Sony CMT SBT100 Review

Sony CMT SBT100 Review

If you’re searching for a decent home audio system at a reasonable price, you didn’t bump on this post by mistake. The Sony CM SBT 100 is designed for small to medium-sized rooms and comes with a list of cool features to give you an amazing listening experience. In this the Sony CMT SBT 100 review below, we explore these great features of this hi-fi system to help you decide if it’s the right product for you.

Sony CMT SBT-100: The Design

The Sony CMT SBT-100 comes as a 3-piece stereo system featuring a compact-sized receiver plus two bookshelf-sized speakers. Each of the speakers comes with a 4-inch low-frequency driver and a 1½-inch tweeter driven by the receiver’s amp at 25Watt peak per channel.

Sony CMT SBT100

The two equate to a combined 50W system with a surprisingly loud performance. And a good low-end response. This is made possible by the integrated Sony S-Master Digital Amplifier technology, optimized to output bigger sound using less energy.

Unboxing and set up

The complete Sony cmt sbt-100 package features the following items:

  • Sony CMT-SBT100
  • Remote control
  • 2 AA batteries
  • Power cable
  • Instructional manual

If you check the instructional manual, you might get easily intimidated by the details instruction it offers on putting together the system components, remote connection, and function diagrams.

But…the setup is much easier then you can imagine!

You start by attaching the included rubber feet to the bottom of the two speakers. If you’re familiar with audio systems, then you already know that these feet help minimize vibrations and keep the speakers in place, even when playing at the highest volume.

Both speaker cables feature a grey connector for easily plugging into the back of the right or left speaker connector on the center console. The cables have naked wire connectors at the ends to plug into the color-coded black and red inputs at the back of the respective speakers.

Sony CMT SBT100

Setting up the AM/FM antenna is also a breeze! The antenna has a combination AM loop antenna plus FM lead antenna—it appears as a thin, long wire. And they both terminate in a white connector that hassle-freely plugs into the antenna input at the back of the receiver. The antenna cables have a pretty good length to give you flexibility when searching for good reception.

As for the remote control, it gives you easier access to more features that you get with the controls on the receiver. The remote control enables you to turn on a white light underneath the receiver. When you select Bluetooth, blue is added to the white color.

We believe that it’d have been nicer if the manufacturer used different colors for other inputs as well.

SEE…the process is just so easy! Just a few connections, plugging the center console to the power outlet, and you’re done!

Inputs and outputs

When it comes to the types of inputs, the Sony hi-fi system offers you 3 main types—the Bluetooth, USB, and AUX (1/8-inch Aux). For the outputs, you’ll get an ⅛-inch headphone. You’ll also get a built-in CD player and AM/FM radio as additional input options. In supports various audio formats, namely MP3, AAC, and WMA.

The AM/FM radio lets you program as many presets as 30 of your favorite stations (10 AM and 20 FM), which is more than enough stations any enthusiast will listen to.

Because the headphone output and USB port are located on the front of the stereo system, accessing them is easy and fast for you. The brains behind this system were also quick to figure out that putting all the inputs to the front might make it look too cluttered. That’s why they put the Aux input in the rear panel.

Sony CMT SBT100 Review

We’ve also mentioned that the Sony Hi-fi system features a Bluetooth input. To be more precise, it features Bluetooth version 3, which is a bit too outdated for this system. Nonetheless, it functions quite well and even supports both apt-x and AAC.

You’ll have an easy time pairing your Bluetooth devices with this system. It has a 33-foot connectivity range, which works really well, unlike other systems that promise a wide range but don’t live up to their promises. Also worth mentioning in this Sony cmtsbt100 review is that this system features NFC (Near field communication) function to let you quickly pair any NFC-enabled devices.

Once you connect your BT devices to Sony cmt sbt-100, you can easily control them using the system’s receiver’s audio buttons or via the remote control.

Operating the Sony cmtsbt-100

It would be a mistake to end our Sony cmtsbt100 review without mentioning the operability of this system.

The receiver itself carries most of the system controls, including the power on/off button, Bluetooth pairing, input function, stop/play/pause, CD eject, and track skip/radio tuning. Still, on this receiver, you’ll get an EQ button for adjusting bass and treble, and bass boost engage/disengage.

If you prefer the remote way, then you’ll appreciate the fact that this system comes packed with an easy to use remote control. It lets you adjust all the functions we’ve mentioned above. It also features a separate button for each of these inputs, making it easy and fast to switch between them.

On this remote, you’ll discover a separate button for bass, treble for easy, fast adjustment of the same.

Sony CMT SBT100 Review

You can also use the remote control to explore the various folders for CD or USB inputs…and even scroll through them to find the tracks you’re looking for.

Moreover, the remote control allows you to set up the clock and alarm feature that comes integrated into this system. You’ll appreciate that the clock feature to let you set different times and alarms. Using this function, you can set a CD, USB or AM/FM to start playing whenever the alarm goes off. Needless to mention, the CD or USB needs to be inserted for this to work. You can also set the volume at which you want the alarm to play at.

Don’t forget, the receiver features an LCD that displays all the labels, so you can easily see where you are.

Sound quality

Having set up this system and started operating it, you might be overly curious to know how it performs.

The sound quality of this Sony is totally impressive!

It doesn’t matter what input you play with this system; it produces really amazing sound quality. The sound from a CD sound crystal clear and has decent bass.

Playback from other types of audios such as podcasts, audiobooks, etc., also sounds great.

The Sony has a Bass Boost feature, remember? Good…when you put in this function, it increases the system’s overall volume while boosting the bass to more pronounced levels. Amazingly, the bass boost doesn’t overpower the sound profile.

If you like, you can always adjust the bass and treble to lower or higher levels, depending on your preferences.

Sony CMT SBT100

Similarly, playing music from Bluetooth devices (whether downloaded or streamed) will also produce great results.

Something we’d also like to mention here in this Sony cmt sbt100 review is the system’s volume. Its level runs from 0 to 31. You’ll barely hear anything when you set the volume to 9. When you go full-blast (i.e., level 31), the sound gets quite loud, which is more than enough for a typical home setting.

And yes, you won’t experience any distortions at Max. volume. How amazing!

When you connect a good pair of headphones to the receiver, you’ll get just the same results as listening over the speakers; i.e., a volume of 9 is barely audible while the max volume is nice and clear.

What we like

  • Classic and elegant design
  • Great sound
  • Strong, clear midrange
  • Good price point

What we don’t like

  • LED display shows limited info
  • No Wi-Fi connectivity

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The Verdict

Overall, the Sony cmt sbt100 is a classic, elegant looking bookshelf stereo system packed with an array of great features at a reasonable price tag. It has excellent sound quality and offers you plenty of input options to give you flexibility on what you can play with it. After reading the above in-depth Sony cmt sbt100 review, you’ll agree with me that this is more of a home-use system than a party system. Whether you want a great stereo system for a medium-sized room or playing background music in your house, get this system from Sony today!

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