Makita IS1040 Review

Makita LS1040 Compound Miter Saw Review 2022 |

When you work with wood or metal, a compound miter saw can be a blessing. It will help you not only to get the work done well but will also save you money and effort. When you are on the market for a compound saw, Makita is a brand that will frequently come up in the conversation. Previously, we have reviewed many of their products such as the Makita XPH10Z drill.

And today, I will present you’re their top-notch compound saw.

There are many features, pros, and cons of the saw you might want to know, that is why I have the Makita IS1040 review for you. This will help you determine whether you want to invest your money in it or not.

Makita IS1040 Review


  • Highly portable
  • Very durable, the blade needs changing after some use, but the saw lasts for long
  • Allows cuts to be made at different angles
  • An affordable choice
  • Very powerful
  • Comes with a dust collection system


  • Inaccurate adjustments

Makita is a Japan-based company that innovates, manufactures, and sells a wide range of machinery and tools. Their base is in Japan, but they are global in every sense of the way with how far their name and products have traveled.

For the longest time, one of the main aims Makita has had is to help people and societies develop themselves using their machinates and tools. For their vision to come true, they have spent years perfecting their products and their quality.

Time and time again, we have seen various innovations come from this company. They use modern technology and trends in their research and development to figure out the best possible options and tools for us. The IS1040 compound miter saw is also one of their many innovative designs.

And for the company, it is very important to provide people with the best products, which is why they opt for better and more powerful motors for the tools. If you decide to get the IS1040, then you will be able to make the comparison between it and the other miter saws you have used.

You will be able to do so much more within a very short time. The weight, 27.4 lbs, of the tool also makes it a very popular choice among many because of how portable it is.

Furthermore, when it comes to durability, there aren’t many miter saws you will be able to find that can compete with the IS1040. You will get a lot of use out of it for a very long time.

Key Features

Now that I have you given you a brief preview of the compound miter saw, it is not time to dive into details and give you the complete information about the item in hand.

Powerful Motor

One of the main aspects you should be looking into when you get a miter saw is its motors. This is what is going to run the machine, so this has to be up to the standard. With 15 AMP direct drive motor, I would say this is a very good option for you.

You will be able to get a lot of work done with this saw, even get some very heavy duty wood chopped up without a problem.

Dual Post Compound Pivoting Arm

The tools and machines that allow multiple positions of the arm/motor/blade are usually the best choice. They allow you to complete functionality as well as flexibility. You will be able to position the head in different ways so you will get more versatile cuts on your workpiece.

Bevel Cuts Made at 45-Degrees to the Left

In miter saws, the bevels can usually make cuts in one direction and a constant angle. And in the IS1040, the cuts are going to be made at 45 degrees to the left. I would say this is pretty much the industry standard, and if you have worked with miter saws before, then you will not need time to get used to it.


If you do not have a fixed workstation or if you go to different locations for work, then you might be on the lookout for something relatively lightweight that can be transported. The IS1040 only weighs 27.3 pounds, so you should be able to move this around according to your needs.

Aluminum Blade

The type of blade installed in the saw is very significant, and that determines the kinds of cuts you will get. Aluminum is one of the best metals used for making blades. You will get even and precise cuts every time, and on top of that, you will not have to bother yourself with the worry of rusty blades.

Aluminum is known for its anti-rust properties. As long as you take care of the blade, it will work great.

Shaft Lock

Even though the blades installed into this will not rust easily, but with time, they will wear out, which is why you will need to replace them. With the shaft lock system of this miter saw, you will have a very easy replacement job. And during all of it, you will be completely safe.

Compound Cutting

There are many miter saws that allow you to make cuts at only one angle; this limits your scope and opportunities. However, with this one, you will not have to face the same problems. The IS1040 not only allows you to make bevel cuts, but you will also be able to cut at a miter angle- which is also known as cross-cuts or horizontal cuts. Knowing the difference between the bevel and miter cuts is necessary to understand its difference.

As I have mentioned before, not only will you be able to make 45-degree cuts to the left, but will also make 52-degree cuts to the right. Your work will be done a lot faster as you have limited adjustments to make.

Includes Important Accessories

The saw does not come alone; there a number of things attached and installed to it. So, you do not have to make separate purchases. Along with the saw, you will find the installed blade, vertical vice, wrench, and triangular rule. All of these are needed when you are to start working with the compound miter saw.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the Makita product:

1. Would I be able to cut a 4” by 4” in timber?

Yes, you will defiantly be able to do it. But you need to make two cuts; it can’t be done with one.

2. Will I need an adapter for the plugin?

In different countries, the volts of electricity passed through the power outlets are different. If the one you plug the tool into passes a higher volt, then you can fry the wiring system. So, it is better you use an adapter.

3. Can I make adjustments to the angle?

No, the angles are fixed 52 degrees to the right and 45 degrees to the left.

4. Will I be able to use this miter saw to cut steel?

Ideally, you will be able to cut steel with this, but it is better if you don’t. Chances are you will damage the blade and need regular replacement.

Final Words

With everything being said, I think in this Makita IS1040 review, I have explained why this might be the best option for you. With the right quality, efficiency, and price, you must give this a shot. If you want a circular saw you can check the Ski 5280-01 review.

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