Jensen VX7020 Review

Jensen VX7020 Review: How Good Is It Actually?

Jensen vx7020 is made for people who travel a lot and want an in-dash navigation unit with a reasonable price tag. It comes with an integrated GPS navigation system to help you easily find your way, even when traveling in new regions.

And like most of the other in-dash receivers on the market today, this unit also allows you to listen to music from various sources, including your smartphone, so that you don’t get bored when driving for long hours.

Before you shed out your hard-earned cash to invest in this unit, however, you’d want to pause and ask yourself if it’ll meet your unique needs/requirements. In our detailed Jensen vx7020 review below, we’ll give you an in-depth review of this unit to help you decide it’ll make the perfect addition to your car.

A quick background

Jensen VX7020

Jensen vx7020 is the manufacturer’s (Jensen’s) flagship receiver. It’s basically a double DIN head unit that you can use to replace your old stock car stereo or old aftermarket head unit.

As we have just mentioned in our intro, Jensen vx7020 is a reasonably priced in-dash navigation unit that provides you with built-in GPS navigation as well as Bluetooth-enabled smartphone connectivity.

It has the maps of the United States, the Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. And uses iGO for its maps database. Mark you, this database boasts of up to 11 million points of interest to ensure you never get lost in any region.

The fact that it also features Naviextras Web Support ensures you remain regularly updated on all the map features of the regions mentioned above.

Features and Benefits:

High-resolution 6.2-inch display

Being a double din receiver, you expect this unit to comes with a pretty large screen.

Luckily, the receiver doesn’t disappoint. It features a 6.2-inch screen. While this might not sound like the largest of all the 2 dins out there, it’s still large enough to grant you easy command over your audio/video sources.

We like that this is a TFT touchscreen, just like the one on your smartphone or tablet.

It boasts of Dual-Zone Technology, which allows you to easily install additional screens if you’ve got a larger vehicle.

Jensen VX7020

The screen also has exceptional clarity, even when you pinch to zoom, which proves quite helpful when trying to view the navigational system.

You’ll love how Jenson makes this screen customizable. It features up to 5 user interface wallpaper backgrounds. Plus, it lets you change the color of the buttons, dials to your preferred appearance.

Roam the streets with confidence

When driving, it’s always a good idea to know exactly where you are going.

In case you’re driving to a new place and not sure if you’ll get your way, you can trust this unit to show you the way.

It comes pre-loaded with the full maps of the United States, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands—giving you total confidence as you travel to these areas.

Moreover, it boasts of up to 11 million points of interest to ensure you find anything you need whenever you need to take a break.

Also, keep in mind that this unit presents you with lane guidance function, which helps keep you on the right path in the next maneuver. It’ll serve you with realistic depictions of complex intersections of the area you’re driving into, making it easier for you to navigate.

NOTE that Jensen vx7020 is powered by the iGO primo Navigation software, whose ease of use, accuracy, and speed has made it an industry standard for years.

Since the stereo is also 100% compatible with the Naviextras, it lets you download maps for other countries of your choice, and even pints of interest.

A multitude of connectivity options

Moving on with our Jensen vx7020 review, you’ll be pleased to note that this car stereo offers you a whole list of connectivity options.

One of these options involves the ability to mirror your phone screen via the HDMI connection. However, you’ll need to buy additional features for this particular feature.

Jensen VX7020

With this feature, you’ll be able to use apps native to your smartphone, e.g., the google maps and iOS Maps, on the car stereo’s large screen. Also, you can use your phone with wireless data to stream videos from Netflix or Hulu right on this head unit’s big screen.

Don’t forget that the unit features infrared remote to let you make volume, channel without having to reach over to your phone.

Hands-free calls & audio streaming

Like most of the other top-end navigational systems, you’ll find on the market today, this double din head unit also comes with built-in Bluetooth connectivity.

As you already know, this feature allows you to hassle-freely connect your Bluetooth enabled smartphone with the unit and make/receiver hands-free calls, which is a safer way of using your smartphone when driving.

While still on it, the Bluetooth tech allows you to connect the head unit to your smartphone (android or iPhone), iPad, tablet, mp3 player, or another device and seamlessly stream your favorite music.

And oh! If you’ve got Pandora internet radio on your iPhone, you can easily control it via the vx7020 interface when connected.

Lots of entertainment to keep your energy high

We can’t fail to acknowledge the fact that this car stereo unit features a built-in CD and DVD player to let you play your favorite tracks or watch your cherished movies when far from home.

What’s more, if you have Sirius/XM radio, the unit stands ready to accommodate.

Regarding compatibility with music/video files, this unit can seamlessly play MP3, DVD + R/RW, CD-R/RW, WMA, VCD, CD-DA, SVCD, Xvid, AVI, and MPEG 1 & 2.

The Jensen also presents you with four 40Watt preamp outputs to help give you audio some boost.

With the built-in presets, you can easily tweak your sound experience to match your preferences.

Keep your steer wheel controls

If you’re worried about losing your steering wheel controls when you upgrade your car stereo, you’d be relieved to hear this:

The Jensen vx7020 offers you built-in steering wheel remote compatibility for all the cars with non-CAN bus steering wheel control interface.

However, bear in mind that you’ll need to do some hard-wiring of your steering wheel control wires with the head unit’s harness to your vehicle wiring.

From there, you can start configuring your steering wheel remote commands from the comfort of the vx7020’s large touchscreen display.

Jensen VX7020

What if your vehicle features CAN bus steering wheel control interface?

Well, in this case, you’ll need to use an adapter to enable you to retain your steering wheel controls.


  • 12-month limited warranty
  • Comes with remote control
  • Compatible with rear camera
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • Easy to install
  • Bands-free calling
  • Steering wheel controls
  • Customizable unit interface


  • Doesn’t support iOS CarPlay & Android Auto
  • Difficult to update system

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Final Verdict

With all the features and benefits that we have seen in this Jensen vx7020 review, it’s unbelievable that Jensen offers you this unit at such an affordable price.

All the features we have listed above combine to make this stereo system highly functional. Whether you’re a traveler who loves exploring new places and want to listen to your favorite playsets when taking on long trips, this unit has got your back.

The large 6.2-inch screen makes the unit user-friendly and much easier to operate.

The lack of CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility has, however, caused an uproar among previous users of this unit. But the manufacturer compensates this with Bluetooth connectivity, which lets you seamlessly connect your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone to the unit for hands-free calls and music streaming.

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