Makita 5377MG Review

Makita 5377MG Review: Is It Really Worth It? |

The internet has become a very handy tool nowadays. Today all the information you need can be found on the internet. So, if you’re looking for a decent quality hypoid saw, you can get all the information you need about the product online. However, an honest and informative review of the product can be very hard to find.

Therefore, to make your work easier, we have researched this product and have come up with a great Makita 5377mg review. We have thoroughly discussed the product in this article.

This will definitely give you a better overview of the product and help you understand whether the product suits your requirements or not. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Makita 5377MG Review 


  • The saw is affordable
  • It has great built quality, very durable and made for heavy work
  • The powerful motor of 15 AMP
  • Easy to use and very light weighted


  • Does not have an electric brake

Makita 5377MG is a great circular saw which makes your work very fast and efficient. The saw is called a hypoid because of a few specific features that it flaunts. Makita has several hypoid saws, among which this model is one of the most popular ones.

The saw is very reliable and durable as it has brilliant build quality. Due to the magnesium components, it is also very light weighted. The lightweight of the saw also makes it very easy to handle, allowing you better control and makes precise cuts very easily.

If you are a professional, then it saw is the perfect saw for you as it made for heavy work. The saw gives you smooth and fast cuts, which make your work more efficient. And the smooth cuts save the extra work of sanding for getting that smooth work-ready and professional finish.

Now let us dive into the specification and features of the saws that make it stand out among the other saws in the market.

Some Features That Make This Product Unique Are

Read on for a detailed overview of the product:


This saw has a brilliant design, which makes it very lightweight. You might think the weight of the saw is not a big factor. All a saw needs is good cutting and a powerful motor. However, weight is one of the most crucial aspects of saws. It helps the user determine the saw’s portability and control.

How easy or difficult it would be to handle the saw all is determined by the weight. Makita 5377MG has a comparatively low weight of only 13.2 pounds. This makes it very easy for the user to control and make precise cuts.

Yes, some saws are lighter than this one, but this one will for sure be more durable thanks to the components and excellent built quality.

Build Quality

Makita 5377MG is well known for its durability. The users find it very reliable and easy to use. This is because of the magnesium components used to build it. The components make the saw well balanced and light. On top of the magnesium, components are tough and last very long as well.

Makita 5377MG

The saw also comes with steel hypoid gears that are lubricated in the factory and do not wear off easily, making it maintenance-free. Therefore durability is a must with this saw.


The motor power of a saw is very crucial when it comes to saws. It determines the efficiency of the saws, the type of material it can cut, and the finishing of the cuts. Makita 5377MG has a very powerful motor of 15 AMP, which requires a power of 2300 watts.

And the blades have a speed of 4500 RPM, which relatively low but will be very handy when you cut steel or metal as it will create fewer sparks.

Nonetheless, the saws are powerful enough to cut through any material with ease.  Most of the professional who uses it is very happy about the saw’s performance. The saw gets the work done fast, and comes you keep a steady workflow.

Cutting Capacity

If you someone who needs a saw which can cut in different angles and get precise cut, then this the right saw for you. This saw is preferred by professionals for its wide ranges of cutting capacity. The saw has a cutting capacity of 2-3/8 inches at a 90-degree angle and 1-3/4 inches at 45 degrees.

It has a wide bevel capacity, which ranges from 0-51.5 degrees. The blade of the saw is 7 -1/4 inches in diameter, which is pretty big. This blade helps to make cuts very efficiently, and the blades are also super easy to change.

You don’t have to face any problem while changing the blades. The saw also comes with positive stops functions at 22.5, 45, 51.5 degrees, which saves a lot of time.    

User-Friendly Features

Along with all the features, there are also some additional features which make the saw very user friendly. The saw has retractable hooks, which help the user cut with ease. It allows using the saw having minimum contact with bald, which helps the user to see the work with ease.

Makita 5377MG

User experience is enhanced with the rubber grips on the handles. This grip makes using the saw a comfortable experience. The saw comes with blade changing wrench attached to it. Therefore, blade changing will be fast and easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

To give you a better overview of the saw, we have cleared some of the common questions about the Makita 5377MG.

1. Does Makita hypoid saw need oil?

Makita hypoid saw comes with oil bath technology. This means it has a factory built-in oil system, which makes the saw to have no maintenance charge.

2. What is a hypoid saw used for?

Hypoid saws are mostly used for professional work. Professional who need to work with tough materials, have a heavy workload, and has to be efficient with their work, prefers Hypoid saw. We also have the Makita 5477NB review which is another high-quality hypoid saw.

3. What is the difference between a hypoid saw and a worm drive saw?

The main difference between hypoid saw and worm drive saw are:

  1. Hypoid saw uses hypoid gear, and worm drive uses worm gears
  2. Steel blades are used in hypoid whereas worm drive saw uses a bronze blade
  3. The worm drive saw needs oil maintenance hypoid saw does not as it has oil bath technology

4. Does Makita 5377MG come with a carry case?

By having brilliant features, this saw, unfortunately, does not come with a carry case, which makes portability an issue for the users. However, since this saw is mostly used by professionals, they keep it in their workplace and do not require much transportation.

5. Is Makita 5377MG loud?

A saw is meant to make noise and is usually very loud. Almost none of the saws in the market works in silence. However, this model has made relatively less noise compare to others in the market.

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Final Verdict

Makita 5377mg is a great combination of power, performance, and durability. If you are looking for a reliable tool with great performance, then this is the ideal tool for you. We hope our Makita 5377mg review was helpful for you and gave you a clear insight into the saw. We also have a Makita 5007MG review. You can check that out after this for more options.

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