How To Hide a Subwoofer In Your Car Or Living Room

How To Hide a Subwoofer In Your Car Or Living Room?

A subwoofer has become an essential part of every home theater or car audio system. It helps handle the low frequency or bass, which your normal speakers aren’t capable of reproducing.

That said, a subwoofer isn’t the most stylish piece of equipment to have in your living room or inside your car—picture a large blackish cube sitting on the floor of your living room.

Also, leaving it exposed in your car can easily attract the exploring eyes of the thieves.

In this post, we’ll look at some of the most effective ways you can conceal your subwoofer at home or inside your car while still enjoying the amazing low-frequency bass.

How To Hide Your Subwoofer:

(i). In Your Living Room

When it comes to hiding a subwoofer in your living room, you have plenty of options to choose from. The most effective ways of hiding your sub include:

Subwoofer Living Room

Place it behind the curtain

This is probably the easiest way to hide your small 6x9 speaker from the view. You simply tuck it behind your drapes and that’s it!

You can place your sub behind the window or just place it on the floor. if you put it on the floor, however, make sure you have long drapes that reach up the floor level to easily conceal the sub.

If your curtains are short and don’t have a window where you can place your sub, you might consider hanging a fabric panel on the wall to hide the sub.

Hide it inside the cabinet

Tucking away your sub inside the cabinet is another easy way of hiding your subwoofer in your living room.

You just need to place the subwoofer in any cabinet with a free shelf or compartment. Or you can come up with a compartment inside your entrainment to accommodate the subwoofer and make it invisible.

Keep in mind that the perfect size of the cabinet for hiding your sub is one that isn’t bigger than your sub. this will help preserve the sound quality and prevent the undesired reverberations.

If the cabinet you’re using is bigger than your subwoofer, consider tucking some batting or insulation material around your sub (while inside the cabinet) to keep off reverberations.

Tuck it under the furniture

Subwoofers have evolved over the years from the large cubes to more compact equipment such as the best under seat subwoofer which can fit right under your seat.

This makes it easy for you to hide the sub right under your furniture to keep them out of sight.

You can place the sub under your coffee table or corner end table, or even under the bookcase, or any other suitable software.

Some homeowners also suggest putting it under the couch (for the compact models, i.e.) from where it can fire straight up into your seats.

The extra benefit of placing your sub under the sofa is that it also helps reduce excessive bass, so you don’t disturb your neighbors.

Go in-wall

Another cool way to hide your subwoofer while still enjoying low tones reproduction in your songs is putting it in your living room walls.

However, the process of having your sub hidden in your wall will require you to spend some cash on the materials and installation.

While still at it, note that installing a strong subwoofer in your living room walls can produce low-frequency notes soo powerful that they end up shaking the walls of your house.

Oertime, this can lead to serious damage and cause you to spend more on the repair of your house.

Luckily, you can avoid this by investing in an in-wall subwoofer that comes with anti-shake device to help reduce the vibrations that cause your walls to shake while preserving the sound quality coming out of your sub.

In-ceiling placement

you might also consider hiding your subwoofer in the ceiling of your living room.

This is especially a good idea of the other speakers of your home theater systems are also tucked away in the ceiling. The bass produces by your sub will easily interact with the other channels to create a more cohesive effect.

Some people are skeptical about placing a sub in the ceiling, arguing that it might affect the bass quality.

But the truth, the bass frequencies are completely non-directional, so you’ll still enjoy the same listening experience as when you’d placed your woofer in any other location.


yes! you can also conceal your sub in floor and make your guests wonder where all that powerful bass is emanating from.

This trick will only work if your house is built above a basement or on crawl space. This enables you to mount your subwoofer between your floor joists. You’ll also need to replace the traditional speaker grille with HVAC register and that’s it!

If your house features a concrete floor, then this is NOT the perfect subwoofer placement idea for you.

Create a fake wall

If you’ve got a giant cube (subwoofer) in your living room and the above concealment methods don’t work for you, perhaps your best shot is to create a false wall to hide it.

You just need to build a new wall in the front of your room and place the subwoofer in the space created right behind this wall.

You might consider finishing this wall with various sound-friendly fabrics to completely hide your speakers while adding a decorative element to your room.

(ii). In Your Car

When it comes to concealing your powered car subwoofer inside your car, you need to be extra careful how and where you place it to ensure the sound quality doesn’t get affected. This is because your car has a compact space, unlike your spacious living room or entertainment room.

Subwoofer Car

In The Trunk

Most car owners like placing their car subwoofer in the trunk because it’s hidden in the back, giving the thieves a hard time figuring out where the sub is located. That is, for you to see what’s truck, you must actually go in there.

What’s more, placing your sub in the trunk helps save space as you get it out of the way of your passengers in the cab area.

However, placing your sub in the trunk might have a few downsides. For instance, it might take up a huge chunk of space where you put things like groceries, work gear, and so on. Plus, some of the items you put in the truck might end up damaging your sub.

Quick Tip: What if you still want to hide your sub but don’t want to lose a huge chunk of trunk space as we’ve seen above?

If that’s the case, you should consider using free air subs—since they’re free to air and don’t take up a lot of space in your truck. these subs use your trunk space as their enclosure, further ensuring they space a huge amount of space in your trunk.

PRO TIP: Sub in the cab?

The worst place you can put your sub in your car is in the cab. This makes it quite easy for the thieves to spot by simply peeping through the window. this can lead to the thieve breaking into your vehicle, just to take away your subwoofer. As much as possible, avoid placing your sub in the cab!

Final Verdict

We can all agree that subwoofer isn’t the most attractive piece of equipment you’d want to display in your living room or your car. Moreover, you don’t want to leave it exposed in your car and make it easy prey for the thieves.

In this post, we have just discussed some of the most effective ways of hiding your sub in your living room or car and preventing your guests or the unwanted eyes from catching a glimpse of it and probably making away with it.

What other methods(s) do you use to hide your subwoofer?

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