Kwikset vs Defiant

Kwikset vs Defiant: Are these Same or Different?

People get mostly confused when it comes to buying door locks. You just can't randomly pick a brand and install it on your door. Because not all brands are equally great, and safety is the main priority. So, you can't ignore that.

If we talk about Kwikset vs Defiant, they also have some major differences, and they have their own strengths and weaknesses as well. You have to figure out what you need, and according to that, you’ve to pick your favorable brands

To make your job easy, we have found out all the primary differences between Kwikset vs Defiant. And we have described all the major aspects in detail.

Kwikset vs Defiant: Comparison Table 

Here is the basic information between the Kwikset and Defiant brand.








Medium (Depends)

High (Depends)







Smart Lock






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Are Kwikset and Defiant locks the same?

Physically they have many similarities, but technically they are not the same.

Quite a few similarities are evident in the lock mechanisms. Additionally, their keys are fairly homogeneous, but you can't open one Kwikset lock with Defiant keys.

In the design section, they share similar types of design and color. The size of their lock is also indistinguishable.

Are Kwikset and Defiant locks the same

The number of key codes for both companies is also similar. Defiant has almost 7000 key codes, whereas Kwikset has 6200 or a little more than that. Overall, the two brands share more similarities than any other brand.

Defiant vs Kwikset: What are the differences?

The differences are elaborated below-

Kwikset vs Defiant


Safety-wise, they both are good but not great. Most of these brands’ products function following the ‘pin tumbler mechanism’. For example, Kwikset has 6 pin cylinders on its lock. It's a little harder in terms of the locking technique. However, normal locks contain 5-cylinders.

Though the Kwikset uses 6-cylinders, the mechanism is not much different than the 5-cylinder system. Here they have added another extra cylinder for a longer key stop. This key stop is quite difficult to open with a fake key or wire.

On the other hand, Defiant sticks with their 5-pin system. As a result, they do not have any key stop. Anyway, that doesn't make a lock superior.


But if we see the other types of lock, for example, electric lock or smart lock, they follow almost the same mechanism except for some features.

For instance, Kwikset provides 3 different locking modes. Auto-lock, passages, and disable passages. Defiant also provides this, but additionally, they are giving security keys that can work against advanced disintegrate situations.


The installation of smart locks is now fairly simple for both companies. But if we talk about the classic lock like ‘deadbolt’ or ‘knob’ lock, they were different. Still, if you want to use them at your door, you probably have to call the service guy.

But if you want to install the smart lock, you can do it by yourself by following the instruction guide.


Though they are almost similar to their installation process, Kwikset is somehow a bit ahead of Defiant. Because by reading their instructional guide, you can install your lock in a few steps. Which is a little difficult when it comes to the Defiant door lock.

However,  replacing a lock is extremely easy if you just know how to handle the screwdriver or that sort of stuff.

Product Variation

In terms of product variation, the Kwikset is miles ahead. One possible reason could be that it's an old company. Which started almost 76 years ago. 

So, their experience is higher. On the other hand, Defiant is comparatively a new company, but they are still doing well.

The range of products Kwikset is holding right is way more than other lock brands.

  • Deadbolts
  • Knobs
  • Handleset
  • Levers
  • Electronic
  • Security lock
  • Light commercial and other lock parts and accessories.
Product Variation

Almost every lock has a different variation inside. For example, if you see the deadbolt, they have some other variety. You can again categorize them by their cylinders like Single cylinder, double cylinder, or vertical cylinder deadlocks.

Defiant also has a good collection of locks. But the variation inside each segment is comparatively lower. It means if you get 5 types of electric locks on the Kwikset side, you probably find 3 types of variation on the Defiant side.

Durability and Lifespan

Both companies produce their locks with the finest material. But the problem is in their mechanism. The way Kwikset built their product or the way Defiant built their product is not identical.

And this difference in mechanism affects the lifespan of the lock. People think a lock can last for decades. That's not true for any brand. Usually, Kwikset locks can last for 7 to 8 years pretty easily. 

But Defiant can go a bit more than that. It can last for 10 years in normal use. It happens not because of the raw material they use. It happens because of the way the brand controls the overall quality of the product.


For most of the products, they share the same price range. And that is not very noticeable. Also, you won't feel the need to switch brands as the difference is not significant.

But there are some high-end electronic products, which cost quite a bit more than others. For example, if you are going to buy the cylinder deadbolt lock from Kwikset it will cost more or less $16, the same thing Defiant probably cost more or less $14.

But when you go for high-end products the margin is noticeable. If you look at ‘smart door lock’ from Defiant it will cost $250, but the same type of lock you get in $100 from Kwikset.

So, for low-end products, Defiant gives better prices but for high-end products, Kwikset offers a reasonable price. However, you have to understand price depends on multiple factors.

Can you rekey a Defiant lock with Kwikset?

It won't happen because according to their lock mechanism, Defiant is almost impossible to rekey with Kwikset. But it can probably work the other way. It means you probably can rekey a Kwikset lock with Defiant considering all the conditions 

However, there are some possibilities if the number of pins gets matched with the keys. Still, that's a lot of hard work. You have to customize the keys according to the Defiant keyhole shape.

Can you rekey a Defiant lock with Kwikset

But it's better not to rekey a Defiant lock with a Kwikset. It will be great if you get a new key from a locksmith.

Are Kwikset and Defiant good brands? 

Certainly, they are good brands. But Defiant is not as popular as Kwikset. As we have mentioned earlier Kwikset has been in the market for a long time. Whereas Defiant is comparatively new. 

Kwikset always competes with Schlage, which is another big brand. On other hand, Defiant is improving but hasn't become the market giant yet.

Are Kwikset and Defiant good brands

In terms of products, you can blindly buy their product. Because they do not compromise on quality.

Final verdict

Hope you understand the difference between the two biggest door lock manufacturers Kwikset vs Defiant. We have shown the basic difference between these brands with a comparison table.

Later on, we talked in detail about those differences with appropriate examples. We also discussed their product variation, installation difficulty, lifespan, and cost range.

In the end, we have answered commonly asked questions which will give you more insight for understanding. Hope you find this helpful in understanding these brands.

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