Rolling vs Sectional Steel Doors

Rolling vs. Sectional Steel Doors: Advantages and Disadvantages

The garage is a pretty important part of the home for us. It serves as a unique space for us to carry out different important projects. And as it usually contains a lot of pricy and critical equipment, the door needs to be just perfect.

So, when we looked through the options, we got in a dilemma between a sectional and rolling door. That made us go through the topic of rolling vs. sectional steel doors. And trust us; choosing between one might seem easy, but it certainly was not. Each of the types had its strengths and weaknesses.

However, after comparing them head-to-head, we did manage to settle with one. And through this article, we will ensure that you don’t face any issues while choosing one.

Rolling Steel Doors

Let us first start with rolling steel doors. According to us, these are a perfect pick for commercial settings. People will also refer to this as overhead rolling, coiling, or roll-up doors. No matter what you know them by, they are the same exact thing.

Rolling Steel Doors


The mechanism of these doors is just like their name suggests. These will roll the panels together into a compact coil while opening. This opening motion allows the options to achieve a minimal footprint. Due to such a trait, these achieve a higher overall versatility too.


As the mechanism retracts and rolls the steel together, these will be applicable for both the interior and exterior spaces. That means these are a perfect pick for the garages. For the compact nature and advanced rolling mechanism, it will be possible to install these on small and compact garages pretty easily.

Rolling Steel Doors


Just like the name suggests, these will feature a construction of steel. However, these will not just feature a single layer of steel; there will be multiple. As the material has a higher overall sturdiness level, these will be exceptionally durable. In fact, these can withstand a higher load than most of the average doors. These doors might bent but they will not break. And you have a easy fix for the bent garage door. You can also fix if there is a garage door gap for an impact.

That, combined with the locking mechanism, will provide the highest overall security. You can rely on these entirely and have the peace of mind that burglars or intruders will not be able to gain access to the inside that easily.

Weather Protection

As we have mentioned, the robust construction materials allow these to withstand heavy usage. These will be able to withstand wear and tear for an extended time. And if there is a proper coating on the surface, there will be minimal chances of catching rust and corrosion.

Rolling Steel Doors

Some of the options will also boast a layer of foam, which will act as an insulation material. For that reason, the heat and noise transfer will be reasonably low too.


The rolling doors come in different variants. Among all of them, the fire-rated ones are the most famous. When they are triggered by fire or smoke, the control box will automatically start the closing sequence. As a result, the chances of fire spreading around in the interior will be reasonably low.

Furthermore, it will be possible to customize the door according to your preference. You can select the size, the overall thickness, and the outlooks with complete freedom.

If your door is not opening or closing properly, we have a solve for that.

Sectional Steel Doors

Just like rolling steel doors, the sectional ones are reasonably popular too. However, these are usually the go-to options for residential applications. Nonetheless, these are not that uncommon among the commercial spaces.

Sectional Steel Doors


In comparison to rolling doors, the sectional steel doors will utilize more comprehensive panels. Also, these will not have a regular mounting mechanism. Instead, when these are retracted, they will rest parallel to the ceiling. The retraction is smoother with proper garage door rollers and adequate lubrication.


You can adjust each of the components of these doors according to your needs. Yes, they are that versatile! It will be possible to opt for sectional doors that have windows and other hardware in them. You can even modify them to have insulation built right inside the door.

Sectional Steel Doors

Price Point

Unlike some of the other available options, you will not have to break your bank to install one of these in your garage. You will find different options that will reside at various price points. There are budget options, medium-priced, and high-end options, to be exact. All you need to do is select a price point and choose accordingly.

Weather Protection

This factor will depend on the model you have picked. If you have customized the door before purchasing it and opted for the built-in insulation, these can offer exceptionally high protection from the harsh weather.

Sectional Steel Doors

In fact, some of the configurations can significantly reduce the heat transfer from the outdoor to indoors.


No matter which price point you opt for, the construction of these doors will be of steel. And for most cases, the steel will be of high quality. That allows them to achieve higher overall durability. For that reason, these can withstand higher loads and resist wear reasonably well. Increase the strength with the best door stopper.


As these have a praiseworthy level of durability, these will offer a good amount of security too. The durable material will be able to resist impacts and brute force exceptionally well. Even if you opt for the options that have windows in them, it will get pretty tough for a burglar to break into your house through these.

Sectional Steel Doors

Things to Consider Before You Make a Decision

At this moment, you should have a fair idea regarding both the options you have in hand. But one thing that we can say for sure is that the decision-making process is not as easy as you might have thought it would be, right?

Well, allow us to venture a little bit further into the topic then! Keep these factors in mind while choosing a suitable door for you:


No matter what type of door you plan to choose, the first thing you want to consider is the performance. Yes, it is not just applicable for the case we have in hand. It will be relevant to all of the other cases. To scrutinize the performance, assess the doors regarding how well they can handle heavy usage.

Rolling Steel Doors

Some of the manufacturers will state the efficiency metrics. The higher the number, the better a particular option will perform. Another point to remember is that sectional doors have a nasty problem off getting off track. But getting the garage door back off track is also easy.

Mounting Option

We know how vital space requirement is. But before you consider that, factor in the mounting mechanism. Different types of lift mounts will require different mounting processes. Some will go directly above the doorway, while some will go beside or on the overhead region.

Sectional steel doors, in particular, will require roof or ceiling support. These will require a comparatively higher amount of space. On the other hand, rolling doors can be attached to walls. So, they will not need that much overhead space.

Rolling Steel Doors

That being said, it is certainly possible to install the sectional options in multiple methods. They will come with a high lift, standard lift, or vertical lift. All of them will have different space requirements.


As we have mentioned above, the sectional doors will need a good amount of overhead space. That will limit the user to low ceilings or smaller headspace in the garage. So, before you pick one of these up, consider the overall space you have in your garage.

Additionally, factor in how many resources are there in the headspace. If there are HVAC vents, lighting, sprinklers, hanging signs, or hanging storage shelves, the sectional doors might block them.

Sectional Steel Doors

In comparison, the rolling doors can contain themselves in a small and compact shape. For that reason, there is really no need for a large amount of overhead space.


One of the most important factors that buyers factor in before purchasing a garage door is the cost. In fact, there are scenarios where a buyer did not consider a particular option just because it went beyond their budget. But you must understand that cheap and cost-effective are not the same thing.

While there are plenty of cheap options out there, they will not perform up to par. Even if you opt for a budget option, ensure that the parts are reliable and the door company is trustworthy.

In the case that we are talking about here, the steel sectional doors are the cost-effective option in comparison. But the maintenance cost might beat the up-front price.

Sectional Steel Doors

On the other hand, the rolling doors have a comparatively lower lifetime cost. You will not have to go through the maintenance process that much, nor will the maintenance be that high.


Lastly, consider the overall durability the doors offer. Even though the sectional doors boast a one-piece construction, they will have comparatively more parts in the mounting mechanism. And the higher the moving parts, the more the wear and tear a door would have to go through.

Rolling vs. Sectional Steel Doors

In contrast, the roll-up doors have a reasonably lower number of exposed parts. So, they will achieve a comparatively higher overall durability level.

Final Words

To conclude, in terms of rolling vs. sectional steel doors, it will basically depend on the functionality you are looking for, expected lifespan, and how often you want to go through the maintenance process. But do consider the other factors before making a purchase decision.

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