Skil 5280-01 Review

Skil 5280-01 Review With Pros, Cons & Features

No doubt, a saw is one of the most useful tools you can have at your disposal. It makes cutting easy and saves effort.

With the advent of technology, saws have been upgraded to be powered by electricity and deliver smoother and cleaner cuts than their manual predecessors. However, with so many new electric-powered saws in the market, it’s difficult to pick one out.

But worry not, we are here to help by bringing to your attention one of the most highly rated electric saw available, the Skil 5280-01. We have reviewed many products of this brand like the Skil 6445-04 review.

This Skil 5280-01 review article has been tailored to provide the best possible overview of the amazing product. We describe some key features of the saw, along with its pros and cons, rounding up with an FAQ section. So read on and be amazed!

Skil 5280-01 Review


  • Lightweight to reduce user fatigue
  • Strong carbide-tipped blades
  • High power power
  • Easy to change blades
  • Laser guide allows for uniform and precise cuts
  • The long power cord enables a good reach


  • Not suitable for cutting thick plastics

This is a trademark product from Skil, and they make sure it delivers on quality and performance. First off, its powerful 15 amp motor stands out from any other motor in the market. It is capable of delivering speeds of up to 5300 revolutions per minute (rpm).

The spindle lock installed makes for very easy and quick blade changing, so you do not have to worry about wasting time swapping blades.

Cuts can be made more accurately with the help of a special laser. This is crucial for tasks that require precise dimensioning. You are also provided with flexibility with a range of cutting options, making this an ideal tool for a plethora of tasks.

With its compact design and structure, it is also easily portable and can be carried around from place to place with ease.

Key Features

Here we have the key features of this fine product:

Power and Robust Motor

Most electric saws are limited by their motor, which is essentially the powerhouse of the saw. A weak motor results in low speeds and poor cuts. It also means that your scope of work is now heavily restricted and confined to specific low power tasks.

However, this product is an entirely different story. It possesses a motor that has a power rating of 15 amps, which is pretty high for electric saws.

The high power motor allows a top blade speed of 5300 rpm to be easily reached. At this speed, you can cut through some of the toughest materials in the shortest possible time. This makes the product not only powerful but also a practical time-saver.

Carbide-Tipped Blade

A powerful motor is only partly useful if it is not coupled with a blade that can sustain high damage at high speeds. And a weak or poor quality blade will fracture or even break off under the heavy impact forces it will have to endure during operation. I rarely see high-quality combinations like the Dewalt DW535.

Hence, a powerful blade is indispensable and mandatory for good saw performance. This is where the 7.25-inch carbide tipped blade of this product clearly stands out.

Carbide is known for its durability and toughness. It is an engineering marvel and is widely used in high impact resistant tools. The carbide tipped blades of this product will absorb the bulk of the force exerted during operation, leaving the blade tip free from damage.

Dust Blower

One common point of concern for people who operate power tools is the constant and annoying accumulation of dust around the workspace, which often obscures vision.

Too much dust around the cutting area can be extremely dangerous as it can get in your line of sight and cause a grisly accident. People operating these tools often have to clear the dust themselves, and this wastes time.

This product, however, is fitted with a dust blower to constantly keep your work environment clean and free of dust. And this means your line of vision is always clear, so you can keep your eyes focused on the workpiece.

Moreover, this amazing feature is not only a safety measure but also a potential time-saver, as you do not have to stop work every few minutes just to clean up.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the Skil product:

1. Does this saw have an indicator light?

Yes, it does. The light is there to let you know if the saw is turned on or not.

2. How much does this product weigh?

The product weighs 6.95 pounds. At this weight, it is easy to use and also portable, so you can carry it around for work.

3. I operate tools using my left hand. Is this tool suitable for left-handed people?

The cutting saw is on the right, meaning you have to work it with your right hand, thereby making it a bit inconvenient for left-handed people.

4. Can it run on a DC power source?

No, it requires an AC power source for operation.

5. Can I use it to cut lumber and pinewood?

Yes, of course!

Final Verdict

In this Skil 5280-01 review article, we walked you through one of the best electric saw out there in the market. Due to its speed, ease of use, powerful blade, and many other discussed feature, we believe it would make for an amazing addition to your arsenal. So don’t wait any longer to make the right choice.

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