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Spatter In Welding: What Causes It & How To Reduce Effectively?

You’re probably looking at spatters on your weld project and wondering what causes them to form and how you can avoid/prevent them. Essentially balls of molten material formed by welding beads flying off and scattering, spatter in welding happens all the time—whether you’re a noob or experienced welder. It makes your welds look messy and can be […]

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Welding Table Clamps: How It Works? How To Make and Use One?

As an absolute beginner or intermediate welder, one of the basic welding tools you’ll need to get acquainted with is the welding table clamps. Clamps make your work easier by firmly holding large pieces of metal together for easy welding.    Learning how different welding clamps work is crucial in achieving high-quality weld joints at any angle. This […]

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What Do the Numbers on a Welding Rod Mean?

Whether you’re already in the welding sector or someone interested in having a welding career, it’s essential to know what the numbers on a welding rod mean. While many may think that the numbers don’t have any significant meanings, that, however, isn’t the case. Each letter and/or number serves a distinctive purpose. And you don’t […]

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