Blackstone Griddle 28 vs 36

Blackstone Griddle 28 vs 36 – Which One to Choose?

Suppose that your traditional grill has finally expired with rust and sticky mess. Now there are two options you have been shone lights on from Blackstone.

As an owner of a similar griddle myself, this is merely the beginning of the research. At the same time, if you bear with my incessant arguments, you will be able to pick the particular outdoor griddle.

So, the final analysis has brought me face to face with 28 vs. 36 units. What made them superior to other traditional grills? How well do they perform when cooking? There are plenty more questions you might have to ponder.

I am here to answer them all in this Blackstone Griddle 28 vs. 36 article by comparing all the features. After all, one has to prepare for occasional large gatherings!

Shall we embark on the journey to fulfill the mind's thirst about each griddle? Trust me; the foggy contemplation will clear up by the time you finish the article!


We all desire a bigger griddle or a griddle station with a delicious gourmet meal that takes over our appetite. The more burners we seek, the higher the stake goes. Plus, more propane is used up.

However, the factor that keeps us in check is the expenses. Ask yourself how much you are willing to spend? Is it worth the money? Or should you focus on the size instead of the price?

Remember that this feature is inconsistent. The retailers and the manufacturer might offer sales. Maybe the price is fixed with slight differences on other sites.

Blackstone Griddle 28 vs 36

Whichever the case, a smaller griddle will definitely be cheaper than a larger griddle.

Now, look at the Blackstone Griddle 28-inch. Obviously, it will be financially affordable. Just make sure it meets all the features you demand.

Essentially, the 36-inch larger griddle with four burners comes with a hefty price tag. If you are willing to pay the extra cost, make sure to do it in the right season.

Most of the deals and sales regarding a gas grill griddle station are usually put during Fall.


You have already figured out that one unit is bigger than the other. However, there are other differences and similarities. I have put them forth for you to go over at a glance.

Blackstone Griddle 28 vs 36


Frankly speaking, the battle of Blackstone Griddle 28 vs. 36 is a tough fit because of the identical sturdiness. Each incorporates stainless steel burners and a cold-rolled steel cooking surface.

Hence, the temperature spreads out all over the cooking area evenly. You can expect the flat tops to retain more heat. Even if you turn off the burners, the cooked items will stay warm for a long while.

Both grills offer battery-powered electronic ignition, meaning the simple push-and-turn will fire up the burners. Forget about the traditional grills with the lengthy process of heating the cooktop.

Blackstone Griddle 28 vs 36

It will allow you to cook lots of food within a short amount of time!

Besides, every steel frame used in making the products have a black powder coating. This assists the structure to withstand rust and uncountable scratches. Therefore, both models promise to be long-lasting under any weather condition.

The folding legs confidently stand without the slightest hint of wobble. You can cross out the secure footing from the concern list!

Usually, all the griddles in the Blackstone brand come with a bottom shelf. The same applies to these two griddles as well.


I would not have considered the 28 vs. 36 comparisons if there had not been any in the first place.

Let me just start with the size. The Blackstone Griddle 36-inch is definitely the bigger one compared to the griddle 28. If you look at the dimensions carefully, you will notice a significant variance in width and length.

The 66.52 x 27.6-inch of the griddle 36 undoubtedly puts griddle 28 with 44.5 x 19.5-inch to shame. However, there is only a couple of inches of differences in height. It is a piece of good news!

As for the weight, you already know the 28-inch is more convenient with 75 pounds than the 36-inch; which is 134 pounds.

Griddle 28

Now let us discuss the additional features both products bear. If you look at the two griddles, you will see that the larger griddle offers dual folding shelves. My favorite part is the removable cutting board on one side.

Plus, the grill offers a garbage bag hook and a paper towel holder on the same side. I suppose it ought to add these if you think about the cost.

The latter griddle, on the contrary, includes a single side shelf and nothing more.

Cooking Area in Terms of Size

How do you debate between the 448 and 720? There is no doubt the 720-sq. inch cooking surface outshines the latter cooktop option.

