Shop Fox W1668 Review

Shop Fox W1668 Benchtop Drill Press Review: Don’t Waste Your Money

If you are an avid woodworker, you definitely have the use of drilling and sanding in the workshop where you create your wonders. Shop Fox W1668 gives you the best of both worlds being a 2-in-1 drill press and spindle sander!

This super handy, kind of revolutionary tool is now coming as a benchtop model, saving space and making room for much-needed personalization on your woodworking and metalworking pieces! 

What we have here today is a detailed Shop Fox W1668 review. We spent huge time on research and contacted our friends in carpentry who have been using this holy grail for a while now. And we analyzed all the specs in detail so you can decide if the W1668 is going to make it to your workshop or not!

Shop Fox W1668 Review


  • 12-speed settings and a rugged ¾ HP motor
  • Suitable for softwood, hardwood, brass, acrylic, aluminum, and steel
  • Easily converts to a spindle sander from a drill press
  • Excellent spindle travel and powerful oscillation
  • Tilting table allows easy, versatile carpentry
  • Comes with an 80 grit sandpaper, 3 sanding drums, and a 2-¼” dust port for hassle-free cleanup


  • Big profile for a tabletop spindle sander
  • Assembly can be a bit difficult

A powerful oscillating spindle sander and drill press duo such as this is going to be an incredible addition to your woodworking tools with its top-of-the-class features. To begin with, the Shop Fox W1668 has an impressive ¾ HP, 110V motor that runs the spindle from 250 RPM to all the way up to 3050 RPM.

The fact that it comes with 3 sander drums in different sizes gives you more versatility with the pieces you’re working with, from small woodworking projects to big furniture. Shop Fox W1668 tackles both with a premium finish and care. You can adjust its tilting table up to 90 degrees, both right and left.

It helps you attain some unique angle and shape on your workpiece. What else we loved about Shop Fox W1668 is that you can switch between the drill press and oscillating sander in a couple of tool-free and easy steps!

This sturdy oscillating drill press can drill a whopping ¾ inch in steel. That said, as a woodworker, you will find no less than a hundred uses of this rugged machine. Drilling and sanding can now be done in a single machine at a super affordable price. Say yes to creative carpentry with Shop Fox W1668!

Heavy-Duty Motor

When it comes to spindle sanders, expecting anything more than 2500 RPM on a benchtop sander is a bit of a stretch. Toppling this power usually comes at the higher end of the price range but luckily for Shop Fox W1668, its rugged motor will give you 12-speed options!

3050 RPM is the highest speed setting. You can tone it down as low as 250 RPM for sanding already smooth edges on furniture materials. However, a LED readout screen like the WEN 4212 would have been fantastic.

Shop Fox W1668 Benchtop Drill Press

A ¾ HP motor on a benchtop drill press and spindle sander duo can help you do some cool carpentry projects with greater precision. It’s not only powerful but also versatile because 12-speed adjustments let you create subtle to bold curves, shapes, and texture! 

Tilting Table 

One of the problems carpenters face with electric sanders is no ease of work. Oftentimes stationary tables put you in risky situations and have you hold a workpiece in a certain way for making curves.

The W1668 allows you to tilt the table to left and right up to 90 degrees; allowing a variety of positions, you can set your workpiece and get the desired frame very easily! It is one of the most important drill press features you can have.

On top of that, the circular table has a 12-⅜ inch diameter, which leaves you plenty of room to comfortably place a delicate piece of wood and sand tricky edges and corners. The table height is adjustable, and you can entirely move it away and use the rectangular drill press base for a roomier sanding or drilling work.  

Lightweight Benchtop Spindle Sander

The reason why spindle sanders are our favorite is that they deliver the smoothest sanding to woodwork pieces and help them achieve a professional look. Sandpapers or orbital sanders barely cut the deal when you are working with curved surfaces. Because let’s face it, they only work well on flat surfaces.

A detailed, smooth curve elevates the look and feels of your workpiece the best. In the box, you will get 3 sanding drums: 2-inch, 1.5-inch, and a sleek 1-inch spindle drum to add intricate detailing to your projects and smooth out those difficult places. You also get a mandrel to support your workpiece as the spindle does the work.    

Powerful Drill Press

You are not using a cordless battery drill like the Bosch PS31-2A. Drill press are used for maximum power.

Its 13-¼ inch swing means that you get nearly 7 inches of throat distance for working with thick pieces of wood. The spindle travel being a satisfactory 3-¼ inch, you can drill deep enough holes on many types of wood and metal as well.

And the spindle can be driven at an extraordinary speed of 3050 RPM; helping you wrap up your work in the shortest time!

Shop Fox W1668 Benchtop Drill Press

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding Shop Fox W1668:

1. What is the highest speed on Shop Fox W1668?

The speedier the sander drum oscillates, the smoother finish you get on your workpiece in an unbelievably low time. And the highest speed on W1668 is 3,050 RPM.

2. Does Shop Fox W1668 come with a dust port?

Shop Fox W1668 comes with a 2-¼ inch dust port. You can attach a vacuum cleaner hose and clean out the debris easily.

3. What sandpaper comes with Shop Fox W1668?

An 80 grit sandpaper was a smart choice because it is neither too coarse nor too fine. However, you need a 40 grit sandpaper for stripping wood or heavy-sanding wooden boards.

4. What is a spindle sander good for? 

The W1668 is good for smoothing curved surfaces and edges of your workpiece, removing old paint and imperfections.

5. What materials can I use with Shop Fox W1668 Drill Press?

Materials like softwood, hardwood, steel, brass, and aluminum can be drilled and sanded with Shop Fox W1668.

Final Verdict

Giving shape and the desired texture to your masterpiece is no longer a dream when you have this workhorse in your shop. We hope that our Shop Fox W1668 review helped you see what an incredible drill press and spindle sander duo it is. So, grab the W1668 right away!

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