Spyderco Delica 4 Review

Spyderco Delica 4 Review: How Good Is It Actully?

If you love Spyderco knives, then you’ve definitely heard about their Delica family of folding EDCs. This line of folders has evolved into 4 generations since the release of the first-ever Delica in the 1990s. And it currently stands at the Spyderco Delica 4.

The first impressions show that this 4th variant is a small and lightweight folder. It has an overall length reaching slightly above 7 inches and the blade length a little under 3 inches. And its price is within an affordable range.

In this complete Spyderco Delica 4 review, you’ll discover full details on how the EDC knife performs in crucial areas. We’ll discuss its handling and ergonomics, blade cutting performance, deployment, blade lockup, and how it carries in your pocket.

Spyderco Delica 4 overview and specs

As we have just hinted above, Spyderco Delica is the 4th variant of the original Delica produced by Spyderco in 1990.

This new variant is designed to be a small and lightweight EDC knife. It has an overall size of 7.125 inches and a closed length of 24.24 inches. And it weighs 2.5oz, making it one of the lightweight EDC folders available today.

The Delica 4 blade is made from the high-end Japanese VG10 stainless steel with a full-flat grind. It has an oversized (13mm) thumb hole which is standard across all knives from Spyderco.

The handle features FRN (fiberglass reinforced nylon) material with bi-directional texturing for a sure grip. This handle also comes in various vibrant tones for you to choose from, including purple, gray, brown, green, and blue.

Spyderco Delica 4

Inside the handles lay skeletonized dual stainless steel liners, which help add strength and sturdiness to the knife while keeping the weight low.

Above all, the knife features a fully ambidextrous pocket clip (with 4-way tip-up, tip-down carry that’s reversible for right hand or left side carry).

This knife is proudly made in Seiki-city, Japan. This beats “Made in china,” right? This is enough guarantee that it comes with good build quality.

Below are the key specs of Delica 4 lightweight folding EDC:

Spyderco Delica 4 overview

Overall length

7.125 Inch

Closed length

4.24 Inch

Blade length

2.875 Inch

Blade thickness

0.093 Inch

Blade steel


Handle material

FRN (fiberglass reinforced handle)




Made in Japan


The Delica 4 comes with the same FRN handle material found in other Delicas and the Enduras. This material has its surface optimized with bi-directional texturing, which goes a long way in offering you a good grip on the handle in both dry and wet conditions.

The handle is big enough and comfortably fits small and large hands with the natural 4-finger grip.

Lying underneath the handle slabs are skeletonized stainless steel liners which help keep the weight low while still giving the handle a sturdy and firm feel.

As with its older brothers, this Delica handle is also fashioned with a big lanyard hole to cater to users who like adding lanyards or fobs to their knives.

Spyderco Delica 4 Handle

Don’t forget that this handle comes in a variety of colors, so you can choose the color that matches your preferences.

If you’re buying this knife as a gift for your hubby, you can go for manly colors like Black or blue. And if you’re getting it for a lady knife enthusiast, pink or purple will be a good choice!


At 2.875 inches, the Delica 4 blade is just the perfect size for handling EDC common EDC tasks, peeling, or slicing fruits and veggies in your kitchen.

This blade size is also within the legal carry requirements for those who live in cities with strict knife laws.

Delica 4 maintains the tradition of the earlier Delicas by sticking to the VG10 steel. This is high-end Japanese steel that provides good edge retention and can go for a long time before you need to re-sharpen it.

Sharpening it is a breeze. Its corrosion resistance is exceptional, which means reduced maintenance without worrying about rusting and discoloration of the blade.

Spyderco Delica 4 Blade

The blade features a full flat grind, typical of EDC knives. This makes the knife a beast for slicing tasks like cutting boxes, cutting loose threads, etc. It works great for food prep like peeling apples, cutting other fruits and veggies, whittling.

The blade is super sharp out of the box, and it will hold this sharp edge for a pretty long time before you can think of re-sharpening it.