But which one is better? One cannot answer it so easily, for different consumers will have different opinionated points of view.

With this in mind, the cooking space of 448-sq. inch is practical for a family of 5 or less. It does not mean the cooking zones are limited. Even a medium-sized unit like this one can cook food in several batches.

Nevertheless, if you are a chef or someone who does a lot of cooking on a griddle, 720-sq. inch is ideal. You do not have to be an expert to realize larger cooking surface indicates versatile cooking options.

Griddle 36

It is the solution to all the cookout parties for large gatherings during grill seasons.

This outdoor flat top can also be an addition to your restaurant business. People love gourmet meals no matter where you are from!

Now, which option fits your target requirement? It is time to pick a side from here on and find out the rest of the pros and cons.

Heating Capacity 

So, in the Blackstone Griddle 28 vs. 36, which model do you think has the upper hand?  And is it always an advantage to have additional burners?

Blackstone Griddle


First of all, you should know that griddle 28 comes with two H-style burners. But the 36 unit has four burners in linear style.

Second of all, these styles are dissimilar and affect the griddle-top cooking zones. And that is what makes all the difference.

Four stainless steel burners mean four cooking zones with ample options. It lets you experience restaurant-style cooking. Of course, extra burners are out of the question when you got four!


Yet, the linear or straight-lined burners tend to create more cold zones than needed.

Despite having only two burners in the 28 Blackstone Griddle, the horizontal line connects two straight burners. So, technically you get four cooking zones in a smaller cooking area.

It means there is hardly any chance of acquiring cold spots.

BTU (British Thermal Units)

The H burners in the smaller griddle produce enough heat to cook lots of delicious food. Each burner requires 15,000 BTUs. If you distribute the number to the two straight lines each, it is 7,500 BTU power per cooking zone.

You might think it is less, but if you combine the total 30,000 BTU power, it is hot enough to sizzle and sear plenty of steaks. It also indicates less fuel consumption when connecting a 20-pound tank.

There will be a significant increase in temperature even when the burners are turned off, leaving the leftovers warm for a prolonged period.

If you compare the other griddle, which offers 15,000 BTUs per linear burner, the Blackstone 28-inch grill has the most advantage.


Why is that, though? Remember that it is a large unit and uses straight-lined burners. So, despite having more BTUs, which is a total of 60,000, it often fails to distribute heat evenly. 

But you can use the cold spots to your advantage anyway. Instead of moving the cooked food on a plate, leave them in these zones to retain heat. 

Moreover, high BTU power means frequent propane tank exchange. It can be a tedious job if the gas runs out in the middle of a smokey grill cookout.

Grease Management System 

What happens to the mess that forms once you clear off the griddle top? You maintain the excess grease to clean the surface later effortlessly.

Thankfully, the rear grease management system in both grills minimizes the extra hassle on the cooking surface. They are both superb examples of the outdoor kitchen where you will have less to labor for.

Grease Management System

Some might find reaching the two far corners of griddle 36 a little difficult. It delivers spacious width, and the user's body could accidentally touch the electronic ignition system.

Hence, make sure to clean the unit only after the surface has completely cooled off. There is no such issue regarding the other product, thanks to its convenient smaller proportion.

Cooking Experience 

This is one of the crucial parts that will determine which option you should opt for. If you wish to set a target, this is where you begin to make a list. Pay close attention.

Cooking Experience

Food Quantity 

Someone once asked me how to measure a griddle in terms of food quantity. It made me rethink the tactics of choosing the right product.

Honestly, it gave me a better perspective toward the approximate number of such food items. Since griddle 36 has more space, it can obtain almost double the food griddle 28 holds.

Food Quantity

For example, if the smaller model can grill about 45 hot dogs on the first try, the bigger one can have 75! Similarly, 15 steaks vs. 20 and 20 hamburgers vs. 30.


Cooking in batches makes more sense when each family member has various demands. It is also clear that the 36-inch griddle is capable of feeding 12 to 20 people per batch.

The 28-inch model has an indistinct number but usually rounds up to 10 to 11 people at one go.

