DeWalt DCK240C2 Review

Dewalt DCK240C2 Review 2022: Is It Worth The Money?

The DCK240C2 is an amazing product, straight from the factories of DeWalt. Known for their deliverance of style, quality, and high-end efficiency, DeWalt does not disappoint with the DCK240C2.

With all the different power tools available in the market nowadays, it is difficult to have to analyze different features and access which features you truly need.

And the DCK240C2 is on the frontlines because it comes as a combo set. It can accomplish an assortment of tasks using very little effort on your part.

That’s why, in this DeWalt DCK240C2 review article, we will provide a detailed analysis of this particular product and present to you the features that truly make it stand out. So read on for more.

DeWalt DCK240C2 Review

DeWalt DCK240C2

This is a drill and driver combo set. You will be provided with both the drill itself and the driver.

Being cordless, it runs on a battery, which is quite powerful and not to mention efficient. The 5 Amp hour battery has been engineered to complement the power of this kit superbly.

With an assortment of 21 drill bit pieces to choose from, you will not run out of the right drill bit size when working with this product. The bits are sorted neatly into a box to enable quick and hassle-free selection.

Its powerful motor can provide up to 300 Watts of power, and this ensures that the drill is never short on power.


  • Easily portable
  • Can be used in dimly lit areas
  • High power motor
  • Dual speed settings
  • Can be used to perform different machining processes
  • The cord-free operation, due to being battery powered


  • Operates at 110V only

Key Features

The key features of the product are as follows:

Lightweight and Easy to Handle

A desirable quality of any drill or drill set is that it must be easy to handle and not feel tedious to drag around. This product delivers on user comfort because it has been built to be incredibly lightweight despite its raw power.

Weighing at only 9 pounds, you may make the mistake of thinking this product is not powerful enough because it is so light. However, once you use it, you will be pleased to know it maintains the perfect balance between comfort and power. You should also check the what and whens of the impact driver, if you want to use it properly.

High-Performance Impact Driver

The impact driver that comes with this set complements it perfectly. Running at 20V, it has a comfortable and sturdy grip.

One reason why it is so popular is that it can help you out in those tight or hard to reach corners/spaces. Most users use this in areas where conventional impact drivers fail to reach, and this greatly boosts productivity.

DeWalt DCK240C2 Review

Furthermore, in order to guide you in low light conditions, there are three LED lights fitted on the driver. These lights light up when you turn on the driver and provide enough visual support to work in dimly lit spaces.

300V Motor

The motor is basically the heart of any machine. Whether it is a plane, car, or a drill, a strong motor will set the tone for how well the machine is going to operate.

When it comes to motor power, there are not many products out there that can rival this one. The 300V motor has been hardwired to boost the versatility of the drill. With this rating, even the most difficult and strenuous tasks can be completed easily and effortlessly. If you want a drill with more power, you can take a look at the Skil 6445-04 hammer drill.

Cordless Operation

Cordless drills and appliances are now very popular among users of all ages and categories. Being cordless has its benefits, and a key benefit is that they are safer and easier to maneuver.

Cords pose a hazard in the workplace, as anyone can trip over them, or they can tangle up to form dangerous knots. They also reduce space and require power outlets to function.

DeWalt DCK240C2

With this product, all the aforementioned problems have been done away with, giving you an end result that is efficient, easy to maneuver, and not to mention, compact.

Dual Speed

Having more than a single-speed setting can be quite an asset. It will save wasting time by searching for another drill that can provide a different speed.

It will thus make working faster and will provide more user control to the operator. This product comes with two different speed settings. The first range is from 0-450 RPM, and the other one is at 1500 RPM.

This range will allow you to perform different tasks simultaneously using the same tool, and it will really come in handy for operations like boring or drilling, where variable speed settings are necessary.

Easily Portable

A common misconception that many people still have to this day is that power tools are a burden to carry with you and must be used in a specific work zone.

While this may have been true a few decades back, recent technological advances have circumvented this issue by making the tools more compact and providing belts or special bags to carry them.

DeWalt DCK240C2

This product is a testimony to advancement. It comes with a special belt, where you can hold it on you while working or even moving between workspaces. The belt makes it easy to carry and saves you the effort of running back and forth to relocate your work zone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Time for the FAQ section of our guide. This is where you will find answers to the most common questions one may have when thinking of buying the DCK240C2. Read on to find out which of your questions we answer.

1. How much does this product weigh?

This product weighs in at a total of 9.1 pounds.

2. Does it come with batteries?

Yes, batteries are included in the set.

3. Is it compatible with 220V power ratings?

Unfortunately, it works on 110V power ratings.

4. How long is the charging time?

Charging to full power takes around 1.5 hours.

5. What type of batteries does this drill run on?

It runs on Lithium-Ion batteries.

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Final Verdict

So we have reached the end of this DeWalt DECK240C2 review article. We hope we could paint a good picture of this wonderful power tool and have also cleared any misconception you may have had regarding it. If it ticks off all the features you are looking for, it is definitely worth investing in!

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