How to Change/Replace Garage Door Rollers by Yourself

How to Change/Replace Garage Door Rollers by Yourself?

Garage door rollers ensure that the door can open and close smoothly. However, over time, rust can occur on the rollers, which is exactly what happened in our case, and lower the smoothness of the rollers.

But the problem was not that significant for us. We knew how to replace the rollers, and the replacement process went smoothly. It will not be a problem for you as well. But you need to know how to change/replace garage door rollers by yourself.

Well, that is where this guide steps in. We know the simple and easiest way from our experience over the years of changing and replacing rollers. And that process is what we will describe in this article.

How to Replace Garage Door Rollers Without Damaging the Tracks?

One of the main concerns that many have while replacing the rollers is bending or damaging the tracks. Well, that will only happen if you follow the wrong procedure. That being said, the proper steps that you should follow to replace the rollers are as follows:

How to Replace Garage Door Rollers

Step 1: Know the Precautionary Measures

You need to understand that the whole process can become a hazardous task if you do not do it correctly. Do not work on the bottom bracket of the door without holding the door in place. That will make the door fly up, and you can get seriously injured after that.

Before you start working, you also need to ensure that the door is unplugged. If the door opening mechanism is off, you will be less likely to damage any mechanism or get yourself shocked while replacing the rollers.

Step 2: Remove the Fasteners

Once you are aware of the safety measures and have carried them out properly, you should remove the fasteners of the brackets. These fasteners hold the bracket to the wall and the track. Get yourself a ratchet to unscrew these fasteners. Also, you would need to take all of the fasteners of the bracket and keep them safe.

Remove the Fasteners

Step 3: Take the Rollers off the Track

Now that the fasteners are off, the track should be free. You can easily remove the door at this point. However, you might want to get yourself extra helping hands for removing the door.

When the door is off the tracks, you will be capable of accessing the rollers. Remove them one by one. Do not pull on them too much because you might risk damaging or bending the track. Instead, unscrew any fastener if there is any and gently pull them off.

Step 4: Place the Fasteners Back in Place

Next, you must put the track back into place. Just follow the reverse process of removing the door track. Place the new rollers in place and make sure that they are placed properly. Otherwise a garage door gap might appear. Screw any fasteners inside if you have to and fix the whole track in place. Make sure that the angle and the placement are just like before.

Place the Fasteners Back in Place

Then, you need to add a little bit of lubricant to the new rollers. Without the best lubricant, the rollers will not roll smoothly as there will be too much friction between the tracks. So, we would highly recommend not skipping the lubrication.

Step 5: Change the Rollers of the Top

Finally, you would need to replace the rollers that are on the top. It is probably the easiest step of this entire guide. You just need to remove the bracket that is holding the rollers in place. Follow the same procedure as you followed in the previous steps for taking this bracket off.

Change the Rollers of the Top

Once the bracket is off, you need to take the old rollers off the place and replace them with new ones. Add the lubrication and ensure that they are rolling smoothly. After replacing those rollers, you need to place the brackets back in place. Place the fasteners and make sure all of them have the right tightness.

Which Rollers Should I Use to Replace the Old Rollers of My Garage Door?

It is possible to use any replacement rollers for the garage door. Most of them will have a standard size and installation process. For that reason, you will not have to worry about compatibility that much. Remember that no matter how strong your door spring is, you will always need the best garage door rollers in the market for a smooth transition.

Which Rollers Should I Use to Replace the Old Rollers of My Garage Door

However, if you think that your garage door requires proprietary rollers, we would recommend getting the replacement directly from the manufacturer. You can also measure the dimensions and match them with the new ones.

Final Words

If you know how to change/replace garage door roller by yourself, the replacement process can get totally hassle-free. And we hope that the steps we have gone through in this article were easy to follow. Just follow them properly, and you should be able to change the rollers in no time at all.

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