How to Remove Welded Door Hinges

How to Remove Welded Door Hinges?

Recently, we have noticed that the doors in our house make an awful noise when opening or closing them. The noise was so terrible that it could wake anyone in the night. Also, the doors required a good amount of force to push and pull.

Upon further investigation, we found out that the hinges rusted awfully. And all of the issues we were facing made total sense. As the rust was so terrible, we wanted to learn how to remove welded door hinges. But there was no clear information available on the internet.

Eventually, we managed to learn the proper technique by discussing it with a handyperson. And we aim to ease the pain for you by going through everything we learned in this article.

What Is a Welded Door Hinge?

Before we describe how to remove a welded door hinge, we want to ensure you know what a welded door hinge is. These are also called weld on hinges. Unlike the traditional models, these can support heavy applications. They hold the ability to work with heavyweight doors and offer a substantial amount of support.

Just like the name suggests, these will not have any mounting holes. Instead of that, these will require welding. And even though the welding makes the installation secure and stable, it makes the disassembly process hard.

What Is a Welded Door Hinge

An average person who does not know how to work with welded materials will not be able to remove these at all. And relying on a carpenter or a handyman/handywoman will cost you a good amount of money. For that reason, these are not that common in most modern homes.

Steps to Follow to Remove Weld-on Hinges

But you are mainly here to learn how to remove welded door hinges; let's move on to that. The process of removing welded hinges might seem hard. But trust us; it is easier than you might have thought. Do not believe us? Go through these steps:

Steps to Follow to Remove Weld-on Hinges

Step 1: Get the Right Materials

Before you start working with the door, get the right tools. Here is the list:

  • Wedge
  • Hammer
  • Nail punch
  • Screwdriver

If you cannot find the nail punch, get yourself a nail set. Make sure that the nails have the appropriate size to knock the pin out of the hinge.

Step 2: Put Something Underneath the Door for Support

After removing the door, it will destabilize itself. As a result, it might fall right on top of you. So, it would be best to place something that will support the weight a bit and not make the door stay free-floating after taking off the hinges.

We found that sliding books underneath the gap of the door works the best. And we would recommend the same for you as well.

Step 3: Force the Pin to Come out of the Hinge

To make the pin come out of the hinge, you first need to take the hammer and nail punch. Gently ram the pin inside the door upwards. Place the flat end of the nail with the pin and tap it gently with a hammer. Continue the tapping up until the point where the pin is totally out of the housing.

Nudge the Pin Loose

On that note, we would highly recommend gradually increasing the tapping force instead of going full in. That will prevent any of the damages and keep the hinge housing intact. Also, if you are facing any difficulty while forcing the pin to go up, use some WD40. It will help with the ramming.

Step 4: Nudge the Pin Loose

Once the pin is adequately rammed up, there will be no need to tap it with a hammer. Instead, use a screwdriver and pry the pin up further. Put the screwdriver through the bottom hole and push it upwards.

If you are finding it difficult to push the pin with the screwdriver, we would recommend spraying a little bit more of the WD40.

You can also use the hammer to tap the screwdriver up. However, make sure that you do not tap with a greater force. That will bend the pin and make the hinge housing unusable.

Nudge the Pin Loose

Talking of which, we would recommend taking the bottom hinge off first. Follow it by working with the top hinge and then working with the middle. This trick will offer the highest stability and prevent any of the accidents that might occur due to instability.

Step 5: Remove the Door

The main idea was to remove the door, right? Well, now that all of the hinges are off, you can take the door off easily. However, it would be best if you were extra careful while taking the door off.

We would recommend getting the help of extra hands while removing the door because if you let the door go when it is off the hinges, the fall can break off the locking mechanism or damage the body of the door.

Final Words

We hope we can clarify that learning how to remove welded door hinges is not tricky. If you have the right tools and follow the correct procedure, which we have discussed, you can take them off in minutes.

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