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Best 1×30 Belts For Knife Making

A 1×30 sanding belt is a wise choice if you’re just getting started in knife making world? These belts come at an affordable price while enabling you to create a decent knife. But too many 1×30 belts sanders out there will give you a heck of headaches trying to choose the best 1×30 belts for knife […]

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Best Bird And Trout Knife

A hunter, fisherman, or camper? If you say to any of these, you must already have heard about the bird and trout knife. This special knife makes your life easy when you need to field dress small birds or fillet fish. And for all your cutting needs when out there camping, this knife is your buddy! Now, […]

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Best Hawkbill Knife In 2021

What could you possibly do with an ultra-sharp, claw-shaped knife? With its unique hawk beak-like blade, a hawkbill knife can effortlessly do cutting tasks that are challenging for your normal knife. And with slight modifications, the knife has entered the world of tactical and self-defense knives. Before you spend your money on a hawkbill knife, you should […]

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Best 2×72 Belts Review (2021)

Looking for the best 2×72 belts for knife making? If yes, you’ve just landed in the right hands. As you already know, the 2 x72 inch belts enjoy wide usage by professional knife makers due to their exceptional versatility. However, there are just too many such belts at the market, making it hard for you to […]

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The Best Sodbuster Knife Reviews 2021

If you’re looking for a simple every day carry knife at an affordable price, the best sodbuster knife is your buddy. The old-fashioned folding knife still enjoys wide usage today due to its simple blade and handle design, plus the ability to carry out multiple tasks. It’s the ideal knife for loosely carrying in your pocket […]

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Best Serrated Pocket Knife For 2021

If you’re looking for the perfect pocket knife for cutting through rough and thick surfaces such as seatbelts, rope, etc., a serrated pocket knife will fit your needs. This knife features a teeth-like edge that slices through the challenging surfaces easily. Finding the best serrated pocket knife for a first-time buyer might not be an easy […]

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