How to Adjust Welded Door Hinges

How to Adjust Welded Door Hinges?

Welded door hinges are great. They can support heavy-weight doors without any issues. Also, the stability that they offer is comparatively higher than the other available options. However, over time, our door became a bit hard to open and close. It required a good amount of force.

After closely examining the hinge, we found out that it was misaligned as we tried too hard for matching door hinges and door knobs. So, we needed to learn how to adjust welded door hinges. Though we thought that the process was a bit laborious, it was not. Do you know why? Because we followed the proper steps. And in this article, we will ensure that you have the same experience as well.

How Do Door Hinges Work?

Before you head right into adjusting the hinge, you should know how a door hinge works. This knowledge will offer you the ability to make a precise adjustment.

Well, in short, door hinges offer the ability to close and open the doors without requiring too much force. Without the hinges, these heavy doors would be a pain to close and open.

How Do Door Hinges Work

To close a door without a hinge, you need to carry them with your whole body and place them in the doorway. And carry them again and put them to open them.  Welded hinges, in particular, hold the ability to withstand more load and will last for an extended amount of time with proper lubrication of the door hinges. But they are not that easy to work with.

Step-By-Step Guide on How to Adjust a Welded Door Hinge

The process is very easy. You won't even need your welding table for the process.

These are the steps that you would need to follow if you want to adjust a welded door hinge:

How to Adjust a Welded Door Hinge

Step 1: Free the Pin

First, insert the hinge pin of the door and ensure that it is firmly in place. Make sure that it does not budge or move when you are trying to rotate either of the ends of the hinges.

Step 2: Use a Level

Get yourself a portable level and hold one end of the unit against both sides of the crease. The crease that we are referring to is the one that is in the door frame. To obtain higher accuracy, use two of the levels. Place them on both sides.

Step 3: Adjust the Lower End

Now that the level is at the place, you would need to work on the lower hinge. Turn the adjusting screw. You will find it on the left side of the pin. It might also be on the lower horizontal hinge.

Adjust the Lower End

To make precise adjustments, we would recommend measuring the distance in between the crease. Adjust the hinges according to that measurement. Repeat the process for the other side of the frame. If you want to make more space for the hinge you can use a hinge jig. But it is only recommended for the professional.

Step 4: Make Sure That the Door Is Locked in Place

Using one of your hands, open one of the sides of the door slightly. Hold the other side with a wedge or plier while opening the side of the door. By doing so, you will ensure that the stationary side does not move or get loose while you are working with the hinge.

After that, work on the upper end of the hinge. Turn the adjusting screw accordingly if there is too much gap in between the door and the frame. Take the help of the levelers if you have to.

Step 5: Remove the Plier Or Wedge and Re-Check for Door Movements

Now that all of the adjustments are made to the hinge, you would need to remove all of the pliers or wedges. Check the door for any movements. Ensure that the alignment of the door is correct by using a level.

Step 6: Lock Things in Place

Lock the hinge back in place. Check the movements of the door and ensure that the door swings properly. Double-check whether there are any discrepancies when you open and close the door. Also, do ensure that the gap is proper after the adjustments are made. If any of these does not seem, right readjust accordingly.

Lock Things in Place

How Often Should the Door Hinges Be Adjusted?

There is really no standard period for this. The door hinges need adjustment only when they require it. In other words, if you notice any problem regarding opening and closing the door, you need to adjust it.

However, the problems might not be only related to you requiring too much force to move the door. They also include squeaking noise and side-to-side movement while swinging the door around. You might even notice instability while moving the swinging the door.

How Often Should the Door Hinges Be Adjusted

If you notice any of the problems that we have mentioned above, it would be time to adjust the hinge. And these problems can occur at any given period. For that reason, we cannot really state a standard period related to adjusting the door hinges. And if the problems get too deep you might also have to remove the welded door hinges altogether.

Final Words

Adjusting the doors can take only 10 minutes if you know how to adjust welded door hinges.  And if you follow the incorrect steps, not only will the adjustment not be correct, you can damage the hinge and create more problems with the swinging. So, follow the steps that we have mentioned above properly.

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