How To Connect Subwoofer To Receiver Without Subwoofer Output

How To Connect Subwoofer To Receiver Without Subwoofer Output?

A subwoofer is doubtlessly a great way to enhance your listening experience by adding low frequency bass effects to your home or car audio.

That said, hooking a new sub to your receiver is a pretty easy job. You simply connect it to the subwoofer output on your receiver—which comes clearly labeled as “SUB OUT” or just “SUBWOOFER” in most models.

Unfortunately, some receivers don’t come with the sub output. And this can give you headaches trying to establish a connection between the two devices.

But don’t feel stressed up…you can still make a successful connection even if your receiver has no subwoofer output option.

In the quick guide below, you’ll learn how to connect your sub to a receiver that has no subwoofer output.

Connect Subwoofer To Receiver Without Subwoofer Output

Using stereo RCA connectors

If your subwoofer comes with the left and right (L and R) stereo RCA connectors, then you can use them to connect it to your receiver.

However, this method is viable if the subwoofer Line IN as well as your receiver subwoofer out use RCA cables.

To connect using RCA connectors:

  • Plug with the RCA cable and choose L or R port on your subwoofer.
  • If the cable is split at one end (i.e., it’s a y-cable for either the L or R port on your sub), then you’ll need to plug in both.
  • If your receiver features both right and Left RCA plugs for the sub out, then you should also plug in both.
Connect Subwoofer

Using speaker-level outputs

What if your receiver doesn’t have the preamp output as well? In this case, you’ll have to connect your sub as a speaker.

Most receivers come with spring clips similar to those found at the back of standard speakers.

Connect Subwoofer To Receiver

You can rely on these speaker outputs on your receiver to hook it up to that under seat subwoofer or free air subwoofer you recently installed in your home or car audio system.

How to do this? The process is quite easy—it’s just the same thing as connecting your stereo speakers.

HOWEVER, you should be mindful of the channels when using this connection method.

That is, if your sub comes with 2 sets of spring clips (speaker in and speaker out), this means that other speakers connect to the sub, which then connects to a receiver so as to pass the audio signal.

For subs with only one set of clips, it means the sub will need to share the same receiver connections as your speakers.

This is how you connect your sub via speaker level outputs:

  • Simply run the speaker wires to connect your sub to the receiver.
  • Connect it to the left and right speaker terminals of your receiver.
  • Next, connect the front right and left speakers to your receiver’s speaker terminals.

Final Verdict

Connecting your sub to a receiver without the “SUB OUT” option shouldn’t be a headache anymore.

As we have just explained above, you can either use the RCA connectors or speaker level outputs to successfully hook the subwoofer to your receiver and start enjoying those low-frequency tones in all your favorite tracks.

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