stay the same size they came in. You’ll have to find tools that fit that specific hole if you want to utilize this cavity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still, got queries about welding machines? Check out these commonly asked questions that we have answered for you to clear out any existing confusion.

cheap welding table

1. How thick should a welding machine be?

The best welding table design comes with tops that are 3/8 -inch thick. Tables that are this thick can give you support while keeping the table light and portable.

2. What is a comfortable height of a welding table?

You should select the height of your welding table according to your height. But generally, welding tables need to be at the height of 28 -inches and above.

3. How to level a welding table?

To get accurate results on all your welding project, you need a flat top welding table. Use a leveling tool to keep an eye on whether or not your table is flat. This is very important for heavier projects. If you notice that it is not, we would suggest you take it to a professional.

But if you can see slight bumps that are elevated, you can use a hammer to flatten it out.

4. Can you prevent a welding table from rusting?

People had found the best results when they used WD-40 on their welding table. Taking care of your welding table once a month can keep it in good shape. Also, try and keep water away from the table at all times. You will find many other ways of cleaning rust off welding table here.

5. Do you need to ground a welding table?

To prevent voltage leaking from an output lead, a welding table must be grounded. Otherwise, the voltage might find a human target. So, always use ground clamps.

6. What are the best welding tables?

Our research and experience with the products tell us that the following three are the top welding tables considering quality and price-

They are great for heavy industrial jobs for any range of metals.

7. What is a good size welding table?

For smaller welding process like joining pieces of metal objects, you can go for two or three inches of width and length.  For heavy-duty welding jobs you need something with more structural reinforcement. And the width of the heavy duty industrial table should be 4 feet or more with adjustable height.

good size welding table

8. How much are welding tables?

There is a wide range of prices which can all be reasonable. So, the price depends much on type of welding table. There are small ones that will cost around $100-$200. And there some medium cost tables with a nice range of features like electrical grounding and reinforced trestle-style legs that can cost around $500.

And then there are large tables with holes for clamps and additional accessories that can take heavy loads. These heavy loads bearing tables can cost up to two thousand dollars.

Final Words

Welding tables will change the way you do you job! Because it is so much easier to use, your productivity and efficiency are guaranteed to rise. This is a must-have tool if you have to weld stuff quite often, a fantastic addition to any workplace!

So, get your hands on the best welding table you can find and make welding safer and faster.

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