How to Smoke Food on a Gas Grill

How to Smoke Food on a Gas Grill?

The first time I smoked food on a gas grill was a party night with my friends, and I wanted to enjoy a piece of grilled, smoky meat. But all I had at that moment was a gas grill that was not designed to smoke meat. So I came with the idea I'm going to share now.

Is it really hard to smoke food on a gas grill? In fact, the gaps between the lids allows smokes to escape easily. So, I used an additional smoker box following some tricks and techniques to prepare the meat.

Let's start ….

Step by Step Guide: How to Smoke Food On a Gas Grill

A gas grill usually comes up with a material body. It may be an iron-made or silver-made structure with a square shape. On the upper side, it has the grilling portion, which is the cocking side.

How to Smoke Food On a Gas Grill

Things You Need Before Start Cooking:

  • Damp wood chips
  • Metal smoker box if you don't have a dedicated one with your grill machine
  • Any veggie or meat

You can smoke any food, veggie or meat if you want. It is just a matter of time and little effort to have a delicious meal on your gas grill.

For adding some smoke flavor to the food, gas grill smoking is the best thing to do. The possibilities are endless, and here are the step-by-step guidelines.

How to Smoke Food On a Gas Grill

Stage A

  • Light the burner up at the very beginning
  • Make sure the proper gas supply of the burner
  • Wait for the temperature to rise to a medium-range
  • The machine will take time to preheat

Stage B

  • Add woods at the smoker box
  • Use proper equipment like gloves to open the grill grates placing the wood chips to ensure the safety of your hands
chicken on the gas grill

Stage C

  • Place the fresh meat or any fish or chicken on the gas grill
  • Place your meat on the other side of your grill, away from the lit burner
  • Have a close look at the temperature

N.B: If you have a digital temperature controlling, adjust the dial properly.

Temperature Maintenance

One of the most important things for a gas grill is maintaining the heat balance from time to time. If you don't do that carefully, you may burn your food, and all your efforts will be in vain.

Smoke Food On a Gas Grill

For risk-free cooking, set your heat level in a medium range. The temperature rate can range from 180-275 degrees F.

Enjoy Your Meal

Finally, check whether the meat is well cooked. You can adjust the texture as per your preference. However,  be careful about the temperature setting to enjoy the best meal.

What If You don't Have a Smoke Box?

In case you have no smokebox yet, you can create smokes using some DIY techniques. Follow the below steps to develop smoke manually:

Smoke Box
  • Collect or prepare wood chips
  • Find some aluminum foil
  • Make a pouch using the foil
  • Poke hole into the foil
  • Fill it up with wood chips
  • Lit up the grill
  • Keep the grates open for airflow

There you have it.

You can also use a disposable aluminum pan, filling wood chips, and placing on the burner.

How Much Does a Gas Grill Cost?

A gas run grilling machine is run by gas to cook food with some engineering and improvisation. Basically, it comes up with a silver and iron body run by a well-set gas tube to burn and smoke food with the help of wood chips. Eventually, you get the desired food having a smoky taste in the process.

Gas Grill

There are different price ranges for gas grills. You can even found some of the best gas grills under 200.


For a food lover, and even if you are not a food lover, the taste of smoked food on a gas grill is irresistible. Preparing and arranging for a smoking gas grill is a matter of thrill if you can adequately craft the necessary details.

If you want to experience it for the first time, you can buy a new gas grill on your budget. Then follow how to smoke food on a gas grill and enjoy your first smoky and delicious meal.

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