Fluke 15B+ Review

Fluke 15B+ Review: Fast and Accurate Readings

If you are an electronic enthusiast or someone working in the industry, you know how important a digital multimeter can be.

With its fast and accurate readings to measure the current in various things, this revolutionary invention makes your work or project a lot easier.

The Fluke 15B+ is one such meter from one of the oldest brands that specialize in such devices. Though a popular item in the world of electronics, it can be a stranger to newcomers in the field.

This Fluke 15B+ review comes with all the essential details so you can make an informed decision. If you are looking for a cheap multimeter to do all your measurements, this article is for you.

Fluke 15B+ Review


  • Strong and sturdy build that lasts a long time
  • Provides a great service and has a range of functions
  • Has a long battery life
  • Features auto-shutdown and backlight disabling options that save battery life
  • Has a good user-friendly design
  • Equipped with large LCD screen and backlighting for good visibility
  • Lightweight and has a large dial that makes it easy to work with one hand
  • Comes with free accessories


  • Not suitable for industrial, large scale use

The Fluke 15B+ multimeter is a production of Fluke, a company that has been putting out essential pieces of equipment as these since 1977. It is a great device mainly for small scale work or electric enthusiasts, with all the upgradings it has been provided with to carry on the legacy of the Fluke 15B.

And it is mainly an upgraded version of Fluke 15B. Provided with all the features from all its previous versions, this one also has a few more to become well worth the price.

This digital multimeter has a variety of uses in the field of electricity. It provides you with more accurate and faster readings for voltage, resistance, current of AC and DC, and capacitance.

You can also accomplish a 10 Amp diode test with this one, and along with the data retention feature, you will have no difficulty in obtaining the results you need for your work.

For ease of use, the unit has been given a large, bright, LCD display and an ergonomic dial that allows you to adjust the device only with one hand, even with gloves on. Because the best welding gloves can also be the thickest. A good, strong build ensures that it serves you for a long time and survive minor falls, which is a hazard in any work site.

Though the device is not suitable for large scale use, it does provide decent test ranges. Its auto-ranging capacity provides you with all that you could need for your hobby.

Key Features

Here we have the most important features of the Fluke 15B+:


First and foremost, you should always check if the device you are buying is protected against short circuit or high voltage and current.

This device is a pro in this regard. The inputs are guarded with fuses that blow out when the voltage reaches 600 volts and the current 11 Amp and 440 mAmp for high current input and microamp input, respectively.

Fluke 15B+

With a safety rating of category 3, you can rest assured that this one is will work safely with motors, power supplies, electric sockets around the house, etcetera.


The unit provides a great service on the budget price. With all the uses of this device mentioned above, you will also be satisfied with the speed with which it provides you with the readings.

Though it falls a little bit short when compared to other high-end options, it is sure to cover all your needs as a DIY enthusiast.

To go a long way with you, the device has a battery life of about 500 hours. Moreover, a feature of auto-shutdown has been included in this model that takes effect if it is unused for more than 20 minutes. This helps to save battery.


This unit has sturdy construction to last a long time, and it fits in your hand comfortably for easy handling. You won’t need both hands to use this machine.

The compact and lightweight device also has a large LCD display that has a resolution of 4000 counts and updates 3 per second. It also comes with backlighting for improved visibility.

Fluke 15B+

A stand on the back of the unit allows you to place it anywhere suitable. Another box for the batteries near the stand remains out of the way and keeps the batteries within reach when the need arises.


All that you get at this low price make the package attractive. You will receive in addition to the 15B+ multimeter, 2 test leads, 2 AA batteries, a carrying bag made of leather, and the user manual.

These are all that you need to get going. The leather bag is black in color and is big enough to contain all the materials. This attractive bag will also last a long time and will be at home in your welding bag.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the Fluke 15B+:

1. Does the fuse need to be replaced?

The model uses blow out fuses to protect itself. They need to be replaced if they are blown out.

2. Can the backlighting and auto-shutdown be disabled?

Yes, though the backlighting improves display and automatically turns off after 2 minutes, and the auto-shut function comes handy if you consistently forget to turn off the device, they can be disabled if you want to.

3. Which features are essential for a multimeter?

For the general use of DIY enthusiasts, it is mostly enough if the meter can measure resistance, ac and dc current, and voltage. If you are a beginner, you might also want to check a few tutorials for using multimeters to understand all the features.

The Fluke 15B+ can also measure capacitance, continuity, and also perform a diode test.

4. Is it easy to use?

This model is one of the models that are easiest to use. It consists of only a few ports and buttons to work with, and large ergonomic dial, lightweight and compact design, and other features mentioned in this Fluke 15B+ review allow you to obtain readings with only one hand, even when you have gloves on. However, if you are new to the game and want an easier and more affordable multimeter, you can check out our Innova 3320 auto-ranging digital multimeter review.

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Final Verdict

Though the unit is not suitable for professional use, most DIY enthusiasts can get their use out of it. With a combination of useful features that allow you to work safely and considering the price, this one is worth buying.

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