DeWalt DW511 Review

DeWalt DW511 Hammer Drill Review With Pros, Cons & Features

If you are a construction worker, you know how tough, important, and demanding your job is. All the long hours of drilling, demolishing, and hammering work will only get extra tough and slow for you if you use the wrong tools.

That is why we believe you deserve to use work tools that are one of their kind and make your work life easier.

The Dewalt DW511 is a user-favorite hammer drill and is an expert at getting the job done easily, which makes it stand out from the rest of its kind. In this Dewalt DW511 review, we will talk about the noteworthy features of this powerful tool as well as list the pros and cons.

Dewalt Hammer Drill – 1/2-Inch and 7.8-Amp (DW511)


  • Made in America and ensures optimum quality
  • The tool has been tested extensively
  • User fatigue is reduced significantly
  • Comfortable during long periods of use
  • Can accommodate various drilling capacities
  • Motor is extremely tough and strong
  • Can do both standard drilling and hammer drilling
  • Drills deeper and further accurately


  • Has been reported to catch fire under extreme load
  • Does not come with a carrying case
  • Speed cannot be adjusted

Feel satisfied at the end of every workday when you use this lightweight and smaller sized tool that provides a hefty sized performance. Use it to do anything you need to do without foregoing any of the necessary features. This VSR single-speed hammer drill has a powerful motor to drill easier and help you finish your job faster.

Place your trust in Dewalt because they test their professional tools on a wide variety of real-life worksites to better ensure accuracy and performance. You will even receive a chuck key with every purchase for your convenience. The chuck on it is easier to use and has a better grip than other chucks without keys. They are very similar to the chucks in the Dewalt DCD780.

A tool that lives up your expectations and can perform up to your standards, the Dewalt DW511 hammer drill, is an expert at both standard drilling and hammer drilling work.

Experience the hammer drill that can expertly handle any task you throw at it. The 7.8 amp patented motor built by Dewalt is one of the toughest motors you will ever use. Experience comfort, protection, safety, and versatility in a hammer drill that is like no other.

This tool provides extremely accurate performances and proudly meets many of the necessary industry standards

Proudly and expertly made in America, this little tool is more reliable and trustworthy than most other hammer drills out there. The capability to adjust to different drilling capacities based on the material it is working on surely sets it apart. This long-lasting and reliable beast will surely give you the bang for your buck.  

Versatile Use

Use this extremely versatile hammer drill on masonry, wood, plywood, and even steel.

Equipped by dual-mode, this tool is an expert at both hammer drilling and standard drilling. It is possible to accommodate different drilling capacities based on the material it is drilling, thanks to the expertise of this clever machine. Easily set up this corded hammer drill at your workplace without breaking any sweat. 

Extreme Strength

Grind through strong material and smash through cinderblocks in a matter of minutes without damaging the equipment or diminishing your energy. The one-of-its-kind 7.8 amp motors deliver extremely strong performance and protect the machine against getting overloaded.

Precise Performance

Ensure precise performance on your work project with the help of the hammer drill that excels at delivering a performance that is material specific. This hammer drill comes with a 360-degree side handle that can offer hand positions for easy and functional handling.

Drill deeper and further accurately with the help of the depth rod that is accurate and successful every time. Your profession demands precision in your work, which means you need tools that are precise to the core. The variable speed feature ensures precision like no other when drilling through hard surfaces.

Lightweight and Comfortable

Fearlessly hand the Dewalt DW511 to a beginner worker as this lightweight drill hammer weighs only 4.3 lbs. and is extremely easy to handle and operate. Experience significantly reduced user fatigue while using this tool that has been specifically designed for extended periods of use.

DeWalt DW511 Hammer Drill

The two-finger rubber trigger design on this Dewalt DW511 brings increased comfort during your long work hours. Controlling drilling speed is easier than ever when you are using this tool at your workplace. If you want a lighter and more comfortable cordless drill for DIY jobs, you can look at the DeWalt DCD777C2 review.


Rely on the hammer drill that is proudly made in America and loved by users all around the world. High quality and maximum functionality are ensured because of it being produced in the US.

These hammer drills are also extremely trustworthy as the Dewalt tools go through a number of tests performed at real-life worksites before they are deemed appropriate to be released into the market. You deserve to use tools that meet the standards as well. This item also meets several industrial standards.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the Dewalt product:

1. Will the SDS plus rotary hammer bits work with this hammer drill?

This hammer drill was not designed to work with SDS bits. However, you may still make an attempt based on which SDS bit you are using. We suggest you consult a professional regarding this matter.

2. How much amp rating does the Dewalt DW511 have?

The amp rating on the Dewalt DW511 is 7.8. This is a recent update, and you may see 6.7 on some older ones.

3. Does this hammer drill come with a carrying case?

No, it does not.

4. Can the side handle be removed and adjusted?

Yes, you can remove the side handle. Use the black hand grip to tighten and remove the screws. Unfortunately, the side handle cannot be adjusted.

5. Can anyone tell me what the RPM range on this drill is?

The RPM range is 0-2700.

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Final Words

The Dewalt DW511 has some unique features, unavoidable pros, and also some cons.

Now that you have read our Dewalt DW511 review and learned all about the features of this mechanical beast, we are sure you can make a decision. We also hope that you will prioritize your safety and wellbeing at the workplace above anything else.

Lastly, you need to know the differences between a hammer drill and rotary hammer. Mixing them up can be a serious problem.

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