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31 Small Welding Projects From Scrap – Cherokee Observer

Nowadays, anyone can learn the art of welding. It isn’t reserved for the pros anymore. Any person interested in repairing and building things for fun and recreation can enjoy this hobby.

Wouldn't it be great if you could use the scrap pieces of metal you have lying around to make something useful? 

If you have no prior welding experience and want to be able to practice with easy-to-make items that will also be useful in the future, you have come to the right place.

These projects are simple but fun because of their short supply lists and quick construction times. These items would also make wonderful gifts for someone you care about during the holiday season.

I’ve compiled some really cool scrap welding projects that you will surely find useful. So, get your MIG welder ready. It’s time to weld some scrap metals.

1. Making A Scrap Metal Box

The best way to start your scrap metal projects is to make a scrap metal box. All you need are some 1/8” steel and a MIG welder. This is a great way to practice your welding skills.

Based on the size of the box you wish to create; you can choose different sizes of metal plates. It would also make a wonderful gift. A shiny metal container like this would be great for anyone who needs help getting organized.

2. A Cool Pencil Holder

Keeping things short and simple here. You could give it as a gift to new welding school friends if you can let go of this industrial pencil holder. Even though it’s a small project, this one has plenty of uses.

Square tubes, steel sheets, and spray paint are all you need for this project. Besides the welding machine, the most important tools will be hacksaws, bench vises, and files.

The steel tube needs to be cut into four equal sections. The holders will be made from that steel tube. Now, tack weld the pieces of tubing to the sheet steel base after cutting it. And voila. Your pencil holder is ready.

3. Welding A Photo Frame 

Parents love to see pictures of their children, no matter their age. The process of welding picture frames is simple. Since you can customize them so easily, they make great gifts.

A simple flat frame can be fabricated by cutting and welding gauge steel together. Alternatively, you can enhance its robustness by adding wrenches and metal tubing.

This is an excellent way to demonstrate your new welding skills. Just remember to send one with a personalized frame on Father's Day or Mother's Day next year.  

4. Homemade Chain Heart

This homemade chain heart will make a great gift for the ones you love. Make the heart shape from an old bicycle chain, then cut and weld the chains together.

You can make any size. Whatever you want it to be, from a necklace pendant to wall decoration, you can make it.

There's no better way to recycle an old bike chain than this. Welding tools you need include a chain cutter and pliers in addition to the used chain.

5. Country-Style Metal Doorbell

An ideal gift for grandparents or family members whose homes are country-style. This metal bell is rustic and extraordinarily loud.

You can repurpose old argon cylinders for these scrap metal projects. A steel rod and a steel plate are needed, along with a cylinder. Additionally, you will need flap discs, angle grinders, drill machines, and bits.

You can still use the small cylinder, just make sure it was not filled with flammable gas. There should be no pressure inside the cylinder. The task will definitely test your welding abilities.

6. A Fireguard

Now, this is definitely one of the most useful scrap metal welding projects you can make. An effective fire guard can be made by welding together three sides of a frame.

Complete your structure by infilling the structure with scrap steel strips. How about making a fireguard that folds at the hinges instead of welding the panels together?

This fence will not only look nice but also provide security for your family. You can never be too careful around open fires when you have kids and pets.

7. Storage Rack

Tubes can be used as the framework for shelves made of wood to create extensive storage. Finally, attach the frame to the studs in the ceiling and the wall.

Metal tubing always comes in handy for adding extra storage space to your garage. As the saying goes, you can never have too much storage space. Just make sure that you measure carefully before getting started. You won't need a 120 volt welders for this. 

8. A Ramp

Scrap metal ramps are fun to make. They come in handy for people with disabilities as well. Instead of throwing away old scrap metal, why not construct a wheelchair ramp instead?

A square tube and sheets of steel are all you need. You need two right-angle triangles to create a basic triangle frame. Once you attach those, you just need to attach sheet metal over them, so they are smooth.

9. Making A Log Basket

Log baskets are easy to make. Just be sure your bars are flat. You will then need to bend them into a U shape. Then you will need to weld two metal strips together.

Using a log basket, you can keep the logs within your oven once it has been built. These baskets help to keep the logs in place while creating a highly heated environment.

10. A Pan Rack

Consider remodeling your kitchen and making better use of unused space. For this, a pan rack seems like a good idea. Weld some metal pieces together to create a pan rack. I’ll leave the design and the size to you. 

