How to Make Money Welding in Your Garage

How to Make Money Welding in Your Garage?

Freelancing and working from home sounds like an ideal way of earning money. And if you are someone who has pretty much mastered the skill of welding by practicing at home, you might as well use your talent to make an income at the side or even make it a full-time job.

Welding is a very important business since a lot of stuff in our materialistic life is actually made and fixed by welding things together. There is a large array of welding projects that may be a profitable way to spend time in your garage.

And today, we’ll tell you how to make money welding in your garage.

How to Start?

Of course, it is not a job one can just do by just buying the right machines, as welding requires a level of skill that has to be honed and refined for at least a year.

Given you have the required level of skillfulness, you could start looking for individual people, households, or businesses that require welding but do not have the ability to do it themselves or have the financial resources to employ the services of welding companies – who charge highly.

Opening up a shop in your garage for little to no cost and being able to provide welding services at a much more reasonable rate than welding companies can easily earn you a good amount of customers. 

What Do You Need?

Let’s get to the steps. First, you have to make a list of what equipment to get. Not to worry, below I have listed the equipment that is absolutely necessary for this project setup. For beginners, a 110V welder for home use will work sufficiently. Alongside that, having a grinder is necessary too. Commonly required tools include:

  • A grinder (4.5’’ and 7’’) 
  • A bender (this one can be built yourself)
  • A bandsaw to cut metal
  • A plasma cutter or oxy-acetylene cutting torch
  • MIG welders and TIG welders (something you can invest in as it has a higher resale value and is reliable and durable)
  • Small tools like metal shear, hole punch, etc.

Other than these basic ones, some other tools are helpful to have if you want to take on welding jobs. They include:

  • C-clamps: as many as you can get
  • A fire extinguisher as a precautionary measure
  • Drill press; it is wise to have this at hand
  • Gloves
  • Welding helmet
  • Hammers

Other miscellaneous items like measuring tape, welding table, welding cart, welding pliers, welding knee pads, etc. You can also make some of these items on your own like a DIY welding table.

This seems like a lot of tools to invest in, so unless you plan to continue this venture for the long haul, you can rent tools, especially the bigger ones. You will also need safety tools like welding glasses. Another thing to note is to get proper insurance and permit in order to avoid legal issues and to have a safe recovery net in case of an accident like a fire breakout. 

Types of Projects You Can Take

You can take on multiple projects depending on your skill and ability as well as your need and necessity. However, in some cases, you can refer to lists to get an idea of viable projects you can take on. A list of such projects is mentioned below:

  1. A fire pit at home is something everyone dreams of, especially when summer is over. 
  2. Coffee tables, which are a staple piece for homes 
  3. A firewood rack to help you arrange your extra firewood during the winter
  4. TV stand to bring something unique and different to the ones we see around in stores
  5. Sign holders in bulk for the business
  6. Stools, e.g., for small cafes based on their customized design
  7. Outdoor stoves
  8. Steel barbeque stands to go with your outdoor stoves
  9. Mailboxes
  10. Plant holders in bulks for business
  11. Steel flowers for garden décor and other yard art
  12.  Picture frames for hanging
  13.  Floor lamps and desk lamps
  14.  Book/tool shelves
  15. Mirror frames
  16. Other custom work based on custom designs

The list above includes mostly smaller, more personalized, and individual work. You should also get to know what type of welding pays the most and why. If you want to take on a bigger workload, there are other options such as:

Constructing or Repairing Trailers

Giving old trailers a revamp or manufacturing new ones, this one is a great option if you’re confident about your welding skills. 

Getting Involved in the Housing Industry

If your neighbors know that you have set up a shop as a welder, they might consider employing your services rather than contracting someone from a welding company.

There is a range of projects you can do through this like, making or fixing fences, gates, etc. For these projects, you can charge a flat price per unit length.

Maintenance Industry

Businesses require regular maintenance of their workspace. The shutdown operation for a small period of time for such maintenances and requires a large amount of work to be done in that short time.

If companies are short on workers, this is an excellent opportunity to lend your services, and the payment is high, and if you do a good job, they know to call you for future jobs.


For an eager and ambitious welder, there is a vast option of projects available that can earn you a small or even large paycheck just by being creative and using tools you already have in your garage.

Although the job comes with physical work and the risk of accidents, precautionary measures will avoid any incidents.

You can easily post about your services on social media or platforms like Craigslist, and there are bound to be customers. Freelancing is a growing field at this time, and by playing your cards right, you can make a profit out of welding from your garage.

So, let us know your opinion on our “how to make money welding in your garageguide.

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