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Cherokee Observer Acquired Digital Pro Sound

Digitalprosound.com has been acquired by Cherokeeobserver.org. The digitalprosound.com website is now closed and redirects to https://www.cherokeeobserver.org/.

The digitalprosound.com domain was originally registered in May 2001 and the site went live in July 2001 offering Audio related articles, reviews and audio industry related news.

Since 2001 the site has been a very popular destination for pro sound engineers and home studio owners alike. We have been proud to provide this information resource to our readership and hope that you will continue your support of our efforts here at Cherokee Observer.

All existing digitalprosound.com subscribers have been migrated to a digitalprosound.com account on cherokeeobserver.org. Please update your marketing preferences, newsletters and subscriptions by logging into your new account at Cheorkeeobserver.org using the same email address and password as your previous Digital Pro Sound user name and password.

This completes our transition from one website to the other, everything is now in place and working well. We hope that you will continue to visit us here at https://www.cherokeeobserver.org/ for all your pro audio news, reviews and information needs.

If you have any questions or problems please contact us anytime via our website’s contact page.

The original site was a WordPress MU/Blog type web site that became way to cumbersome as the amount of content grew. In November 2021 Cherokeeobserver.org took over from digitalprosound.com and all articles from digitalprosound.com have been transfered to cherokeeobserver.org where they will be accessible in an easy to find location. All other content on digitalprosound.com has now been removed and the site is no longer online.

The Cherokeeobserver.org web site will continue to audio related news, articles and reviews plus a lot more…