Bose 251 Review

Bose 251 Review

Spending time outdoor—in your patio, backyard, pool, etc.—can become more enjoyable if you bring your favorite tunes with you. The Bose 251 comes designed as an outdoor speaker set with the promise of playing your favorite tracks with clearer sound and full stereo performance. The fact that they’re from Bose, one of the favored speaker brands on the market, makes it a top choice for outdoor enthusiasts. But before you get these speakers, read our unbiased Bose 251 review below to determine if it will meet your unique needs and expectations.

Who is the Bose 251 for?

The Bose 251 speakers are designed for outdoor use. If music is part of your life and you don’t want to get limited when it comes to where you can enjoy quality music, these speakers were designed with you in mind. Not only do they play your tunes flawlessly, but these speakers are also designed to withstand the harsh conditions that usually affect the performance of outdoor speakers as well as their longevity.

Let’s discover more intricate details about these speakers in our in-depth Bose 251 outdoor speakers review below…

The Bose 251 overall design

A complete Bose 251 environmental speaker set features two outdoor speakers. Each speaker features a 5 1/4-inch low-frequency driver plus two 2 ½ -inch Bose Twiddler. For starters, the twiddler refers to a high/mid driver that Bose designed specially for their latest line of indoor and outdoor speakers.

Bose 251 Review

The twiddlers are made for mounting at an angle of 45 degrees left and right of the center (Bose terms this as an Articulated Array). This unique arrangement ensures a wider dispersion of sound—much needed for outdoor use.

Sound performance

We’ve just said it above…the speakers are designed for use in articulate array arrangement which enables them to cover a really wide area, say your backyard.

But something even more amazing about these speakers is that they sound amazing. They deliver quite an impressive bass response; they will give you deep, punchy bass, which will make you doubt if indeed they have a 5 1/4 0inch driver.

Bose 251

The two twiddlers we have just mentioned above also do their intended job quite well with exceptional mid-range and high-frequency response.

The highs deliver high clarity as it’s expected of a big brand like Bose.

Even if you set these speakers to high volumes, they’ll continue performing consistently well, without producing those harsh notes, getting distort, or breaking up in any way.

Power and amplification requirements

The speakers feature a power handling of 10 to 100W at 6 ohms. But they can also be powered using 4 – 8-ohm amplifiers. For the best results, however, we suggest that you try to pair the speakers with an amplifier as close to 100W as possible. Hooking them to anything rated below 80W will translates to a waste.

Bose 251

Keep in mind that Bose designed these speakers to work with their SoundTouch SA-5 Amplifier. This comes from their SoundTouch line, which features WiFi speakers and amps of varying sizes. With this compatibility, you’ll get the chance to create a multi-room entertainment system using Bose products that hook up via your home WiFi.

Key Features and Benefits:

Before everything else, let’s take a look at some of the most amazing aspects of this outdoor speaker set that you’ll really appreciate.

1. Great audio quality

One of the greatest features of these speakers—and probably what propels them to wild popularity—involves the great sound quality they deliver.

These speakers come equipped with angled drivers situated in Bose’s unique Articulated Array® design. This unique positioning enables them to reproduce the sound over a larger listening area.

In addition to that, they come weaved with Bose’s Audio Technology. This simply implies a patented multi-chamber bass enclosure, which translates to deep bass production minus audible distortion.

Bose 251

The climax of bringing together a unique design plus Bose’s top-notch design is a hell of great outdoor music that takes your outdoor music enjoyment to a whole new level.

2. Weather-resistant design

Another thing that makes this speaker suitable for outdoor use is its ability to withstand exposure to various elements. It’s designed to perfectly operate in extreme temperatures (from -22 degrees F to140 degrees F). This covers most parts of the US, so this speaker will survive just any part you reside one.

Moreover, the speaker offers excellent resistance to rain, snow, and salt fog. Mind you; they’ve undergone 1200hours of salt fog testing, which is simply a double Marine Industry Standard for this kind of test. You can install these outdoor speakers in your backyard or patio without any worries of exposing them to harsh elements.

Our expert advice to you, however, is that even with their excellent weather protection, you should still consider installing them under your roof…or in such a way that they’re covered as opposed to putting them in direct exposure to elements.

3. Super-easy installation

As all the previous users agree in their Bose 251 environmental speakers review, they are effortless to install. This is largely made possible by their well-thoughtout mounting system.

Inside the box, you’ll discover all the necessary mounting hardware plus a pair of sturdy metal mounting brackets with vertically facing mounting points for easy one-person DIY installation. They also feature rubber feet covering, which help you proper them up pretty easily and quickly.

On top of it all, a handy owner’s guide comes included in the box to help guide you through the whole installation process.

Since the speakers come in white or black polystyrene enclosure options, you can easily choose one that blends with the color of your walls for a streamlined look.

Remember, all the mounting hardware and brackets are also rugged and weather-resistant to enable them to withstand harsh outdoor weather elements and last a lifetime.

Bose 251 Review

What’s in the Box:

  • 2 Bose 251 outdoor speakers
  • 2 mounting brackets
  • Mounting hardware (includes 8 screws plus 8 plastic anchors)
  • 6 rubber feet
  • Owner’s manual


  • Water-resistant
  • Temperature resistant
  • Easy mounting
  • Sleek design
  • 5-year warranty


  • Pricey
  • Not 100% wireless

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Our verdict

If you’re looking for the best speaker for patio or outdoor use, then Bose 251 should top your list of considerations. The speakers come with elegant modern looks. They deliver incredible sound quality, are easy to install, and are built to defy various harsh elements outdoors. We have encountered numerous Bose 251 review ratings from previous users. This further confirms the reliability of these speakers for outdoor use. While they’re a little pricey than most of the competing models, they’re well worth the price. Grab these speakers today if you want to bring your backyard to life with quality music.

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