Spyderco Bushcraft Review

Spyderco Bushcraft Review: Is It Worth The Hype?

If you’re looking for a bushcraft-style knife and you’re a fan of Spyderco, then the Spyderco Bushcraft is one knife to consider. This fixed blade knife is pretty popular among outdoor camping enthusiasts and has received loads of feedback from happy users.

But how does this knife measure up in the hands of a bushcrafter? Is it another disappointing knife that’s poorly made? Or is it a high-performance knife that will become your new favorite? This is what you’re about to discover in the comprehensive Spyderco Bushcraft review below.

Spyderco Bushcraft overview and specifications

Spyderco Bushcraft is designed with bushcraft art in mind. It resulted from a collaboration of the popular tactical bushcrafter Chris Claycombe, UK bushcrafters, and the Spyderco designers.

It comes with a fully-tanged, 4-inch tool steel blade and features no handguard. It comes in the Scandinavian grind, also known as Scandi grind, which is typical of bushcraft knives.

Spyderco Bushcraft

They settled on O1 tool steel for this knife due to its ability to hold a keen edge for long with heavy use and easy sharpening characteristics. As for the handle, they settled on G-10, which is well-contoured for comfort and feels natural in your palm.

This bushcraft knife is made in Taiwan. The quality look and feel of this is enough evidence that the knifesmiths in Taiwan did use high skill and precision when working on this knife.

Above all, they designed a leather sheath for this knife to make it easy for you to carry this knife outdoors.

Unfortunately, Spyderco has discontinued this knife, so you might want to get a pair and put one in your safe while the stock lasts.

Here’s a full list of Spyderco Bushcraft Specs:

Spyderco Bushcraft overview

Overall length

8.75 inches

Blade length

4 inches

Blade steel

O1 high carbon tool steel

Blade thickness

0.14 inches

Cutting edge

3.9 inches



Handle material



Fixed blade


The handle of this knife is G10 and is nice-looking, thanks to the glass epoxy laminate design it comes with. Besides looks, this handle feels quite comfortable in your hands (as expected of this handle material!)

A quick look at the design of the handle gives you a feeling that it will be slippery, but when you have it in your hands, it sticks pretty well and gives you that ergonomic feel you need in a knife.

Spyderco Bushcraft Handle

You’ll also appreciate the lanyard hole on this handle which offers you alternative carrying method.


The knife has a 4-inch long blade featuring the Scandi grind—the most popular type of grind in modern-era bushcraft knives.

This blade is made from the Japanese O1 tool steel, which comes super-sharp from the factory. This steel is quite strong and will hold up quite well to field use that you’ll be impressed by it.

Many bushcraft enthusiasts also love the high carbon steel blade because it holds its edge nicely, even with repeated batoning and other field activities. It is also easy to sharpen.

The blade is full-tang and combines with the scandi grind to form a strong bushcraft knife for handling various activities, including cutting, chopping, carving, splitting, and so on. As most users like to put it, the Spyderco Bushcraft is built like a tank!

The knife has some heft to it which gives you leverage for more demanding tasks.

At the front end of this blade, you’ll discover a robust chisel point tip that preserves the excellent thickness of the blade. This tip is highly functional and will help you drill, scrap, punch, twist, scratch, etc., when out there in the field.

Spyderco Bushcraft Blade

The only part of this steel that’s a letdown is that it’s highly likely to get stained and discolored as you continue using it. However, you can easily avoid this and maintain your blade’s look by quickly cleaning and oiling it after every use.

So, if you’re using this knife out in the field, just make sure you carry with you something to help give it a quick clean-up when you’re done using it.

As with all the other Spydercos, this fixed blade knife has the signature Spyderhole lying right below its spine.

While this might not help with deployment (remember, this is a fixed blade and not a folder), it might find other uses. For instance, you may use it in tandem with the lanyard hole to help lash your knife to a branch and use it as a spear.


Since this is a full-tang, it offers a great balance for comfortable use. You can use it in your hands for long without feeling fatigued.

The beautiful G10 scales are perfectly contoured to fill your hands for a non-slip, secure, and comfortable hold. And it does so without creating any hotspots. This handle simply melts in your hand.

You also don’t have to worry about the size of your hands because this handle feels firm and solid for users with both big and small hands.

Spyderco Bushcraft Ergonomics

However, we noted that this knife lacks any jimping on its blade, which might prove handy when using your knife for hard cutting tasks.

Masters of bushcraft will love that this knife performs nicely and even holds up to those heavy-duty tasks that you’d think are best tackled with an ax or machete.

Leather sheath

When you purchase this bushcraft knife, you’ll also receive a black, traditional-styled leather sheath. Though there’s a lot of debate revolving around this sheath and its design and whether it is made of genuine leather, we’re of the opinion that it’s worth it.

It is well made and feels quite solid and durable. It features a hanging loop with grommet holes that easily accommodate a Paracord or leather lacing.

So, how does the knife “feel” about this sheath? You’ll be amazed how your knife easily drops into the sheath before sitting and settling in there with a nice sheath.

Once inside, the knife stays there like it’s held in place by a magnet. Even if you try turning the sheath over or shaking it as hard as possible, it stays in there and won’t come out unless you take it out yourself. No more worrying about losing your knife in the field!

Leather sheath

One particular thing we love about this sheath is that it lets you insert your knife right or left-handed. This nice touch makes it easy to use for both right and left-handed users.

However, some users don’t like that getting the knife out of this sheath might be a hassle when you have gloved hands. This is especially true for the first few times.

Most bushcrafters also don’t like the plastic insert in the sheath as it tends to hang up on the blade most of the time.

Fit and finish

This knife has a great fit and finish and is enough evidence that Spyderco considered all the attributes that users want in a bushcraft knife to help them come up with a seamless, well-designed knife.

Its edge comes super-sharp and is ready to shave your arm hair out of the box. The handle fits nicely in your hands.; it is well-rounded and lacks hotspots.

Spyderco Bushcraft Fit and finish

The entire blade length comes perfectly aligned, and the grind is perfectly symmetrical. The knife is firmly held together using seamless pins.

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Final Thoughts

That’s it for our Spyderco Bushcraft knife complete review. Built to serve those who are into the bushcrafting world, this outstanding knife is designed with a premium build quality, as seen in its materials and outstanding workmanship. It has a comfortable handle and tough blade steel that holds its edge for long.

It is well-balanced and super-comfy to hold in your hand for long hours. It performs pretty well in the field and comes in its own leather sheath to protect the fixed blade and offer you easy carry. It hits all the spots for the perfect knife for field use.

Overall, the Spyderco Bushcraft knife is the dream knife for every serious bushcrafter, survivalist, and outdoor explorer. The pricing might be on the higher side, but rest assured that you’re getting your money’s worth with this high-quality knife.

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