Makita XPH07Z Review

Makita XPH07Z LXT Cordless Hammer Drill Review |

Power tools are quite essential parts of our lives. Whether it be for home or for professional use, tools such as drills are extremely important.

Not only do they save a lot of time, they can also get things done, which traditional methods fail to do. Drilling deep in masonry is one task in particular, which is very tough to get done without a decent drill.

The Makita XPH07Z is one such drill. Hence, below is a detailed Makita XPH07Z review to help you understand the product better.

Not only can this tool power through tough obstacles, but it is also great for simple tasks.

Read on below to learn more about this must-have power tool!

Makita XPH07Z Review


  • Powerful brushless motor
  • XPT for protection
  • 2-speed transmission
  • 3-stage LED gauge
  • Very long-lasting
  • Supportive side handle
  • Comfy, ergonomic design


  • Battery not provided
  • A bit heavy with the battery

Makita is a Japanese company which has been founded in 1915. Since then, they have been producing a wonderful array of power tools.

They have reached global success with their products and maintained it for over a century now. Makita XPH07Z is one of their amazing products. It is an 18V drill and one of the most powerful ones out there!

Made for both heavy and light work alike, this is one convenient tool to keep around. Drilling through wood and masonry should be absolutely no problem with it. The XPH07Z is a part of Makita’s LXT line. Hence, any accessory can be interchanged between these products.

Without any further ado, let’s take a more detailed look into what makes this drill such a great one.


Power is something you won’t have to worry about with this unit. As a matter of fact, it has been made keeping this aspect in mind. Hence, a brushless motor has been provided, which can operate at a speed of 2100 RPM. This, along with the 31500 BPM, leads to a maximum of 1090-in lbs torque.

However, if a lot of power and high speed is not what you require for your work, there’s good news! This tool comes with a 2-speed transmission, meaning you can switch between 2 different speeds. One, as mentioned above, is 0-2100 RPM, while the other is 0-550 RPM.


Unfortunately, a battery is not provided with this product. But the plus point is, lithium-ion batteries of 5.0 Ah are used in this device. These provide a lot of power for a prolonged period of time on a full charge.

It must be noted, though, that since the drill uses a lot of power on maximum torque, the battery may get drained quickly. An advantage is if you have any other product from Makita’s LXT series, then you can use the batteries from those products. Even though a 5 Ah battery is used by the XPH07Z, a 4.0 Ah battery can also be used.


Smooth performance is ensured by this handy tool. With its great power, you won’t have any issues drilling through tough materials of walls. A consistent operation makes for great user experience, and that is what makes this unit so satisfactory.

When you add to that the dependable battery, you’ve certainly got a win-win situation! Something to remember, however, would be the device might become a bit heavy. Even though it is lightweight without the battery, it does add a bit of weight to it! You can have a look at the Makita XPH10Z review if you want a more portable option.

This can lead to some fatigue during prolonged use and hence can affect the performance.


The LXT line has been made with ergonomics in mind. That is why this unit is very comfortable to hold, good to look at, yet minimally wasteful in structure. It contains black and teal colors, much like Makita’s other drills. The handle of the drill is very shapely and fits in hand quite well during use.

As for the side handle, it provides a lot of support, especially during work, which requires more force. Hence, the side handle is quite long and sturdy. The drill contains a chuck, which is self-ratcheting, and it is built with a metal of high quality. This enables it to grip the bit very well.

Additionally, a 3-stage LED gauge is provided, which enables the monitoring of charge.


An excellent addition to this unit is Extreme Protection Technology (XPT). This technology provides protection of the product from the damage of all sorts. These include protection from dust as well as water. Since drills are often used in tough conditions that can contain dust, plaster, and liquids of all sorts, this is crucial.

So you can use this product without any worries in rough conditions. Other than that, it is quite durable in the long run, so you won’t need to be buying another drill any time soon!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are the most commonly asked queries regarding the Makita XPH07Z:

1. How heavy is the product?

It weighs about 5.9 lbs with a battery and 5.54 lbs without one.

2. Is this drill noisy?

This drill has a very clean machine sound whilst operating and isn’t noisy at all. With some extra tricks you can drill in concrete without any sound.

3. Does this require a cord to word?

No, the motor is cordless.

4. What is a brushless motor?

Brushless motors are basically more powerful, durable, and efficient than brushless motors. They are more compact yet give you better performance.

5. How many batteries do this product need to operate?

It needs only one lithium-ion battery to work.

Final Verdict

Power drills are quite easily available in the market today. Various brands provide products of all sorts.

However, the Makita XPH07Z is set apart from those other drills due to its great power and performance. We hope this Makita XPH07Z review has helped enlighten you about this wonderful unit!

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