One more thing, this Delica 4 is available in plain, serrated, or a combo edge to meet your unique knife applications.


The FRN handle offers you a positive grip. Its butt will come all the way to the bottom of your hand when gripping the knife. This means it’s big enough to comfortably accommodate your hand and perfectly lock it into place for a firm grip.

Bi-directional texturing on this handle is also worth mentioning. It makes the handle grippy and minimizes the chances of slipping, even in wet conditions—ensuring total blade control.

However, this texturing isn’t too rough to damage your pockets. It comes in just the perfect texturing for a good grip in all conditions.

The underlying milled steel liners give the handle a solid feel when you pinch grip it and eliminate any signs of flex. At the same time, they help keep the weight low, making the knife feel light in your hand.

Spyderco Delica 4 Ergonomics

The jimping on the blade spine provided your thumb with excellent traction. This allows you to exert pressure on your blade without losing control of it, say when cutting something hard.

The thumbhole on the blade is another ergonomic triumph of this knife. It makes deploying the blade smooth and fast for you. It is also oversized to fit your thumb easily.

Deployment and Lockup

As we have just stated above, the Delica 4 blade is fashioned with Spyderco’s trademark Spyderhole to ensure smooth and fast blade opening.

This hole is oversized to make it easy to open the knife, even with your gloves on. It enables you to open the knife one-handed. This deployment method is pretty intuitive for you, and you won’t even need to practice.

It comes with a lock-back mechanism that snaps into place with a satisfying clicking sound. Once this lock is engaged, the blade stays in place and shows no slight sign of blade play.

Spyderco Delica 4 Lockup

We also like that this lock comes indented (the Boye dent) to help minimize the possibility of accidentally closing the blade when squeezing the handle for a tighter grip.

Some people don’t like this lock because it makes it hard to close your knife one-handed. But with practice, you’ll also be able to release this back lock and close this knife with one hand.

Pocket clip

A fantastic deep-carry pocket clip finishes up this knife. This clip is highly versatile and allows you to configure it for tip-up or tip-down carry. It also goes to either the right or left-hand sides to cater to different users’ needs.

This pocket clip is also extremely sturdy and has excellent retention. You clip it, and your knife will hang in there until you get it out yourself.

It also appears perfectly even on the outside. This prevents the issue with some uneven clips that tend to catch on things, e.g., cars, as you move along, which can end up damaging the clip itself and other people’s properties.

The black finish in the clip and its deep carry design help ensure completely discrete carry. However, keep in mind that the paint job is badly done and might wear off with continued use.

Pocket clip

This knife weighs just 2.5oz, making it incredibly lightweight and easy to carry in your pocket all day. And the overall thin profile of this knife makes it easy to fit in your pocket.

In other words, this is the knife that disappears in your pocket and even leaves space to put your hand in there.

Fit and finish

Fit and finish are good in Delica 4 but not the best. We love the knife’s silky-smooth action in addition to a solid and secure lockup.

The locking mechanism locks up the blade in place so tight that it leaves no room for blade play in any direction.

However, there are minor fit and finish defects worth pointing out. For instance, the FRN spacer near the handle tail doesn’t sit perfectly flush with the scales.

Fit and finish

The contoured edges of the handle are not smoothened and feel sharp. Also, the blade centering is decent—not bad, but not perfect.

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Final Verdict

Now that you have read this review, you know the Spyderco Delica inside out, and you can easily decide if it’s a perfect everyday carry knife for you.

This knife comes super-sharp out of the box. It has high-end VG-10 steel that’s easy to sharpen and holds an edge quite well. The blade locks up into position perfectly, and there’s no play detected. The jimping helps get total blade control for precise cutting results.

The grip and ergonomics are top-notch. Action is silky smooth and is one-handed. The knife itself is slim and lightweight for easy carry. Its clip is versatile and enhances comfortable carry. Fit and finish might not be the best, but it’s good for the price of this knife.

There’s nothing not to like in this Spyderco Delica 4, and it makes an excellent choice for an EDC folder that offers you value for money.

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