Do Washers With Agitators Clean Better

Do Washers With Agitators Clean Better?

A washer is an essential appliance in almost every modern home and laundry. When people are considering buying a top load washer, they often get confused because there are two types, one with an impeller and another with an agitator.

Washing machines with agitators are known to clean clothes better than their counterparts. As a result, the circular motion of the agitator is meant to lift, turn, and scrub the clothes against themselves to achieve a deeper clean.

Here's How Washers with Agitator Clean Better

The primary function of a washer is to remove dirt from clothes. And when it comes to doing this, one would be left with no choice but to use the washer's agitation cycle. Following is the full attribute system of washers with agitators:

How Washers with Agitator Clean Better

No #1: Gentle Agitation

This is where agitators are able to clean clothes. When compared with the impeller, agitator models have a more thorough method of cleaning clothes because clothes are lifted and agitated before turning them over to scrub against them.

No #2: More Water Usage

Agitator washers use water effectively by lifting every part of clothes before turning them over and over again. This is the same reason why such washers use more water than their counterparts when in action.

No #3: Larger Load Capacity

Washers with agitators are larger than the normal variant. This means you'll be able to fit in more clothes at a time, thus saving time while getting your laundry done.

Larger Load Capacity

No #4: Longer Cycle Time

Due to the agitator's movement, it takes longer for a washer to finish its cycle. This might be a drawback to some but for washers with heavy loads and tougher stains, it's better to go slow and steady instead of finishing in a jiffy.

No #5: Higher Energy Usage

As with most appliances that use water, washers with agitators also consume more energy than those without because of the larger size and increased water usage. This is why it's best to use energy-saving settings if you have an agitator washer.

How Washers with Agitator Clean Better

No #6: Better Cleaning Results

Washers with agitators are known to deliver better cleaning results. This is supported by recent studies showing that people are more likely to wash clothes again in an agitator machine within the first few weeks of purchase, as opposed to those who bought a top-loader with no agitator.

No #7: Longer Lifespan

Washing machines without agitators tend to wear out faster than the variants with an agitator because they're more prone to damage caused by high-speed spinning and vibration.

No #8: Better Maintenance

With agitators, you can expect to have an easier time cleaning washer parts that need special attention. This includes the rubber gasket, which is susceptible to mold and mildew if not properly cleaned. Agitator models allow for proper scrubbing of stubborn grime present on these parts.

Better Maintenance

No #9: Easier to Use

Finally, agitators are easier to use than impeller washers because it's simply a matter of pressing buttons. There's no need for you to learn how best to distribute the clothes inside or any other special steps that you'd have to take with an impeller model.

Since washers with agitators are known to offer the best in terms of cleaning, maintenance, and convenience, it's no wonder that more people are opting for this type.

As long as you get the right washer size for your home, an agitator washing machine will make a good addition to your laundry room.

Agitator Washer vs. Impeller Washer

Following are the main contrasts of the two washing machine types:

Agitator Washer vs. Impeller Washer

Agitator Washer:

  • Lifts and turns clothes thoroughly.
  • Cleans most stubborn stains better than top-loaders with no agitator.
  • Suitable for washing bulky items because of the larger tub size.
  • Increases water usage, which means more energy consumption.
Agitator Washer

Impeller Washer:

  • Best for people who care more about the amount of time a cycle takes.
  • Uses less water for a faster wash.
  • Smaller tub compared with agitator models.
  • Takes longer for the water to heat up.

All these reasons are why most people prefer washers with agitators over those without them. This doesn't mean that top-loaders with no agitator should be completely ignored, though.

Impeller Washer

Both variants have their pros and cons, although the former seems superior in terms of cleaning performance and convenience.


Washers with agitators are preferred by more people because of their ability to lift and turn clothes thoroughly for a deeper clean.

However, you shouldn't forget that top-loaders with no agitator have their own set of benefits, too. If you don't mind waiting a few minutes longer for washes to finish, there's really no reason why you shouldn't go with an impeller model.

The choice is ultimately up to you, although it's best if you look at your lifestyle and figure out what will work best for you.

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