Best Wireless Garage Door Keypad

10 Best Wireless Garage Door Keypad – Reviews & Guide 2022

Security is really important, no matter where and how you live. And for homeowners with a garage, getting a garage door keypad is quite important based on the number of ways people can easily invade it.

But for such an investment, you need to be sure if it is the best wireless garage door keypad for you or not. There are many similar products on the market, but they don't usually work the same.

For that, you should know everything about the product, especially since it is a security device. And we have tried our best to provide a thorough review of the products and the ways you can find one worth your money.

Best Wireless Garage Door Keypad

We have boiled down the list to some of the best and most advanced door keypads in the industry. Be sure to check the guide if you are unsure about which will be better for you.

1. Chamberlain/LiftMaster/Craftsman 940EV-P2 Garage Door Opener Keyless Entry Keypad

Chamberlain/LiftMaster/Craftsman 940EV-P2 Garage Door Opener Keyless Entry Keypad

These wireless keypad garage door openers are compatible with almost every garage door opener from Lift Master, Chamberlain, and Craftsman that is installed in 1993 in North America.

The installation process is fairly easy. You can program the device within minutes using their easy-to-follow instructions. Plus, since it is wireless, it doesn't require the use of any electrical connections.

You can easily create a temporary pin for safety purposes, like for deliveries, babysitters, houseworkers, and guests. Then, you can simply remove the pin when the work is done. Thus, it serves the main purpose of having a wireless keypad garage door opener.

Its keypad has a cover for protection against rain and any harsh weather. You don’t have to worry about any leakage either; the cover is sturdy and does a good job at shielding the keypads from any potential damage.

Also, it supports a four-number PIN, and since it is a universal wireless garage door keypad, you can use it to open or close more than one garage door as well. At night, the keypads illuminate so you can see clearly without having to use any external devices.


  • Easy to install
  • Wireless; doesn’t use any electricity
  • Supports opening or closing of multiple garage doors
  • Boasts a keypad cover for protection
  • The keypads illuminate at night 


  • Provided instructions are wrong

2. Genie Garage Door Opener Wireless Keyless Keypad

Genie Garage Door Opener Wireless Keyless Keypad

Among our wireless garage door keypad reviews, this one is your go-to replacement for any other older models from Genie Intellicode Keypads such as ACSDG, GWK-IC, GWKP, ACSDA1, B8QACSDA, ACSD1G, B8QACSDA1, and many more.

Their Intellicode technology is one of their biggest selling points as it prevents any outsider or unauthorized person from accessing the entrance to your garage. This technology changes the access code after every time you will use it, making it nearly impossible for outsiders to know the code.

But the great thing about it is, you can still create a temporary PIN to provide access to certain people like house sitters or baby sitters, repairpersons, deliverymen, meter readers, etc., when needed.

The keypad uses 2 AAA batteries. Plus, it also comes with an instruction manual for installation and mounting screws. Its instructions also contain the guide to setting the temporary PIN.

Moreover, it implements an auto seek dual frequency technology of between 315 to 390 MHz. This ensures that the opener will respond even if the frequencies nearby interfere in any way.


  • Intellicode technology changes the code every time after use
  • Prevents any outsider or unauthorized person from accessing the garage
  • Allows to create temporary PINs
  • Ensures workability of the opener even if nearby frequencies interfere
  • Replacement for older models from Genie Intellicode Keypads


  • The keypad backlighting may show some issues

3. LiftMaster 877max

LiftMaster 877max

This keypad is compatible with all the wireless keypad garage door openers from LiftMaster since January of 1993. Apart from using a key or remote control to open and close the garage door, you can use it to set a four-digit code as a lock as well.

Using this private four-digit code, you can be reassured that only you and the people you trust in your household know the code and can open it.

However, like the others, you can also add a temporary access code for the deliveryman, guests, and other service personnel. It is different than your personal code and gets removed after a certain time.

Moreover, for added security, it uses security+ 2.0 and security+ rolling code technology. This will make sure you receive a new code on the opener every time you use it to open or close the door. As a result, it will become difficult for people to know the code.

Besides that, it comes with a protective flip-up cover for weatherproof protection. Other than that, it has a backlit keypad for you and others to be able to read the numbers in the dark.


