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What is HAP40 steel? HAP-40 steel review:

HAP40 is Japanese steel usually found in high-end Japanese chef knives. However, Spyderco also started using this new steel to make some of their high-end pocket knives. If you’re eyeing a hap40 steel, you’re probably wondering what type of steel it is and what its pros and cons are. Before you buy that hap40 steel knife, […]

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Is S30V a good knife steel?

On the market for a knife made with premium steel? If yes, you’re sure to close paths with CPM S30V steel knives. You’ll find this steel receiving overwhelming praises from knife enthusiasts all over. And you’ll probably start asking yourself all manner of questions like how special is S30V stainless steel? Is S30V the best […]

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Is 5160 steel good for knives?

If you’re looking for a knife with 5160 steel, or simply considering this steel for knife making, but don’t much about it, this 5160 steel review is for you. Before you get this steel, you probably want to know everything about it. You’d ask yourself how strong is 5160 steel? Does 5160 steel hold an […]

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Is A2 steel good for knives?

Are you planning to buy an A2 steel knife but you don’t have experience with this steel and know nothing about it? And you’re afraid that it might not meet your needs? If yes, this A2 steel review is for you. After pumping hours and hours into research about A2 steel, we have gained great insights […]

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Is 1084 steel good for knives?

“If you’re new to knife making and looking for good knife steel to work with, get the 1084 steel. You won’t regret it!” You’ve probably come across this advice about 1084 steel. And you wonder just how good is 1084 steel is for knife making? This 1084 steel review will guide you through more intrinsic details […]

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What is 425m steel?

Scanning through websites and forums but can’t find helpful information from experienced users about 425m steel knives? If yes, you’re not alone in this. Many other knife users are looking for information on how 425m steel holds up in terms of edge retention, ease of sharpening, toughness, and corrosion resistance. 425 high carbon steel is one […]

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Is CPM 20CV steel good for knives?

How does CPM 20CV knife steel perform? Is 20cv steel any good for edge retention and easy sharpening? What are 20CV steel pros and cons? Does it make good knives with great toughness? Will 20cv steel rust? How does it compare to top steels likes30v, m4, Elmax, m390, etc.? If you have never used a 20cv […]

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Is 52100 steel good for knives?

Are you eyeing a knife made with 52100 steel and wondering whether it’s a good steel for knives? If yes, we have compiled this in-depth 52100 steel review to school you on this steel— from its basics to its performance—to help you decide whether it qualifies as the perfect steel for your knife. This guide will […]

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CPM 3V Steel Review: How good is CPM 3V steel?

If you’re reading this 3V steel review, you’re probably considering getting a knife with CPM 3V steel. But you’re concerned about how good this steel performs and whether it makes a knife that fits your needs and preferences. Just looking at what the knife enthusiasts have to say about this steel will tell you it’s one […]

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