DeWalt DWS535 Review

DEWALT DWS535 Worm Drive Circular Saw Review |

Circular saws are becoming a staple in any woodworker’s toolbox nowadays because of their easy handling and effectiveness. They are much easier to use to rip cut large pieces of woods in a straight line, but that’s not the only thing they can be used for. Portability is another reason for its popularity.

But one downside to such popularity is the number of low-quality circular saws crowding the market. Getting a good circular saw at an affordable price can be a gamble now. To help you in this journey, in this DeWalt DWS535 review, I will be evaluating & weighing the good and the bad to see if it’s worth buying.

Let’s get started, shall we?

DeWalt DWS535 Review


  • Impressive cutting power; well-engineered
  • Making adjustments is very simple
  • Wide rafter hook ensures easier off-hands placement
  • Sturdy cord reduces jerk damage
  • Made with the user in mind
  • Magnesium body adds sturdiness without making it too heavy


  • No automatic electric brake
  • Does not have a twist-lock connector to prevent
  • inadvertent unplugging
    No safety switch added

DeWalt is a worldwide manufacturer based in America, and they have been making power and hand tools for the woodworking industry for 96 years. They strive to give utmost satisfaction to those who buy their products. Along with that, they guarantee tough tools, so let’s see if this DWS535 performs as promised.

This powerful circular saw houses a 15 amp motor that can deliver about 4800 rpm (revolution per minute) on no-load speed. The bevel capacity, which is 53 degrees, is rather good too compared to similar devices. You can adjust it to any degree between 0-53, ensuring better accuracy.

With the bevel adjustment instrument, you will be getting an adjustment lever and a calibrated angle quadrant with marks in 1-degree increment.

Using magnesium components, DeWalt also made sure this saw is one of the lightest heavy-duty circular saws you can find on the market. It has self-lubricating balls as well as roller bearings. The blade you will get is 7 ¼ inch in length, with 18 teeth. You can also buy additional blades should you need any.

DeWalt DWS535

The depth of cut you will get using a 90-degree angle is 2  inches. This capacity decreases to 1  inches when you hold the blade at 45 degrees. As a cherry on top, you will get a functional and wider than usual rafter hook.

Lastly, DeWalt claims that the Toughcord ™ cord protection system will provide 4 times better cord jerk protection.


The first thing every user tends to praise about the DWS535 is how well made it is. DeWalt has left no stones unturned to make this the easiest to use as well as the most durable. The handle is covered with an over-mold rubber to prevent any slippage due to moisture.

So, you can keep working during hot summer days without having to worry about sweats making it slippery & dangerous. The trigger of the saw is easily reachable too. Overall, the machine alleviates the pressure the best it can and is very easy on the handler. Lastly, I would like to mention that it doesn’t have a dust blower like the Ski 5280-01.

Smart View

Aside from doing everything, a traditional circular saw can, this bad boy comes with some features designed to make the job more convenient for you. One important thing many people ignore is the line of sight you get from the housing to the blade. The space between the blade and the shoes matters too.

DeWalt DWS535

If these two things are not given attention when designing, a circular saw can be challenging to use. On the DWS535, the view you get to the cut line is more than enough. Additionally, changing blades is easier, thanks to the arbor lock.

Tough & Rough

Rest assured that this circular saw can take more than a beating during regular use. The magnesium and steel body is quite sturdy with a thickness of  inches. It will not bend during regular use; unless you go hulk smash mode on your tools. We have found similar kinds of characteristics in the Makita 5007MG review.

Powerful Motor

This circular saw outperforms similar tools from other manufacturers because of its powerful 15 amp motor. You can get straight, clean cuts from any piece of wood without worrying about whether the machine can handle it, be it sheets of plywood or thick lumber.

Storage Hook

The storage hook on this device is made of metal and sized to fit a 2 x 4 securely. It has little tabs over it to make sure the saw does not slide on the lumber it is hooked on.

You can also extend the hook to form a 90-degree angle with the help of the spring-loaded mechanism. If you prefer not to use the hook altogether, it can easily be removed as well.

A Saw Made to Please

DeWalt has actually researched the market and asked users about the common problems they face with circular saws before making the DWS535. The first impressive feature you get is the extra big rafter hook. It helps with placing the saw when working off the ground.

DeWalt DWS535

The sensitive parts that are more prone to breakage, such as depth drive adjustment & bevel adjustment, are made of magnesium with thick steel backing. This ensures that you don’t break them due to accidental drops. The foot is reinforced, so you will get a stout platform for accurate cuts.

Toughcord ™

It is surprisingly very common for circular saws to get jerk damage from cords. DeWalt has strengthened the area where the cord connects to the body, so it is less prone to getting jerk damages. However, you need to learn how to use a circular saw properly if you are a beginner.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are the most commonly asked queries regarding the product:

1. Do I need to regularly oil the saw? What oil do I use to refill the housing?

No, it does not require regular oiling. However, if you want to refill the gear housing, use 85W-140 gear oil or an equivalent variety till the oil reaches the lowest plug hole thread. You can get the oil from DeWalt service centers.

2. What sets this saw apart from traditional circular saws?

You can get into more confined spaces thanks to the center lined motor. It is also easier to make crosscuts with because of the long distance between the handle and the blade. Another plus is the extra power and durability.

3. Is there a 220 volts version of this product?

Unfortunately, no. DeWalt does not make a 220 V version; this one runs on 120 volts. You can get a transformer if the voltage does not match your electric outlet.

4. Is there any hard case available with the perfect fitting for this saw?

No, there isn’t. You can keep it in your regular toolbox.

5. Can I do masonry or metalwork with this saw?

Yes, but the default blade that you get is not suitable for such work. It is recommended to get suitable blades if you intend to use this saw for metal or masonry.

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Final Verdict

It’s evident that DeWalt has put a great deal of effort into making the DWS535 the best it can be – and their efforts paid off. This is a saw you can easily rely on. With that, we have come to the end of this article. I hope my DeWalt DWS535 review has been helpful. Thanks for stopping by!

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