Bosch 11255VSR Review

Bosch 11255VSR Review: Is It A Good Power Drill?

A good power drill is a necessary butter for any construction project to go smoothly. If you have one of these machines, your work will not only get easier, but it will also be a whole lot of fun.

Here in this discussion today, we present to you one of the best power drill machines available in the market now at a reasonable price range.

We’re talking about the Bosch 11255vsr. And this all-around Bosch 11255vsr review will tell you everything about this incredible machine. But in summary, it has multiple modes, it’s easy to use, and it’s user-friendly.

If you’re a clever investor, you’ll need to know much more than that. So without further ado, let’s get into the details.

Bosch 11255VSR Review

Bosch 11255VSR

If you are looking for a tool that will give you power and speed in your work, then this Bosch 11255VSR will be your new favorite. It has everything that you need to drill bits into walls made of concrete, brick, or stone.

The machine delivers great RPM and requires a small amount of current to work at its maximum potential.

With the ergonomic design and great functionality, this tool becomes the handiest tool in your arsenal. Holding it is comfortable, and working with it is even more so. There are multiple modes and a variable speed adjustment system to help you the most with your projects on site.


  • Has a variable speed adjustment system
  • Delivers a high RPM and BPM with only 7.5 amp of power
  • Contains three different modes for three types of functionality
  • Sturdy and handy tool that never seems cumbersome to work with
  • Comes with everything required for operations in a cool carrying case
  • Thick handle that’s comfortable and convenient for overhead and downward operations


  • The quality of the housing is cheap and disappointing

Multiple Modes

This is a multifunctional tool that will help you to get the most out of it through three distinct operations. You can choose the mode you need and change it conveniently whenever the task requires you to do so. The three modes are rotation, hammer, and a rotary hammer mode. It works as good as the Bosch RH328VC.

In the rotation mode, you will be able to drill holes into the wall and insert bits into the holes. The drill string will hold the bit, and the machine will drive it into the wall by fast and forceful rotations.

Also, the hammer mode produces maximum torque and then uses that massive torque power to generate palpitating energy through the drill string. With this mode on, it will be very easy for you to drill big masonry bits in through walls made of concrete, stone, or brick.

And the last mode is the rotary hammer mode, which requires a massive amount of energy and a very sturdily built machine. Fortunately, Bosch 11255VSR is exactly the sort of machine that can take the strain of the massive power that is required.

Moreover, the action in the rotary hammer mode is just like a jackhammer – it can be used to break very tough materials like concrete and brick for construction.       

Variable Speed

With this machine, you are going to have full control of your work. This machine has a speed controlling option that allows you to set the pace of the rotation in the drill string.

The bits will go into the wall without doing any damage to the area around it. You will also be able to fasten and remove the bits much faster.

Bosch 11255VSR Review

Many machines don’t have this option for you. But with it, you can work on a range of different materials, so that you have the scope for taking on more projects and widen your expertise.

User-Friendly Handle

This is a feature of the machine that is very often overlooked while making decisions. One problem with this is that the machines get difficult to use after some time. However, you won’t need to worry about that with the Bosch 11255VSR.

It has a user-friendly design that starts with an ergonomic handle and goes on to the vibrations that are produced when the machine is running. If you want to find more compact machines, you will need to look at cordless drills like the Bosch PS31-2A.

So, the handle is quite thick, and that makes it very comfortable to wrap fingers around. The very useful speed trigger is snuggled right into the upper inner bend of the handle. But there will be enough space below it to rest your fingers firmly on the handle without pushing the trigger.

With the speed trigger located in that convenient spot and the firm handle to give you a tight hold on the machine, there won’t be any lack of control from your side.

If you are doing overhead projects, you will be at complete liberty to hold the machine vertically up or down without losing your control on it. Risks of injury will be highly reduced when you are using a reliable and trustworthy machine like this.

Both overhead and downward operations will feel largely controllable with this device in hand. You’ll feel very secure with the design of the tool.

Convenient Bit System

Changing bits cannot and should not be a hassle when you are working. This is why the advanced system of the SDS plus system in this device is going to make you so happy. It is a bit installation system with an automatic locking mechanism to hold the bits in place as you insert them.

Furthermore, it will give the bits protection from dust, and thus keep the tool operational for a longer time. The impact energy doesn’t wear out at all when the bits are shot through the SDS bit plus, and that’s what makes the drill so much more efficient!

What’s more, the locking position is variable. It has 36 different positions for the bits to fit into – this means that you can angle them at whichever degrees you want them to be in.

For optimized performance and quick quality work, this is the best drill machine you could get in the market. 

The Power You Want

The rotary tool runs on a motor that requires 7.5 amp of current to pass through it. And the machine will rotate to a maximum frequency of 1300 RPM and a maximum BPM of 5800. The hammer will deliver great impact energy of 2 feet on every pound. 

With this, you can drill through the toughest and the hardest materials without a problem.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the Bosch 11255VSR:

1. Does the speed trigger have a reverse function to undo bits?

Yes, it does, and you can use it to quickly remove fasteners.

2. Is it safe to use this to drill holes into masonry ceilings?

Yes, it will be quite safe as long as the masonry is in good condition.

3. What mode should I have to use for breaking concrete?

Only the hammer mode will work to break materials.

4. Does it have a dust collection port?

Yes, it does, but you will still need to angle it in a certain direction, or else the exhaust fan might blow some dust to your face.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a multifunctional, co-operative, and ergonomic, then we hope this Bosch 11255vsr review has helped you to find the tool you need.

This is an industry-standard machine that is picked up and adored by professionals and beginners alike. So, get your hands on this machine and finish your projects faster than you ever could before. Best of luck!

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