Now the question is, how frequently do you host BBQ gatherings, and how many people generally show up?

The bigger the crowd, the more the food intake. So, Blackstone Griddle 36 seems a plausible answer. Plus, nobody likes to spend hours before the heat. You can utilize this grill to finish cooking in one batch and have more free time.


By now, you have understood that the heat distribution can vary based on the burner style. I have already mentioned how both products deliver results regarding the retention and temperature spread out.

The 36-inch model offers both hot and cold zones that many will love. Although, using more propane is an issue.

Price Value

There is barely any cold spot in the 28-inch Blackstone unit. However, the cooktop will heat up right away!


These griddles are pretty hassle-free to maintain. The cold-rolled steel allows quick removal of the excess grease through the draining hole at the back. As you use the grills more often, the cooking surface will get much simpler to clean in the future. People try to use many kinds of lubricants. But not all of them will be safe for you.

The black powder steel construction ensures swift maintenance without causing any rust or scratch. Both units offer simple mechanisms for anybody to follow.


Of course, griddle 36 will require more storage space than griddle 28. It is the only downside of a four-burner unit.


This is an easy factor to evaluate!

For instance, you already know that the 28-inch griddle is easier to transport despite having two non-wheeled legs. Therefore, choosing it for camping trips and such is rather sensible.

Nevertheless, watch out for the wheels as they are not lockable. Do not worry – the grill has a perfectly stable stance. Besides, you can fold the legs and save more area when storing them indoors.

As for the 36-inch Blackstone Griddle, it comes with four caster wheels. Two of them include locks. Try not to think about taking to any trips except within the property. It is too large and hefty for trips.

This also means more storage area requirements, even if you fold the stands.


At last, I can tell you what I think about both products in these three sections. Remember, consider the personal gain from all manners before selecting the product.


The first thing you always ask the retailer is about the quality. When both grills have steel frame construction, how do you identify the better one?

Personally, this point goes to griddle 28 because it is easy to transport without causing any damage. The 36-inch Blackstone is surprisingly sturdy, but with one wrong move, the loss can be greater.


You do not want that in your conscience. 

Heat Management

This vote is reserved for the 36-inch again, no matter what others say. Personally, the model offers utmost expedience when it comes to both even heat distribution and retention.

While the smaller unit delivers four heat zones with two H burners, it might not be ideal for many users.

Heat Management

Some prefer to keep the cooked meal on one side of the griddle top when preparing more on the other side. The surface gets too hot for such dual features.

Price Value

Lastly, it is entirely up to you. My family and I are huge grilled food lovers. We practically hoard them as soon as out of the cooktop. So, I would rather opt for the 36-inch so that nobody has to wait for the second batch.

Of course, it is costly, but if I attain some additional features and more time with my family, I am ready to take up on that expense. Plus, we are quite a bunch!

Price Value

If you have a budget plan, then I suggest choosing the 28-inch. The food will still taste the same – a mouthwatering platter of heavenly meal!


Let's hope that this extensive article of Blackstone Griddle 28 vs. 36 has been a delight to you! As a crazy fan of grilled food, myself, I had to lay out all the possibilities and comparisons before you.

This will help you make the wiser decision that will give you service for years to come. Remember that this is going to be a long-term investment.

A lot of expectations are at stake. There should not be any chance of disappointment. So, good luck with the hunting!

Blackstone Griddle 28 vs 36 Comparison Table

Features of Blackstone Griddles



Dimensions (in.)

44.5 x 19.5 x 33.5

66.52 x 27.6 x 35.43

Weight (lbs.)



Cooking Space (sq. In.)






Burner Type



Total BTUs




Propane (Liquid)

Propane (Liquid)

Side Shelf



Bottom Shelf





Towel Rack, Garbage Bag Hook, Cutting Board (Removable)


Camping, Fishing,

Hunting, BBQ Party, Tailgating,

Patio, Terrace, Backyard

Camping, Backyard, BBQ Party, Patio


Foldable Legs (4)

Caster Wheels (2)

Foldable Legs (4)

Caster Wheels (4)

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