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How to Prevent PEX Pipe from Freezing

PEX pipe is a popular choice for residential plumbing because it’s flexible and easy to install. PEX pipe is made from cross-linked polyethylene. But every winter, PEX pipe owners worry about their pipes freezing. The cold water running through the pipes during the winter months will actually freeze. And form ice inside of your pipes, which can […]

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How to Adjust Welded Door Hinges?

Welded door hinges are great. They can support heavy-weight doors without any issues. Also, the stability that they offer is comparatively higher than the other available options. However, over time, our door became a bit hard to open and close. It required a good amount of force. After closely examining the hinge, we found out that […]

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How to Replace Garage Door Cable?

Just like everything that deals with tension, garage door cables can snap or get damaged over time. And when they do, the door opening mechanism will not work at all. Well, we had failed garage door that needed a cable replacement, but we did not know how to replace garage door cable. Even though there are […]

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