Hooks that hold the pans can be inserted through holes drilled in square tubing along the surface. Be sure that you drill holes to hang it from the ceiling so you can hang the hooks.

11. Metal Brackets

Want to make some quick cash? Make brackets out of metal. They're useful to everyone. You can earn money by making steel brackets. People always hang stuff on walls. Shelves are also popular as storage options.

There are often used and old brackets available at thrift stores. The brackets can serve as storage and display tools just as picture frames do. You might be able to ship your brackets all over the world if you took orders for custom brackets.

12. Steel Plant Holder

From rustic tricycles to hanging potholders, you can make a variety of designs. To cut these strips to size, you'll need a hacksaw. Angle grinders can be used instead of hacksaws if you don't have one.

A bending machine or vice will also be necessary. From straight strips of steel, you can easily make a plant holder. Furthermore, you can reinforce concrete with 6 mm wire.

13. Garage Shelving

By using a few basic metal tubes, you can weld garage shelving relatively easily. To attach the plank to the ceiling and wall studs, you place a simple wooden plank on top of your brace.

You should take the time to measure twice or maybe three times before you begin any DIY welding project. This is the key to making sure your small metal projects ideas come into reality successfully.

14. Shooting Practice

Using scrap metals as targets is the best way to utilize them. A crossbar stand suspended from 8-inch metal discs makes a perfect shooting target. Weld the discs to the rods to make the target.

To hone your shooting skills, it could be beneficial to mix up the size and height of the targets. The plates can be pivoted so that they are less likely to ricochet.

15. Steel Vases

You can create stunning ornamental scrap welding projects with scrap steel if you have plenty to them. Even custom orders are possible and doing something you love can make you an hourly wage that is pretty solid. Steel plates can be turned into vases, coin banks, and other useful things.

16. Metal Sign

A metal sign gives you the chance to express yourself, and it allows you to create nearly any design. To get the best results, use strips of wrought iron. A manual bending machine or vice will also be necessary, in addition to an angle grinder.

The richness of a traditional metal sign will add class to your business or home. You can provide a new lease of life to the blunt exterior of your home with these decorative elements.

17. Utensil Holder

I love the fact that old kitchen utensils can be repurposed for this project. Although wood is the main material for the body, I think it will look great anyway.

Alternatively, you can make your base firmer with aluminum, on which you can weld the colander pieces. The best part here is that you can find plenty of similar small metal projects ideas like this one online.

18. Key Holder

Use a sheet of steel and weld small hooks to it to recreate the keychain holders from old black and white movies.

You will need 4 corners with holes for mounting. Any entrance hall would look stunning with this piece, and it would conjure up images of past eras.

19. Steel Washer Bowl

It looks like a time-consuming project to make steel washer bowls, but it's actually super fun to do. An afternoon should be enough to complete the project. Don't forget to use steel washers before starting the project.

20. Garden Décor

Imaginations are the limit as you come up with the latest scrap welding projects. Using scrap metal and off-cuts, you can create interesting and appealing garden art.

It's great because you don't have anyone to tell you made a mistake, you just make it up as you go along. There are plenty of designs online. You can either recreate those or build your own completely from scratch.

21. Stool

For a simple stool, a day is more than enough. The only materials you need are a few stainless-steel sheets and cylindrical metallic bars.

A basic understanding of welding is also necessary. TIG or wire welding is always recommended. The frame of the stool should consist of steel tubing, and the seat should be welded on to create a simple yet stylish design.

Then, add a section at the ends of the legs to make the project rigid. Both provide support and serve as footrests. This is an example of a simple project that is more effective and efficiently usable than a modernly designed one.

22. Lampshades

Metal scraps can easily be turned into a lampshade that is easy to maintain, clean, and able to last a long time.

Metal rods or sheets can be fashioned into lampshades using thin, lightweight scrap steel. It makes for a decent decorator and also provides a great way to avoid things from catching fire.

It is also worth pointing out that these lampshades can cost less than fabric shades. Fabric shades last only for a short period of time.

Your lampshade may take many hours or even a few days to complete. Furthermore, you will need to be creative in how you decorate your lamp.

23. Angle Grinder Stand

A fabrication shop is a dangerous work environment. Safety should be your number one priority when starting to work there. You should always buy a good hood.

As a result of this project, the angle grinder can be used safely because it is resting on a stand. This project is simple and practical. The materials needed for this project are nuts, bolts, and some tube steels. 

