Kwikset Vs Baldwin

Kwikset Vs Baldwin: What Are The Key Differences?

Regardless of how responsive the cops in our neighborhood are, we would always prefer to be secure ourselves rather than rely on others. Even though locks were established thousands of years ago to safeguard our homes and other valuables, they have begun to evolve with humans. 

On the other hand, Kwikset and Baldwin have always been the top competitors when it comes to the greatest security locks.

Now that it's a matter of our safety, solid locks are a huge relief. Thus, picking the best one among them is crucial. So, let's evaluate Kwikset vs Baldwin to see which one is ideal for you.

So let’s dig in!

Comparison Table

Kwikset Vs Baldwin

Let’s look at the key differences between the two first, and then we’ll dive into details.



Less durable

More durable

Keyless lock

Compatible with other locks

Supports Voice Assistance

Not compatible with any assistant


Less expensive

Good variation of products

Endless variation of products

Did Kwikset Buy Baldwin?

In 2003, Black & Decker purchased Baldwin, which was formerly owned by Masco Corporation. Kwikset purchased Baldwin since it is operated by Black & Decker Hardware and Home Improvement Group. Furthermore, Baldwin wasn't the only company that Black and Decker acquired.

Black and Decker also purchased Weiser Lock, another well-known name in the security industry. As a result, they had licenses from 4 major companies as Kwikset, Price Pfister, Baldwin Hardware, and Weiser Lock. 


To sum up, Black and Decker quickly expand their bath and door hardware collections, establishing themselves as one of the most successful lock companies.

Kwikset Vs Baldwin: What Are The Differences?

Despite the fact that they work for the same company, their approaches to locks are vastly different. It's critical to understand the distinctions between these two in order to make the best possible buy. Moreover, both of them have unique features and are really fascinating on their own.

Kwikset Vs Baldwin

However, you should know what you want from a lock, and when your focus and the brand's focus are in sync, it's the ideal purchase. 


Baldwin will undoubtedly take the trophy home for their special locks in terms of durability. Their hot-dip galvanized metal handles and knobs are often highly long-lasting. The Baldwin locks, which are zinc-coated, will outlast until you have grandchildren. However, because it's made of metal, rust is a serious worry.

If you leave it out in the open, air and water will degrade it, which is something you don't want in an outdoor setting. So, if you want to evaluate Baldwin's durability, indoor is the best place to do so. 


This does not, however, imply that Kwikset's durability is poor. You may certainly use it outside and not be bothered about its reliability. Baldwin, on the other hand, is superior.


It's amazing how far automation has developed. Now is the time when you don't need to carry keys to unlock your door; instead, you may use your phone. Also, you may check when your door was opened or closed from anywhere using your phone. Don't you think it's fascinating? Kwikset has really made it possible.

You can assist your friend while you are away and your door is shut, and he is looking for a place to crash. While you're away, you may use Kwikset's mobile app to generate access codes to enter into the door pad, allowing your friend to enter your home immediately. You would, however, require an internet connection on both your phone and your home.


Meanwhile, you may unlock your door with your fingerprint, which will be detected from your phone via the Kwikset App, and you can unlock each and every one of your doors with a single app.

Baldwin, unfortunately, isn't as smart as Kwikset and can only be described as semi-smart rather than brilliant. Baldwin doesn't have an app that can perform all of these things with a single click. In conclusion, Kwikset is the smartest option here.

Price Point

Now that you know how smart Kwikset is, you might be tempted to get Kwikset locks right away, but hold off. Before you make a decision, consider other factors, such as the pricing point. Baldwin surpasses Kwikset when it comes to price efficiency.


In every area of door locks, Baldwin has managed to undercut Kwikset's pricing. As they say, anything worth having comes at a cost, and Kwikset is no exception, providing superior technical support at a greater cost.

Varieties of Products

Baldwin is not only the king of gorgeous designs, but they are also the king of variants. Baldwin will be able to provide a variety of products in specific sectors, regardless of whether you are searching for a doorknob or a handle. Baldwin also has a plethora of designs to choose from. If you're looking for outstanding designs and kinds, tie-up with them.



If you use Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant for day-to-day tasks, Kwikset door locks are the way to go. Kwikset is compatible with all of them, allowing you to control your locks with voice commands. On the other hand, Baldwin does not allow you to do so.

The reason for this is that Baldwin does not have Wi-Fi capabilities and can only be connected over Bluetooth. However, Kwikset provides both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for optimum tech compatibility.

Is Baldwin The Same As Schlage?

We may claim that they both do the same thing: provide high-quality locks to keep us safe. Baldwin is currently owned by Black & Decker, whereas Schlage is owned by Ingersoll Rand. Regardless of the fact that they are both subsidiary brands of separate firms, their keys are compatible with one another.

Baldwin, on the other hand, has a much longer history in the lock industry than Schlage. If you are looking for a lock that is reliable, Baldwin isn't the same as Schlage and actually surpasses it. Schlage locks are also known to be more expensive than Baldwin locks.

On the other hand, Schlage outperforms Baldwin when it comes to smart lock mechanisms and compatibility. There is no reason Schlage should not cost more than Baldwin. 

Is Baldwin The Same As Schlage

Nonetheless, as we have already mentioned, Baldwin maintains their pride with far superior visual designs and product variations, leaving Schlage in the dust. Baldwin's zinc-coated metallic body also outlasts Schlage in terms of durability.

To sum up, we can't state that they're exactly the same. Sure, they both create excellent locks, but the two of them have quite different ideas about how to move forward with their locking systems.

Can Baldwin And Kwikset Be Keyed Alike?

Since we already know how smart Kwikset locks are, Baldwin's keys will not be able to open them. We have already seen how Kwikset puts technology ahead of everything, but it's easy to forget that Kwikset locks don't have locks that can be unlocked with keys.

Access codes and fingerprint systems from Kwikset's mobile application are used in the majority of Kwikset locks. Furthermore, Kwikset is committed to eliminating the use of keys, and all new models are being tried to keep keyless.

Can Baldwin And Kwikset Be Keyed Alike

However, if you do manage to find a key unlocked Kwikset lock, then a Baldwin key is supposed to do the trick. As they were brought together back in 2003, it's possible that you find a Kwikset doorknob where your Baldwin key can go in.

Does Baldwin Use Schlage Keyway?

Baldwin keys, fortunately, work with all Schlage, Baldwin Estates, Kwikset, and Yale locks. Yes, your Schlage key will work with your Baldwin key and vice versa. Their mechanisms, on the other hand, are completely different.

Does Baldwin Use Schlage Keyway

The "C-Keeway" is used by both of them. The "C-Keyway," like open-source applications, is an open-source lock that numerous manufacturers utilize to install their locks.

However, certain Schlage locks do not use the Baldwin keyway. Thus, it's always possible to determine. You might try putting your Baldwin keyway into the Schlage to see if it fits.

Final Verdict

While we compared the Kwikset vs Baldwin locks, we can conclude that both are a solid choice for your home. Moreover, which one you will pick is definitely your choice, and don’t go with Kwikset or Baldwin just because we say so. However, despite its high price range, we really liked the Kwikset for its technological capabilities. 

However, when it comes to designs and durability with a touch of spiciness in the variations, the Baldwin would be an excellent pick for a user looking for these.

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