Makita XPH10Z Review

Makita XPH10Z Review: Is It Good Enough? |

Be it a craftsman or a builder, anybody in the world of carpentry and masonry requires a cordless hammer drill. While thick materials barely give away under a common drill and leave unattractive dents on your workpiece, a drill driver is what you need to shine in your game and get loads of work done in only a moment!

Makita XPH10Z is the top choice for us, considering its outstanding specs and stellar performance.

Right below, you have the long-awaited Makita XPH10Z review in exclusive details. This could be the best drill driver for handymen to professional metalworkers alike; that’s what everyone has been saying, at least. Let’s see if it’s worth a shot!   

Makita XPH10Z Review


  • High-torque motor delivers a maximum of 1,900 RPM
  • Double speed settings for a variety of hammer drilling and driving applications
  • A lightweight cordless hammer drill
  • Rubberized grip and metal gears
  • Extended runtime and fast charging
  • Incredible power management system to prevent overheating


  • Might stop unexpectedly
  • No low battery indicator

A hammer drill comes in handy when you are dealing with sturdy, dense materials. And a common device simply falls short of delivering a clean drill on hard surfaces. This is where a powerful cordless hammer drill like the Makita XPH10Z comes to seal the deal.

The 4-pole motor flaunts a max torque technology, letting you drive up the RPM up to 1,900 and achieve 28,500 BPM for extensive drilling. Making holes into materials such as concrete, masonry, and brick is the easiest with this super lightweight hammer drill.

Its Extreme Protection Technology (XPT) allows you to take the hammer drill to large-scale construction sites and get a clean job done in no time.

Moreover, the hammer drill has protective seals that channel debris, dust, and water out of the way and keep its internal components free of damage. Two LED lights will illuminate your working area and help you follow precise measurements in all conditions.

Also, it happens to be a very well-made, cordless tool running on a heavy-duty Lithium-ion battery.

And the slide-style battery insertion, coupled with a fast-charging feature, makes way for a whole day of work. Lastly, a decent 0-600 RPM and a powerful 0-1,900 RPM are the 2-speed settings you get on this hammer driver-drill.

Not to mention, its workpiece versatility and user-friendly specs have carpenters head over heels for the XPH10Z.

Key Features

The most important features of the product are as follows:

Lightweight Build

What if we told you this hammer drill weighs less than your toddler’s water gun? That’s right! With a weight of only 3.4 pounds, this hammer drill is one of the lightest drill machines out there. Thanks to its light and compact profile, operator fatigue is something you can stop thinking about!

Speedy Operation

An 18 Volt slide-style lithium-ion battery powers up the Makita XPH10Z.

No other than the world-famous Makita-built motor is used in this efficient hammer drill for getting a consistent performance. We have worked on the best dock ladders with this drill. And all of them where super smooth and fast.

We are talking about a striking speed of 1,900 RPM, and frankly speaking, it is more than enough to get a professional drill finish on abrasive and thick masonry materials. Combining such speed with torque in a small housing calls for a round of applause, and Makita XPH10Z makes it happen!

Fast Charging

As a constructor or metalworker, you cannot afford to waste precious working hours while your hammer drill is recharging. Not to mention, a hammer drill with a short runtime is of no help either. Luckily for the Makita XPH10Z, you can enjoy fast operation hours on end from a single charge.

It has up to 50% more runtime compared to its alternatives. The good news is that using the LXT Rapid Optimum charger refills the battery 3 times faster than before.

Extended Run Time

A high-torque impact driver is all you need to drill through a stock of thick structural panels, brick walls, and concrete to hardwood workpieces. Makita XPH10Z has a remarkable battery, charging facility, and finally, some smart protection features to sustain its circuit and important components inside.

Durable Hammer Drill

What we love about the XPH10Z is the attention to detail its manufacturer Makita has put into the making. For example, the hammer drill flaunts well-regulated power management – taking protection against overheating, overloading, and over-charging for long years of pristine service!

It makes the XPH10Z a durable drill driver and an excellent choice of cordless drill machines for the busiest construction projects!

If you want a more powerful and durable hammer drill, you can have a look at the Makita XPH07Z review which belongs to the same series as the XPH10Z.

Ease of Use

Depending on how deep you want the drill to make a hole, a carbide drill tip will drive smoothly through abrasive and thick materials better. Makita XPH10Z is an ergonomically designed drill driver offering a better grip and fast performance with minimum strain on your hands. Its rubberized grip feels comfortable, as well. Protective seals on the inside save its delicate parts when exposed to water, debris, and dust! The twin LED lights were a much sought-after feature for working in hard-to-reach places with precision. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are the most commonly asked queries regarding the Makita product:

1. How does Makita XPH10Z work?

Makita XPH10Z is a hammer drill that incorporates a hammering action with the traditional drilling mechanism. This dual pressure helps penetrate sturdy materials such as brick or concrete way faster and smoother than regular drill drivers.

2. Does Makita XPH10Z come with a drill bit?

No, Makita XPH10Z doesn’t come with a drill bit. You can use masonry bits or drill bits with either a durium or carbide drill tip. They are specially designed for hammer drills and practically more efficient in penetrating hard surfaces like concrete and brick faster. Before pulling that trigger, make sure that you know how to choose the right drill bit.

3. What materials are compatible with Makita XPH10Z?

Rock, concrete, brick, stone, masonry materials, and stocks of hardwood work well with the hammer driver-drill.

4. What is the weight of Makita XPH10Z?

Makita XPH10Z falls on the lighter side of power tools that give you zero to no operator fatigue. It weighs only 3.4lbs without the battery and runs 7-¾ inch in length. 

5. What batteries do I need to use with the Makita XPH10Z?

Makita 18V Lithium-ion battery with a star symbol is compatible with this hammer drill. Paired with an LXT rapid charger, the battery has a decent life and recharges quite fast.

Final Verdict

Get ready to explore the adventurous and sophisticated side of masonry with the XPH10Z; a one of a kind hammer driver-drill and the dream of every neighborhood handyman and full-fledged builder. We hope our Makita XPH10Z review was of help to you!

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