Dewalt DCD780 Review

Dewalt DCD780 Drill/Driver Review 2022 |

Drills and drilling technology has made leaps and bounds throughout the last 50 years or so. While drills started out as being large, heavy, and attached to power cables over 6 feet long, modern developments have changed all that.

To fulfill our demands for convenience, drills are now made cordless and running on batteries. These drills present several advantages and features and make drilling easier.

Dewalt’s 20V Max Cordless drill is one such piece of technology that has been engineered to give you the perfect drilling experience. That is why we have decided to bring you the Dewalt DCD780 review and provide key information regarding its features and uses.

In this article, we also summarize the pros and cons of this product to help you come to a reasonable and ultimately profitable decision.

Dewalt DCD780 Review

Dewalt DCD780

To start off, this product is ideal for a wide array of uses and applications. It is ideal for use in places ranging from construction areas, garages, woodshops, and more. Such a versatile tool is truly hard to find.

Due to its compact build, it is easily transportable without any hassle whatsoever. This is an ideal kit for people who need to travel from place to place for work. If you were looking for something a bit larger and more powerful than this, care to look at the DeWalt DW511 review.

Its two-speed function is hard to miss, and this drill is designed to deliver two-speed ranges between 0 and 600 revolutions per minute (rpm) and 0 and 2000 rpm. This is quite an expansive range.

To make things more convenient, it also includes a belt hook and drill bit holder, so you will not have to worry about parts going missing.


  • Strong and sturdy build
  • Superior battery life
  • Circuitry designed to prevent overheating
  • Powerful and highly efficient motor
  • Dual speed settings to enable high and low drill speeds
  • Anti-tool slippage mechanism in place
  • Comfortable to grip and carry


  • Drill bits are not included in the set

Key Features

Below are the key features of the Dewalt DCD780:

Advanced Circuitry

This drill has been integrated with some really high-tech and advanced circuitry. Drills typically tend to overheat or overload during use, and this could prove to be absolutely disastrous for the drill and also the operator.

Dewalt has installed a switch and battery of a special kind to navigate through this issue. The lithium-ion battery is rated at 20 V and provides more power, and hence, more runtime than conventional batteries. It also charges faster and with more stability.


Power tools nowadays are being made to encompass a wide variety of uses and in different situations or environments. This helps save money and also time since you can buy one tool to get the job done.

Dewalt DCD780

This drill kit is a trademark of versatility. While many drills in the market are only useful for a certain application, say carpentry, this drill is recommended for tons of uses.

Whether you are into carpentry and woodwork, working on buildings or houses, dealing in the electrical or plumbing sector, this drill has got you covered. It has been designed to be a “one-for-all” sort of product, and it really delivers on its promise.

Powerful Motor

A key aspect of good drills is their motor. The motor is essentially the heart of any machine, and a good and strong motor is equivalent to having a good heart.

The motor of this product is rated at a very high 350 Watts (W). And the higher the rating, the stronger and better the motor. This motor is highly efficient as well and will give you unparalleled performance during lightweight or medium-sized applications. We reviewed another model named DeWalt DCD777C2, which has a powerful brushless motor.

2-Speed Setting

A distinctive feature of this product is its two-speed option. Some applications may require a slightly higher drill speed while others a lower speed.

Dewalt DCD780 Review

With this drill, you can choose between two ranges starting from 0 to a maximum of 600 rpm and another range from 0 to 2000 rpm. This vast range and high speed allow for different types of work to be done with the same drill. To understand the efficiency of this drill, you will need to know how power drills work.

Strong Chuck

The chuck holds on to the drill bit by gripping it like a vice. This maintains the position of the drill bit and prevents slippage. Too much slippage would result in irreversible tool damage.

And the ½ inch chuck in this drill is fitted with a carbide insert to grip the drill bit firmly. When using the drill at high speeds, a big chance for slippage is avoided. This ensures the drill tool lasts longer than those used in conventional drills.

Maximum Operating Comfort

It is a common complaint that drills can be uncomfortable to use, either due to a poor grip or excess weight.

Another key feature of this product is the level of comfort provided to the user. The grip of the drill handle is contoured to support the hand firmly and provide a strong grip. This will reduce hand slippage during use.

And another key aspect is the weight of the drill. An excessively heavy drill can cause discomfort and pain in the arm. This drill, however, is made in a way that balances the weight perfectly and distributes it evenly across the product.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are the most commonly asked queries regarding the Dewalt DCD780:

1. How much does Dewalt 20 V Cordless Drill weigh?

The drill weighs 3.4 pounds.

2. Can you tell me about its power ratings?

It is rated at 120VAC and 60 Hz. This is the custom US power rating.

3. Does it have a converter so that I can use it outside the US?

No, this product does not come with a converter.

4. How many battery packs are included in the kit?

The product comes with two (2) 20 V lithium-ion battery packs.

5. Can I use it in narrow or enclosed areas?

Yes, you can. It is built to be very compact, and this enables it to be used in narrow spaces with ease.

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Final Verdict

Right, so we have reached the end of this article. Hopefully, the Dewalt DCD780 review has opened your eyes to one amazing product that you must have in your garage. It is not only strong and power-efficient but suitable for most applications too. If you want to make a worthwhile investment, now is the time!

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