August, 12 1996 Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma Tribal Council Meeting Minutes

AUGUST 12, 1996 – 6:00 p.m.


President Eagle called the meeting to order at 6:10 p.m. in the Tribal Council Chambers, W. W. Keeler Complex.


The invocation was given by Rev. D. J. McCarter of Tahlequah Elm Tree Baptist Church.


Roll call was given by Gina Blackfox, Legislative Aide. The following members were present;


  1. Bill John Baker
  2. Sam Ed Bush
  3. Mary Cooksey
  4. Don Crittenden
  5. Harold DeMoss
  6. Paula Colder
  7. Charles Hoskin
  8. Nick Lay
  9. Barbara Conness
  10. Harold Phillips
  11. Troy Wayne Poteete
  12. Barbara Starr-Scott
  13. William Smoke
  14. Dora Mae Watie

A quorum was established with fourteen members present.


With no corrections or additions to the minutes of July 15, Councilman Crittenden moved for the approval. Councilman Baker seconded. Minutes adopted as presented.


Chief Byrd reported the House and Senate are Currently in recess and will resume business on September 4th. He stated the Cherokee Nation continues to be very aggressive in the voter registration process. Cherokee Nation recently opened convenient stores in Ft. Gibson and Tahlequah. Dr. Rick Robinson has taken the position as Cherokee Nation Secretary of Education and Leroy Qualls, former Hubert High School head Coach has taken the position as Sequoyah High School Principal and Coach. Chief Byrd requested concurrence of the W.W. Hastings Advisory Board. Councilman Crittenden made a motion to confirm the members. Councilmember Conness seconded the motion. Motion carried with Councilmember Scott abstaining. The five member board consists of Mary Cooksey, Bill Baker. Dr. Gayle Harris, J.B. Dreadfulwater, and Sheila Mars.

Gerald Cantrell, CEO, reported Cherokee Nation Enterprises has expanded its operation to include two convenient stores, three bingo halls. restaurant and motel. They are anticipating the opening of fuel stations at the three bingo locations. He reported the motel is expected to be restored in first class condition. They employ approximately 450 individuals with an additional 60 to be hired within the next two weeks The Catoosa Truck Plaza project has been delayed while they prepare lands already in trust to disburse fuel. Mr. Cantrell provided a written detailed report. Mr. Harley Terrell. CNI Board Member, provided an update on the activities at Cherokee Nation Industry.


No special reports given.


None pending.


1) Confirmation of D#1 Council Seat

President Eagle received this afternoon an order from the Supreme Court requesting to strikes from the agenda the confirmation of Tina Glory until further action is taken by the court, Councilman Bush moved to table and Councilmember Watie seconded the motion.

Councilman DeMoss expressed his opinion stating the higher court has issued an order prematurely. Councilmember Holder stated without any disrespect for the higher court, she feels they have interfered with the decision making of the legislative branch of government. Councilman Baker requested President Eagle to continue with reading of the order. After discussion, the motion Carried to table this issue.

Councilmember Scott stated she filed the lawsuit trying to achieve a ruling on this controversial issue. She has nothing personal against either individual but only wishes to see this issue resolved. Councilmember Watie left prior to consideration of the following business items.

2) A Resolution Authorizing the Tribal Services Department to Prepare and Submit a. Application to the Department of Health and Human Services for Continued Funding of the Child Care and Development Block Grant Program/R#93-96

Councilman Phillips made a motion to approve the resolution authorizing the submission of a grant application for continued funding of the child care program. These funds are used to provide grants, contracts and certificates for child Care services for low income families. The funding amount is $1,900,000 dollars. Councilman Bush seconded the motion. Motion Carried.

3) A Resolution Authorizing Community Development to Submit a Grant Application to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 6 Office for the Continuation of an Underground Storage Tank (UST) Program for the Inter-Tribal Environmental Council Consortium/R#84-96

Councilman Phillips moved to approve the resolution authorizing the submission of an application for an underground storage tank program. Councilman Bush seconded the motion. Motion carried.

4) A Resolution Supporting a Grant Application for Continuation of Services of the Head Start Program/R#85-96

Councilmember holder moved to approve the resolution authorizing the Continuation of Head Start Program services. The availability date is November 1st and the grant amount requested is $2,947,831.00 dollars. Councilman Baker seconded the motion. Motion carried.

5) A Resolution to Adopt an Act Dissolving the Agreement Dated June 7, 1869 Incorporating the Shawnee Tribe of Indians Into the Cherokee Nation/R#86-96

Councilman DeMoss presented the resolution adopting the act. Councilmember Holder moved for the approval and Councilman Hoskin seconded. Motion carried.

6) A Resolution Authorizing the Cherokee Nation Health Services Division to Submit an. Application to the Indian health Service for an Epidemiology Program to Establish or develop a Tribal Epidemiology Center and public health Infrastructure Though the Augmentation of Existing Programs with Expertise in Epidemiology and a History of regional Support/R#87-96

Councilmember Conness moved for the adoption of the resolution with amendments to include the grant amount request as $73,170 dollars. Councilman baker seconded the motion. Motion carried.

7) A Resolution Authorizing the Leasing of the Kenwood Community Building and Ballpark Area to the Kenwood Cherokee Community Representative Organization (KCCRO)/R#88-96

Councilman Crittenden moved for the adoption of a resolution authorizing the leasing of the Kenwood Community Building and ballpark area to Kenwood Cherokee Community Representative Organization. Councilmember Conness seconded. Motion carried.

8) A Resolution Authorizing the Grant of Right-of-way Over Cherokee Tribal Lands Located in Delaware County/R#89-98

Councilman Crittenden presented the resolution authorizing the granting of a right of way easement on Cherokee Tribal Land to the Delaware County Board of County Commissioners for a perpetual and a temporary right of way. Councilmember Scott moved for the approval and Councilmember Conness seconded. Motion carried.


Mr. Wickliffe reported they have been involved in budget meetings held in Arizona. During these sessions the tribes expressed their main priorities as housing, contract support, education, and tribal priority system. These concerns remain high and are supported by the Bureau of Indian affairs. Tribal shares will be reviewed as the avenue in changing the BIA. The Self-Governance Annual Funding Agreement for the Cherokee Nation has been approved for FY97. The Eastern Shawnee Tribe of the Miami Agency recently entered self-governance. The Deputy Commissioner of Indian Affairs, Hilda Manual, is scheduled to meet this week with Oklahoma tribal leader. Issues such as budgets and legislation will be addressed.


In the absence of Joel Thompson, no report was given.


With no further business presented, Councilman DeMoss moved for adjournment. The meeting concluded at 8:00 p.m. The next regular meeting will be held on September 16, 6:00 p.m. at the tribal headquarters.

James Garland Eagle, President
Cherokee Nation Tribal Council