Makita 5477NB Review

Makita 5477NB Review: A Great Circular Saw |

Cutting through the wood is a task most DIY home-owners and construction workers are familiar with. But it certainly is not easy to do if you do not have the right tools!

When it comes to cutting wood, nothing does it better than a nice saw. Even though we have done it using manual saws traditionally, power saws are the new favorite.

Hence, we bring you the Makita 5477NB review. This is a great circular saw that can get the job done pretty well. So, if you would like to know more about this product, then dive right in!

Makita 5477NB Review


  • Generates a lot of power
  • Very precise and reliable
  • Heat-treated gear system
  • Offers good protection
  • Handle contains rubber
  • Hypoid gear system
  • Oil bath system for low maintenance
  • Blade is beveled


  • Rubber not too soft
  • Price is high

When it comes to making power tools, Makita is no rookie. They have been manufacturing popular products for over a century, and for a good reason!

Their 5477NB is a 7-¼” circular saw with a hypoid gear system. The blade is a general contractor framing blade, and it contains an Advanced Tooth Design. This makes it very useful for all types of use. Even though it’s different from conventional saws, this unit is certainly a nice improvement. A skilled person can even use it as a miter saw like the Makita LS1040.

Let us get into the nitty-gritty of this saw below!

Great Power

Provided with a motor of 15 amp, you can rest assured that this unit is very powerful. Cutting through thick wood is absolutely no problem due to its power. It can generate 4500 RPM when it is under no load. In addition to the juice that the motor itself can provide, this product contains a special feature.

It is a hypoid saw, which means that its gear system makes it possible for increased surface contact. Increased surface contact results in more efficiency and power delivery. Other than that, it is a corded saw which has a voltage of 120 V.

Nice Design

Makita is well known for its ergonomically designed products, and this one is no different! A mixture of metal and plastic is used to make these saws, and they are of great quality! The handle has grips reinforced with rubber. This prevents your hands from becoming painful during prolonged use due to chafing as well as fatigue.

It should be noted that the rubber could have been a bit softer for more comfort, however. A great advantage is that the carbon brushes in this unit are external. This allows you to access them without any disassembly!

Other than that, the blade lies on the motor’s left, allowing for improved precision due to better visualization of cuts.

Decent Performance

With a powerful motor and decent design, you can bet that this unit performs efficiently! Not only does it get through wood pretty well, but it also provides a lot of precision.

This is possible due to the bevelling of the blade. It bevels at 0-51.5° angle, and at 45°, it has a positive stop. All this leads to added precision and accuracy. A depth of 2-⅜ inches can be reached when the saw is used perpendicularly. If used at 45°, 13/4 inch depth can be reached.

What sets this unit apart from others is that it has a gear system which is hypoid. This further enhances the performance of the saw by increased contact surface with the material it’s cutting. We also have the Makita 5377MG review which is also a hypoid saw.

Oil Bath System

The oil bath technology this product has is special as it reduces the maintenance required. And the gears are sealed in an oil bath. This means that no oil change is necessary with this product, unlike many other products.

So no time needs to be spent oiling it. This greatly saves effort and time on the user’s part.

Good Protection

The hypoid gear system in this unit is heat-treated. This means that it does not overheat easily.

What’s the advantage of this, you ask? Well, first of all, it keeps the whole unit safe and hence increases its durability.

Secondly, it allows for more reliability of the saw as the individual components are made tougher.

Overall, this leads to a more protected product.

Highly Durable

The base of the 5477NB is made of aluminum of great quality. It can withstand a lot of rough handling and still be fine long-term. This is quite important for power tools, as working conditions can get quite harsh.

Other than that, the heat-treated gear system offers even more protection for the machine itself, hence increasing durability.

Versatile Usage

This product doesn’t have as much thrust as saws, which are conventional worm drive ones.

Yet what’s great about it is that it can very evenly distribute the power. Additionally, it also has more reliability. This means that this unit can be used by both professionals and amateurs alike.

So it can be used for DIY projects as well as for more demanding commercial work.

Price Range

Since you are getting a powerful, comfortable, and precise power saw with this product, the price won’t be low.

It actually falls at a high price range, though totally worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are the most commonly asked queries regarding the Makita 5477NB:

1. What is a circular saw?

Circular saws are usually hand-held saws that are used to cut various materials using a blade or disc.

They contain rotary motors and are power saws.

2. What is the advantage of a hypoid gear?

Hypoid gears ensure more even distribution of power along the cutting surface through the blade.

This improves the precision of the cuts as well as makes it easier to cut.

3. What is the wattage in this unit?

It is 2300 Watts.

4. How much horsepower can this product generate?

It can generate 2.4 HP.

5. Is the saw too heavy to use for a long time?

The product is 1 pound in weight. It might feel heavy with prolonged use, so resting in between is advised.

Final Verdict

Whether you need a saw for home use or professional use, you will certainly need a decent product. Makita is a reliable company with decent products.

From the above Makita 5477NB review, you can certainly tell how nice it is! If it suits your requirements, then you will not be disappointed with this product.

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