  • Compatible with all LiftMaster garage door openers from January 1993
  • Uses security+ 2.0 and security+ rolling code technology
  • Changes code after every time you use it for added security
  • Comes with a protective flip-up cover
  • Backlit keypad makes it easier to see the keypad in the dark


  • Instructions are hard to follow

4. Overhead Door – Wireless Garage Door Opener Keypad

Overhead Door – Wireless Garage Door Opener Keypad

With this wireless keypad garage door opener, you can put code entry for up to three garage door openers from Overhead Door. It is also a digital wireless keypad, so it saves up on electricity.

The device uses 2 AAA batteries that come with the package to run, and it can last for a long time. However, when the battery does run out, it has a convenient, low battery indicator light that will alert you to replace the batteries.

Moreover, you can create a personalized or custom identification number completely unique to you. It is compatible with the Genie Intellicode 1 and 2 and CodeDodger 1 and 2.

Besides, its keypad is much larger than most keypad sizes in the market, which makes them much easier to read. They also remain fully illuminated all the time for visibility in low light conditions and in the dark.

Additionally, like all the other keypads, it also offers a flip-up cover that gives it resistance against the weather. The cover, made of plastic, also has an ultraviolet or UV ray protection quality to protect from the harsh sunlight.


  • Boasts a low battery light indicator
  • Offers to create a unique personalized identification number
  • Provides a larger keypad
  • Sports illuminated keypad for visibility in low light conditions and the dark
  • Flip-up cover provides UV ray protection


  • Can get affected by windblown moisture

5. Marantec Wireless Keyless Entry System for Garage

Marantec Wireless Keyless Entry System for Garage

Apart from the standard PIN or Personal Identification Number to open the garage door, this universal wireless garage door keypad also offers a quick one-touch feature.

You can turn this feature on to use one button to close or open the garage door immediately. This makes it a handy feature to have in any case of emergency.

Along with that, since the outside frequency can commonly interfere with the door opener, this entry system keypad makes sure to operate with only a secure multi-bit code on a frequency of 315 MHz to prevent that.

This adds another layer of security and reassurance to the product. Plus, it can open and close up to 4 different garage doors near you. They will also provide detailed instructions to follow for you to do that quickly and correctly.

Besides that, the package includes a spacer kit that you can use to mount it to metal surfaces easily. It also includes 2 AAA batteries, mounting screws, and the programming instruction. All of it makes it much easier to install the system.


  • Offers a quick one-touch door opening and closing feature
  • Prevents frequency interference
  • Can open and close up to 4 different garage doors
  • Includes a spacer kit to mount the keypad to metal surfaces
  • Comes with all the necessary items for easy installation


  • Programming it can be difficult

6. Craftsman CMXZDCG440 Garage Door Wireless Keypad

Craftsman CMXZDCG440 Garage Door Wireless Keypad

With a keyless entry pad, you not only have to not worry about carrying or losing the door keys but also from an outsider breaking into your garage or house.

And this wireless keypad garage door opener lets you program to a maximum of 24 permanent and 24 temporary PINs. So, without erasing, you can provide your deliveryman, houseworker, and other people different PINs for entering.

Plus, these are for single use only, so these temporary PINs will not be valid or open the garage door a second time.

Its keypad also remains permanently illuminated, so you can clearly see the numbers no matter what time of the day it is. The installation is also fairly easy as it involves no wiring. You can also easily change the garage door code.

Apart from that, every time you will be activating the keypad, the opener will send a new access signal from many billions of combination possibilities. So, it helps to prevent any hacking of the radio signal and the PIN.


  • Offers a maximum of 24 permanent and 24 temporary PINs
  • Temporary PINs are single-use only
  • Offers a permanently illuminated keypad
  • Fairly easy to install
  • Prevents any hacking of the radio signal and the PIN


  • Might be difficult to program the unit

7. Linear LPWKP Mega Code Wireless Keypad DNT00058

Linear LPWKP Mega Code Wireless Keypad DNT00058

Designed to use with any automatic gate openers and garage doors, the digital keypad from the Mega Code series offers wireless radio controls.

