Makita 5007MG Review

Makita 5007MG Magnesium Circular Saw Detailed Review 2022

A circular saw is up for a trailblazing start in your woodworking career for all the right reasons! Makita 5007MG is a circular saw that took sawing capacity, performance, and ergonomics very seriously, covering all the issues a professional carpenter faces in his daily work.

Not only is the saw compatible with a wide range of materials, but also rips, frames, and shapes your workpieces in a short time.

In addition, apart from making straight, smooth cuts, it makes beveled cuts with no splintering on the edges! Give our very own Makita 5007MG review a read and find out about the high-end specs it has to offer!

Makita 5007MG Review


  • Premium framing blade with an all-purpose tooth design
  • Ideal for all types of soft to dense lumber
  • Remarkable bevel capacity and quality of cuts
  • 2 built-in LED lights and a dust port
  • Heat-treated gears and heat vents for cool operation
  • Easy-to-read ruler marking on the base for better precision
  • Magnesium shoe, rubberized lever, and good clearance


  • Blade guard might not retract properly
  • Slightly loud operation with the provided blade

Makita brings you an all-powerful circular saw to save your time and money. For starters, you have a heavy-duty industrial motor that drives the saw blade at a whopping 5,800 RPM.

This great speed allows you to work with a variety of materials ranging from plywood to thick structural panels, laminated veneer lumber to I-joists, and so on. The fact that the shoe is made of magnesium is a plus point because it makes the Makita 5007MG much lightweight and durable.

7-¼ inch diameter on the saw blade is perfect for medium to heavy woodworking. Not to mention, at a speed as remarkably high as 5,800 RPM, the saw takes only a moment to cut big stocks of lumber, metal, and masonry! 

Weighing only 10.1 pounds, this is a circular saw with magnesium shoe that will make your sawing experience a much-relaxed one.

Heat vents are strategically placed for dissipating heat when the blade is in motion. The best feature would be its maximum 56° bevel capacity with 2 positive stops for creating curvy edges to your workpiece!  

Impressive Blade

Makita 5007MG is truly a professional grade circular saw with its incredible saw blade. To begin with, it has a diameter of 7-¼ inch and an M-shape tooth profile. The blade is specially designed to reduce the build-up of pitch and heat for efficient sawing performance.

And the gears are also heat-treated so spinning the blade at high speeds is so easy for the 5007MG. Nail-embedded workpieces don’t stand a chance in front of the high-precision blade. However, if you want a more advanced gear system, you can look for hypoid saws. Makita 5377MG and Makita 5477NB are some of the best examples of hypoid saws.  

Lightweight Magnesium Shoe

The shoe is the plane that sits on the surface of your workpiece while the saw blade runs. A steel shoe can make saws weighty and unfeasible for long-term, heavy-duty industrial use. Magnesium shoes are lighter than both steel and aluminum, and it brings down the overall saw weight to a considerable extent.

Ease of Use

Its sophisticated design allowed a better clearance between its blade case and rear handle. This is so helpful for carpenters with big hands and gloves for having a comfortable grab on the lever.

Operator fatigue is reduced a lot considering the easily visible depth, bevel markings as well as an ergonomic grip on the 5007MG. There is also a perfect amount of clearance between the housing and the blade for a clear view of the saw blade alongside its smartly placed measurement scale.

One-handed, quick adjustments are now possible with its rubberized levers. What we also liked about the Makita 5007MG is that it’s very well-balanced and sturdy.  

Powerful Motor

Its 15 Amps 120 Volt motor is a sturdy one; you can get industrial sawing works done with its top-notch power, speed, and durability.

The motor is efficient in running the blade in crazy high RPM counts. Not to mention, cutoffs will finally fall freely. 5007MG is indeed worthy of praise for its cutting capacity, smooth finish, and narrow kerf.

Excellent Bevel Cuts 

You expect more than straight cuts from a circular saw with an industrial motor. Keeping innovative woodworking in mind, what Makita incorporated into this workhorse of a saw is the bevel capacity that helps the saw make smooth, beveled cuts.

A 2-½ inch cutting capacity can be attained from the right angle. With a positive stop at 22.5° and another positive stop at 45°, the highest bevel capacity is a satisfactory 56° angle. It makes cabinetmaking, minimalistic furniture building so easy that you will forget your jigsaw and chisel.

Workpiece Versatility 

Plywood, particleboard, OSB, and any dense construction panel is suitable for the Makita 5007MG. It’s also a great help in flooring and cabinetmaking tasks. It works perfectly with thick engineered lumber, such as PSL, headers, microlams, LVL, and dense I-Joists for framing floors, roofs, and walls.   

Additional Features

It also has two LED lights to illuminate your space so you can have a better view of the workpiece. You also get a rip fence and wrench to change the blade in a few easy steps.

The fast blade changing is a great spec on the 5007MG because when it comes to carpentry, you will find that you need to change the blade with fewer or greater numbers of teeth.

A heap of dust being the old enemy of woodworkers, Makita helps you battle it with a ducting specially designed to blow away the dust in the line of the cut so that you can have less mess and a continuously clear view.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are the most commonly asked queries regarding Makita 5007MG:

1. How to keep Makita 5007MG from binding?

You might be pressing the saw blade deeper than necessary against your workpiece. Clamping one end of your workpiece while keeping the other end free helps move the blade swiftly along the cut with zero kickback. We would also advise you to get a high-quality ground clamp.

2. Why does my circular saw kick back?

An overheated saw blade might warp and kickback. Check for pitch and sap buildup, blade depth, and bearings. You shouldn’t run an over-torqued saw blade and make unguided cuts with varying pressures. Give it time to cool off and tighten the blade.   

3. How to stop a circular saw from burning wood?

A clean, sharp, and pitch-free blade cuts with minimum splintering when you are making cabinets or framing lumber. And a dull saw blade has a slow feed rate and creates more friction against your workpiece. If you push the stock on the circular saw too slowly, you might also burn or create uneven marks.

4. What is the cutting capacity of Makita 5007MG?

Makita 5007MG has a cutting capacity of 2-½ inches at a right angle (90°) and a bevel capacity up to 56 degrees with positive stops at 22.5° and 45° for hassle-free adjustments. 

5. Why is my circular saw not cutting straight? 

If you want to make straight, cabinet quality cuts, use a hold-down clamp to keep your workpiece stable. Push down the saw in an adequate manner; too much pressure might cause the saw to kick back or bind. Check your saw guard and base plate as well.

Final Verdict

Our Makita 5007MG review – if anything, certainly falls short of describing what a game-changer this circular saw honestly is. It delivers a remarkable performance in framing and ripping all types of lumber for your extensive woodworking projects. One thing is for sure. You simply can’t go wrong with the 5007MG!

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