Contact Information for the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs

If you have the following questions, please take the time to write, call, or email the following members of the Senate Select Committee on Indian Affairs. Be sure to include your snail mail address if you want a response from them.

  • How long will the BIA be allowed to interfere in the internal matters of the Cherokee Nation, a sovereign nation?
  • Why is the BIA allowed to "takeover" law enforcement within and for the Cherokee Nation?
  • Why did the BIA aid in the executive "takeover" of the judicial branch?
  • Why has the BIA not fulfilled the Court Orders issued by our Cherokee Nation's Supreme Court for the arrest of Chief Joe Byrd for failing to appear on charges of misappropriation of tribal funds?
  • Why does the government continue to support Joe Byrd when he does not abide by the Cherokee Constitution, Cherokee Law, or the Cherokee Supreme Court?