It can provide you with unparalleled security through its millions of different digital codes. The digit can range from 1 to 6 numbers for the PIN. This code is unique to you and cannot be hacked.

Moreover, after the activation, you have 30 seconds to re-trigger the system by only pressing one button. This makes it convenient to open or close back the garage door without having to re-enter the code again.

Plus, the backlight doesn’t remain on all the time, thus saving all the battery and energy. You have to press the specific light button to turn the soft blue light illuminating the keypads. Get the best battery you can buy from the market to pair with this keypad.

Adding further security to the system, it has a lockout timer that will prevent intruders from trying after ten activation tries. Similar to how most digital PIN systems work, it will provide a 30-second idle time after each failed activation.


  • Has a 30-second re-trigger system using one button after the last activation
  • Offers a button to turn the backlight
  • Implements a lockout timer after ten unsuccessful activations
  • Provides 30 seconds of idle time between each failed attempts
  • Saves on battery life


  • The button may get stuck sometimes

8. Ghost Controls AXWK Premium Wireless Keypad

Ghost Controls AXWK Premium Wireless Keypad

This is for controlling and operating any automatic single or dual gate opener systems from Ghost Controls. It supports easy wireless installation and many other cool features.

You can simply mount the wireless keypad to any post with an AXGN Gooseneck Pedestal. It requires two C batteries to work.

The keypad has many unique features, such as the PartyMode. Using the PartyMode button, you can program it to keep the garage door open as long as you want, but there is also the PartyMode Secure feature.

It keeps the door closed, but you can open the door for guests with the touch of one button. After that, it will automatically close the garage door when the auto-close time you entered has passed.

They offer up to 20 different codes, and there is also the master code for higher security. Among the useful features, there is also the Vacation mode or Lock Out Entry feature, which prevents and locks any authorized remote transmitter from operating on your property when you are away.


  • Offers many cool and unique safety feature
  • Supports easy wireless installation
  • Prevents any authorized remote transmitter from operating on the property in your absence
  • Offers up to 20 codes and one master code
  • The PartyMode and PartyMode Secure provide excellent security during house parties


  • Package doesn’t include the 2 C batteries

9. Schlage Z-Wave Connect

Schlage Z-Wave Connect

This is the most innovative garage door keypad on our list. It is technically a door lock but uses advanced technology full of many security features to keep you worry-free, including three alert modes: activity, tamper, and forced entry.

You can go keyless outside without having to worry about losing, forgetting, or having to carry it anymore. The device has a very modern, slick design that definitely makes it stand out.

It uses a touch screen as keypads for unlocking the door. And thanks to the touch screen being fingerprint-resistant, there is no worry about an intruder or outsider guessing your passcode.

Besides, with their Z-Wave technology, you can control the remote from anywhere. It provides a unique home monitoring system along with some advanced remote managing capabilities to provide you the highest control and security for modern times.

Moreover, their Schlage Connect has been certified as Grade 1 by BHMA/ANSI, which is the highest residential rating. It is so safe and good looking you can also use it as your bedroom keypad. All of the part and mechanism has also been made from the highest quality materials.


  • Implemented many advanced modern security features
  • Uses fingerprint-resistant touch screen as a keypad
  • Allows controlling the remote from anywhere
  • Received the highest residential rating by BHMA/ANSI
  • Made of the highest quality materials


  • May not be suitable for use in high humidity areas

10. ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Smart Lock

ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Smart Lock

It is another unique and modern home security smart lock on our list. This one offers around five ways to enter or open the door keyless.

They include an entry using the anti-peep keypad, auto-unlock, smartphone, mechanical key, and shake to open. With the anti-peep feature, you can type in a set of random numbers with the original password if you sense someone might be watching, and it will still open the door for you.

The auto-lock and unlock ensures the door locks immediately as you leave the house and open or unlock when you arrive. It works by connecting your smartphone with the device first, so every time you arrive at the door, using the signal from the phone, it opens the door.

Moreover, you can easily grant access to the device security to your family, trusted friends, guests, and or service people with the eKey or a code. It is up to you to set the amount of time or days after it will become invalid.

Additionally, the lock has a weatherproof and dustproof IP65 rating. It can easily withstand extreme hot or cold temperatures and use dual data encryption to keep your data completely safe from hackers. If you are worried about temperature, you can have a look at our list of the best garage door insulation kits.