Making a portable work stand separate from your work surface is an easy project. You can MIG weld this pretty easily. It can be moved wherever you need it around your shop.

24. Metal Trellis

It is both stylish and practical to make a metal trellis for growing climbing plants. There is no restriction on the size or shape of this structure either. It can also be freestanding or attached to the fence.

A few basic tack welds are required, but this is a really impressive build. This simple and classy addition to the garden will please anyone that comes into your home.

Small gardens and limited space can also benefit from this project. Building a trellis not only increases the space but will also give you more opportunities to grow plants. Be sure to use clamps as well.

25. Slab Bench

You can use your welding tools to make this cool project using wood. In order to complete this project, you will need a palm sander and a slab of wood.

You will need some tube steel to make the base. I recommend using 1 x 3 inches or thicker. You'll also need to weld it together after it is cut to size.

Paint the base with quality paint so you'll have a strong and durable surface to work on when you finish the wood slab.

26. Pen Desk Cup

Having this holder on your desk will make your working space stand out from those of your coworkers. It requires mild steel tubing in different lengths.

Alternatively, you can use 16-gauge or 8-gauge steel. This will depend on the length you need. Run a file or angle grinder over the edge of your tube after it has been cut to length.

You can tack weld your tube to a flat bar by holding it against it. Position four hollow tubes side by side. Make a base for them by tacking them together

To add more flair to your new desktop accessory, you can spray paint it with any color you'd like. Then, you can let it stand in any position on your desk. I think it would look even more stylish if the tubes were different lengths.

27. Firepit

Gather your family and friends around an outdoor fire pit. Making this pit is very simple since you only need to cut some steel pieces.

There's no doubt that it's an awesome project that is cheaper and uses fewer resources compared to other scrap metal welding projects in this list. The job can be accomplished with a half sheet of steel of 2.1mm thickness.

The process requires fewer skills because there are no designs until and unless you want it to look cool. Stick welding is a common method to make a firepit. When it comes this one, it won't even take an hour or two.

28. Wood Stove

Next up, we have a bulky project on your hands. As a result of its size, the entire process would probably take 5 - 6 days. In spite of this, it is one of the most profitable scrap welding projects as buying a brand-new stove would be very costly.

It doesn't take much to get started - just a cast iron door and a steel drum. Make sure that your stove is designed and constructed correctly and use TIG welding whenever possible. In reality, it is not as hard as it seems. Even a beginner welder can easily make it. It is also cheaper to make one yourself.

29. Coffee Table

Coffee tables are not that difficult to build, and if you have basic welding skills, they can be made with relatively less effort. This is also not a job that requires a lot of time and effort. However, assembling the table takes just a few days.

In addition to wood, metal sheets, rods, and bars are needed. To become a successful welder, you must specialize in TIG, MIG, and stick welding. And this is the right project to practice all of that.

It is possible to use a coffee table both inside and outside. If you make one yourself, the cost will be lower than if you bought one. You can try cutting a little 1x1 tube steel for decorative purposes and do a bit of metal design at the bottom if you wish. It would definitely turn heads.

30. Welding Trolley Project

This neat little tool cart will make welders' lives easier. It's easy to build and will make your welding process well organized. This is the first project every new welder owner is drawn to. It's so handy to be able to move your welding cart around.

It certainly beats manually moving the welder from point A to point B or using a makeshift trolley not intended for welding. There are many uses for this simple design at home, at the barn, and in the shop.

31. Coat Hooks

Okay, so it’s time to wrap up our scrap metal project ideas. For our last project, we will keep things as simple and short as possible.

You can hang any number of these hooks on the wall or on a piece of wood to create different looks. Then lay out a strip of sheet metal along the length of a bunch of old horseshoes using clamps and then line them up.

You can hang a coat from the horseshoe's hook-end, so they are positioned on their sides. Your coats will now hang in a stylish manner when you weld them together. Moreover, the welding process takes very little time.

It's a pretty simple project, and you can see how it's made by watching the video below. If you're a DIY novice, this is an excellent project for you.

Final Words

Taking on scrap metal welding projects such as these will allow you to utilize your welding expertise outside the field before you start working on a real job. Making homemade gifts with scrap metal can be a lot of fun.

Depending on your level of welding training, you may wish to gradually take on larger projects to improve your yard or home. You can even open up a small crafts shop. Hopefully, you liked all the scrap metal project ideas on this list. Let me know which one you ended up making.

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