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Best Tomato Knife

Let’s admit it: cutting the round, red vegetable is always a struggle. From tearing its soft skin or to crushing its tender interior and cutting slices with ragged edges—it can’t get any worse! That said, you’ll be thrilled if you discovered that there’s a knife specifically designed for cutting tomatoes. This special knife with serrated edge […]

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Best Grapefruit Knife

If you’re reading this right now, one thing is certain about you—you or your family members love eating grapefruits. Unfortunately, most people don’t know that eating grapefruit is more of an art. The fruit’s complex design (intrinsic to all the citrus fruits) requires you to arm yourself with specialized tools (knife and spoon) to section it […]

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Best Fillet Knife for Walleye

If you’re looking for a durable, ultra-sharp, and reliable knife for filleting walleye, we have put together this guide for you. While you’ll find multiple fillet knives on the market, not all of them are good for filleting your walleye catches. You’ll need to spend more time researching different models for the best fillet knife for […]

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Best Fillet Knife For Saltwater Fish

If you mostly fish Salmon, Tuna, Anchovies, Grouper, Snapper, and other saltwater fish species, then you’ll find the best fillet knife for saltwater fish an invaluable asset. This specialized knife has a flexible blade that allows you to easily cut along the backbone and under the tough skin of your saltwater catches—ensuring you don’t waste any […]

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Best Wusthof Knives Review

Wusthof  is the knife brand of choice for professionals. The respected German brand strives to meet the needs of professional chefs and hobbyists looking for the ultimate cooking knife. They offer you a variety of high-quality knives to choose from including chef knives, butcher knives, paring knives, and cooking knives. They even make specialty knives such as […]

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Best American Made Kitchen Knives

Nothing feels more satisfying for us Americans than buying a product “Made in USA.” And the cooking knives aren’t exceptional. As a patriotic citizen who wants to “Buy America, Build America!” by getting a knife made on American soil by your fellow countrymen, a USA-made kitchen knife is a way to go. Or if you’re simply looking […]

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Best Chef Knife For Small Hands

A larger chef knife in the hands of a small-handed user can be a pain to work with. It feels uncomfortable and cumbersome. And you can’t enjoy working with it for long. Your best solution is to look for the best chef knife for small hands that you can comfortably hold in your tiny hands for […]

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Best Fillet Knife For Salmon

If most of your life revolves around fishing, or you simply find yourself doing a lot of salmon filleting, then it goes without saying that you’ll need a good fillet knife. While you can use a normal kitchen knife to fillet this big fish, it will be problematic to work with. A filleting knife will be more […]

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Best Fillet Knife For Redfish

To easily cut through the tough scales of redfish, you’ll need to arm yourself with a special filleting knife. Unlike a standard knife, the best fillet knife for redfish will easily work through the redfish tough skin for easier and more efficient filleting. That said, there’s no one perfect redfish filleting knife that stands from the rest. […]

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