  • Offers five ways to enter or open the door keyless
  • Anti-peep keypad allows unlocking the door even after entering a random number with the password
  • Allowing unlocking and monitoring using the smartphone
  • Boasts a weatherproof and dustproof IP65 rating
  • Uses dual data encryption for protecting data from hackers


  • Takes a lot of time and process to install

What to Look for Before Buying?

Here are some of the most important things that you should remember while shopping for your garage door keypad. Keep your preference, requirements, etc., in mind while reading through.

Level of Security

First and foremost, the most important thing to check is the level of security it provides. Almost every wireless keypad offers a +2.0 security technology along with using rolling code. This helps to change the code after each use to make sure no one can intrude or crack the system.

Wireless Garage Door Keypad

It is also a handy feature for letting guests, deliveries, etc., enter the property for once by canceling the temporary code later.


External protection of the device itself is extremely important as all the wireless keypads stay outside of the house. Without proper protection, rain, snow, and other extreme weather conditions can easily damage the device.

For that, wireless keypads typically come with a flip-up cover. But not all of them provide good protection. Often times, moisture enters through the spaces with wind and harms the system. Inspect the cover and check if it fits securely in place over the keypad or not.

Design and Quality

It may not seem necessary at first compared to the other important features, but the design and, of course, the quality affect your experience with the device. For normal keypad designs, the placement and the overall size of the keypad can affect how fast and easy it is to unlock the door.

There are also cases where the buttons on the keypad get stuck inside, and so it becomes difficult to use it. Moreover, for lesser quality keypads, it can quickly start to leave marks or indication of pressing a certain button more than the others.

Wireless Garage Door Keypad

You can, of course, solve it by changing the code often, but you can just not go through the trouble by inspecting the quality of the button before buying.

Moreover, while a permanently illuminating keypad can be useful, its design causes it to run out of battery quicker than ones that offer a button to turn on the light.


When it comes to anything wireless, frequency plays a big role in how it ultimately performs. With the rise of technology, frequencies are everywhere, and so if your wireless keypads have a lower frequency than the other frequencies near you, then interference will occur.

This will cause the keypad not to work or follow directions properly. That is why try to look for wireless keypads with higher frequencies to avoid such issues.

Additional Safety Features

Apart from all these necessary features and qualities, you don’t want to miss out on certain exceptional features.

From our wireless garage door keypad reviews, the Ghost Controls offers many great features in the excitement of a party. Its two such dedicated features make sure to close and open the door automatically with the safety of the people in mind.

Wireless Garage Door Keypad

Then, there is the Mega Code wireless keypad that locks and disables continuous failed attempts at opening the garage door after ten activation tries. Similarly, there are the two highly advanced door keypads on our list, the Schlage Z-Wave Connect and the Ultraloq U-Bolt Smart Lock which offers some really unique features for the highest safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are wireless door keypads safe?

Most of the wireless door keypads in the current market are safe as they implement the rolling code technology that changes the code frequently to prevent anyone from guessing the code.

2. Can a garage door keypad be hacked?

The answer is no. This is because of the use of modern technology such as the rolling code technology along with +2.0 security that prevents hackers from getting into the system. Now, every wireless garage door keypad implements these two security features.

3. Are garage door keypads Universal?

No, not all of them are universal. But there are more universal garage door keypads on the market than non-universals. Just check before buying if it supports operating more than one garage door or not.

4. How do I mouse proof my garage door?

As mice can easily enter your garage from the cracks and any open spaces under the door, you can try using garage door seals to solve the issue. It can completely turn your garage not only mouse proof but also air, water, and other small insect-proof as well.

5. How much does it cost to replace the bottom seal on a garage door?

If you bought a seal for about $20 and using a professional to install it, then it will require more money and could typically take about $60 to $80. So, installing it by yourself can save you that money, and it doesn't cost more than $40 to buy any cleaning equipment and tools for installing those.

Final Verdict

Garage door keypads are essential in these modern days and also to receive the best protection. So, grab yourself one of these best wireless garage door keypad units to live safely in the comfort of your home.

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