DeWalt DCD777C2 Review

DeWalt DCD777C2 Review: Is It Good For You?

The DeWalt drill is not only among the best of its class but is also ahead when you compare it to brushed motors. This brushless tool is easy enough for beginners to use and learn, but don’t let that distract you from all its ergonomic features.

If you want all that brushless technology has to offer for a price that is not much different than brushed ones, then DeWalt won’t disappoint you. Whether it’s the battery or the powerful motor, this drill stands out for both it’s performance and power.

But if words alone aren’t enough to convince you, go through our DeWalt DCD777C2 review, where we discuss all the pros and cons of this tool.

DeWalt DCD777C2 Review


  • Has a powerful brushless motor
  • Great for DIY projects and light professional use
  • Drills quick and consistently
  • Doesn’t slow down on hard surfaces
  • Is lightweight and smaller in size
  • Comes for a reasonable price


  • Battery drains quicker than other devices of its kind

DeWalt has been the go-to brand for those seeking reliable and cost-effective solutions to construction and woodworking jobs. They have earned the faith of both hobbyists and professionals for their diverse range of products, which serve everyone.

One of the best things about this tool is it’s light and compact. It’s at least an inch shorter than the brushed drill while being significantly lighter. When you wield it, the drill will feel firm and sturdy yet light enough to get that solid grip.

After the initial positives, we were more than curious to see how this actually performs. And we weren’t disappointed. The brushless motor is powerful and can drive a hole effortlessly.

We were impressed with the speed and power of this as it quickly dug up holes ranging in a wide variety of sizes. Not only was this as quick as a professional tool, but it also dug with firmness without causing tension. So, you can feel in control when you’re drilling, and that makes the experience a whole lot better. But it doesn’t have the 2-speed setting we saw in the Dewalt DCD780 review.

Powerful Brushless Motor

Brushless motors have reigned since their inception. But until recently, you’d only find them in high-end heavy-duty tools. Well, not anymore. This brushless drill is one of the most sought after for featuring an affordable brushless motor. Although it’s still more expensive than brushed ones, it occupies the sweet middle spot. There are some significant differences between brushed and brushless motors.

This has more power, torque, and speed compared to the other tools of its class or price range. For heavier work, you need hammer drills like DeWalt DW511. The torque you get on this is pretty much enough for most drill work. Unless you’re up against a very tough material, this will drill through without effort.

DeWalt DCD777C2

What makes the motor even better is it doesn’t lose efficiency against a hardboard. It keeps drilling with the same intensity to give you the proper clean cuts.


We will be honest. For a device as powerful as this, the battery is a tad bit disappointing. But there’s nothing there for you to feel discouraged. While hobbyists who won’t be using it day long won’t even notice the difference, professionals might.

And for them, DeWalt provides an extra battery. To maximize the use of this tool, you can use one while recharging the other. And the batteries charge up in quick time, so even before the one you’re using is out, the spare set will be up and ready.

Again, know that if you’re a casual user, the battery power will be more than adequate.

Stays Cool and Lasts Longer

Although the DeWalt brushless drill will cost more than a brushless one, we recommend it to those who want a reliable product. As brushless drills do not rub against any material, they’re more energy-efficient. So, when it comes to being more reliable, they can do the job better while keeping the tool cool.

On top of that, these are also responsive to the type of surface and material they hit and can use their power accordingly. So, they only use the power required and not more. Over the course of its use, these advantages keep it cooler and don’t let it wear easily. So, this last longer and are more reliable.

Lighter and Easier to Wield

They weigh significantly less than others of the same class and are more compact in size too. So, when you hold them, you get more grip and have more control over it. And having that added control could make all the difference when working on a delicate project that requires utmost precision.

Built to Last

Although its part plastic, this was made to last and is sturdy. If you’re planning on using this for light professional jobs and DIY projects, this will serve you a long time. However, with plastic parts and the battery, we wouldn’t recommend this for heavy use if you want this one to last.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the DeWalt product:

1. Can this handle tough drilling?

Yes, it can. We have tested it on various surfaces and considered how efficiently it can drill different-sized holes, and it has come through for us in all those tests.

2. How long does it work on a single charge?

The answer will vary depending on what you’re using this for. But it can last a long while if you’re drilling smaller holes while that recedes as you dig larger ones.

3. Can beginners use this?

Yes, although professionals will also like this, beginners can use it with ease. Its simplicity, along with the efficiency and the control it has, makes it the perfect device for beginners to start with.

4. Is this better than the brushed motor drill of DeWalt?

In terms of performance and convenience, this tops the brushed motor any day. On top of that, as you don’t have to change brushes every 50 or 60 hours, this is a lot more convenient.

5. How many holes can you drill on one battery?

This is where the DeWalt 777 stands out a lot more than its substitutes. It can dig around 180 holes on a single charge, which is almost double of what brushed devices can. So, you can use smaller batteries and get more output out of it.

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Final Words

Our final verdict for this DeWalt DCD777C2 review is that this is a tough cordless drill, and being brushless is just the cherry on top this needed. We would’ve preferred a stronger battery, but that is only when you’re using this regularly.

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