Kwikset vs Weiser

Kwikset vs Weiser: What are the key differences?

Home security has always been an integral part of every residence and this is what Kwikset and Weiser are all about. 

They are exceptional brands, have been producing the most innovative and cultured lock systems in America and beyond. The two are closely related and produce similar locksets that borrow each other’s features. 

Initially, they were both owned by the Hardware and Home Improvement (HHI) Group of Stanley Black & Decker. Several acquisitions have since happened, and these two brands have been under Assa Abloy since September 2021.

Comparison Table




Access codes

Allows up to 30 codes

Allows up to 16 codes

Smart app compatibility

Compatible with Kwikset Halo, Halo Touch, and Aura 

Compatible with Aura and Halo 

Home automation

Works on ZigBee and Z-wave 

Sits well with Z-wave 


Takes the KW1, KW2 design

The keyway design is mostly WR1, WR2, and so on

Response to threat

Raises an alarm after 5 consecutive entries 

Raises an alarm after entering 3 wrong codes in a row 


Is Kwikset the same as Weiser?

Kwikset and Weiser are two different brands, currently under one conglomerate- Assa Abloy. The two started as individual companies but along the way were bought. Kwikset, for instance, was launched in 1946 as Gateway Manufacturing Company. It was then bought by Black & Decker, which was also later bought by Stanley Tools.

Is Kwikset the same as Weiser

Weiser, on the other hand, was established in 1904 and grew rapidly to the point of becoming Canada’s industry kingpin. It was also bought by Black & Decker in 2003, and they have since been working closely. The locks they produce are also quite similar, and Weiser advertises most of them in Canada.

Weiser vs Kwikset: What are the differences?

Although these two brands are related in many ways, they have a whole lot of differences. Like, a Kwikset key can be designed to fit into a Weiser lock, but the reverse isn’t possible. The one thing that’s common between them is quality productions that give customers full value for their money.

Kwikset vs Weiser

Although most of their products work in an almost similar manner, some are quite different. Some aspects differentiating them include;

Access codes

Different lock systems come with unique door or lock codes. Weiser lock systems allow up to 16 access codes, with the Weiser Obsidian Keyless Touchscreen Electronic Deadbolt having the most codes (16). 

Kwikset, on the other hand, allows up to 30 unique codes. Each custom code allows you to set a PIN with 4-8 digits, depending on the required security level.


These codes represent the number of different groups of people you can allow access to. Like, with Kwikset, you can have up to 30 different door codes, one for family, another for workers, guests, and so on. It is usually better when the codes are more. Each set of people accessing your home will get their unique code, making it easy to know whom to hold accountable in case of a security breach.  


Kwikset and Weiser have almost similar keyways, but they are still different. Weiser’s locks will have a WR1, WR2, WR3, or such a pattern, while Kwikset will have a KW1, KW2, KW3 design. But, following their corporate merger, Weiser switched to using Kwikset keys on their locks.


However, not all the keys fit into each other in their original shape. What happens is that you can fit a Kwikset key to a Weiser lock, but not the other way around. Again, you can only do so with the help of an experienced locksmith. This only happens because the two brands allow it to happen; it’s not a loophole.

Home automation

When it comes to home automation, Kwikset takes the lead when compared to Weiser. Kwikset SmartCode 910, which is the company’s best choice, comes with full home automation. Its compatibility with smart things and smart home hubs makes it one of the most outstanding locks you can buy today.  

Although Weiser also has automated locks, most of them accommodate Z-Wave Electronics. Z-Wave is also pretty ideal because it makes Kwikset communicate better with your other home gadgets. Your experience with remote control also gets better because of its higher connection.

Advanced security features

Both Weiser and Kwikset have high-end security features that beef up security in today’s homes. Some of their locks respond in different ways, thus broadening your choices. 

Like, Kwikset’s 92640-001 modern lock sends an alarm when the door is opened five times in a row. It even goes ahead to disable the keypad for 45 seconds, allowing you time to respond accordingly.  

Advanced security features

Conversely, Weiser locks come with patented SecureScreen among other technologies. This particular one ensures no one traces what you draw on your touchscreen lock systems. It ensures that nobody reads the codes you input on your touchscreen. Kwikset also applies this and several other technologies.

Smart Mobile applications

Kwikset and Weiser have apps that are only compatible with specific locks. Like, the Weiser app accommodates Aura and Halo smart locks only. If it’s not about these two locks, then any other will not work for Weiser, whether Android or iOS.

Smart Mobile applications

For Kwikset, the locks compatible with the app are three, and you can run them on your iOS or Android. It accommodates Kwikset Halo, Halo Touch, and Aura. All these are smart locks that help you monitor and control home access remotely. You can choose locks that sit best with you, depending on your needs.

Is Kwikset compatible with Weiser?

With the help of a locksmith, you can design a Kwikset key to work with a Weiser lock. Also, you are likely to find some conventional locks having features of both Weiser and Kwikset. That said, you can conclude that yes, there is a great extent of compatibility between Kwikset and Weiser.

Looking at Weiser and Kwikset’s portfolios, you will also realize that most of their lock systems bear the same name. Most of the features are also quite similar, and you may think the two brands’ locks and keys are entirely compatible. 

Is Kwikset compatible with Weiser

The truth is that not all Kwikset keys can be redesigned to fit in Weiser locks. You should always confirm beforehand to avoid unnecessary disappointments.

Are Weiser locks good?

Certainly. Weiser boasts over a century of hands-on experience in manufacturing quality residential security locks. The company has progressively developed innovative locks that meet different customers’ needs. Some of their renowned inventions include; collections by Weiser, the brilliance anti-tarnish, and more. You may have installed these locks or heard about them.

Are Weiser locks good

What makes Weiser outstanding is its ability to keep up with the customers’ ever-changing needs. Today, you can personally rekey your locks without a locksmith’s intervention. If you lose your key or an employee goes with a copy of your keys, you don’t have to worry. Rekeying allows you to reset the system, rendering the former keys useless. 

Final verdict

If you kept wondering about the relationship between Weiser and Kwikset, now you know. They are both reliable brands constantly delivering what you need. They understand the customer needs and focus on them to ensure total security in homes.

If you have a Weiser lock and, for some reason, need key replacement, consider getting corresponding keys. Although the two are somehow compatible, they will not work instantly. 

To take home the best locks, compare their products and choose what will suit you without interfering with your budget.

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