Spyderco Dice Review

Spyderco Dice Review: Should You Really Get This?

If you loved the Spyderco Domino but didn't like its big size, its small brother Spyderco Dice is a good alternative. This knife comes with a reduced overall size and blade length than the Domino while preserving all the features and build quality of its big brother Domino.

In this our full Spyderco Dice review below, we'll cover everything you need to know about the knife, including the handle, blade, deployment, lockup, ergonomics, and more.

Spyderco Dice overview and specifications

Spyderco dice is a smaller version of the Spyderco Domino flipper. Made in Taiwan, this small knife is designed by Eric Glesser and features a flipper opener.

It comes with a full flat ground blade made with CTS XHP steel. This blade is designed to ride on specially made ball bearing washers, resulting in ultra-smooth action.

Spyderco Dice

The knife handle is made of solid titanium scales on one side. And the other side features titanium liner and carbon fiber G10 laminate.

The titanium scale houses the knife's high-strength frame lock/Reeve Integral Lock (R.I.L.) mechanism with steel interface that doubles as blade over travel stop.

This knife comes with a 4-position ambidextrous pocket clip for easy and versatile carry.

Below is a quick list of Spyderco Dice key specifications:

Spyderco Dice overview

Overall length


Closed length


Blade length


Blade thickness


Blade steel


Handle material

Carbon Fiber G10 Laminate/Titanium

Pocket clip

4-position ambidextrous clip




The knife is made of carbon fiber G10 laminate/titanium handle materials. One side is a carbon fiber laminated black G10 scale lying on a thin titanium plate. And the side with the Reeve Integral Lock (R.I.L.) is bare brushed titanium.

Despite coming in a smaller size than its big brother Domino, this knife handle is still a good size to fill your hands and offer a comfortable user experience.

spyderco dice Handle

As you expect of a Spyderco knife, this Dice also has a lanyard hole on the handle. If you don't fancy carrying your knife in the pocket, you can easily attach a fob or lanyard through this hole for an alternative carry method.


The blade is 2.52-inch and just the perfect size—not too big to intimidate your colleagues in the office or the public—for everyday carry.

This small size is also perfect for use in states with strict laws on pocket knives. The blade is leaf-shaped, features a good grind, and is super-sharp out of the box.

The blade comes razor-sharp out of the box and will shave the hairs on your arm. It is made using flat-ground CTS-XHP steel with excellent edge retention properties. It will hold up to hard use for long without losing its working edge.

Spyderco Dice

A pointy tip is part of this blade and works great for everyday tasks like opening cans r packages. The cutting edge excels at slicing tasks.


The Dice is also designed to be comfortable in your hands. This shouldn't come as a surprise given that its designer, Eric, is a master of ergonomics!

Its handle is well contoured to fit your hands. it also features good texturing for traction and increased gripability.

You'll appreciate that this Spyderco comes with an index finger choil which boosts its ergonomics.

It also features jimping o the top of the blade, which ensures excellent thumb grip.  Likewise, the index choil comes with jimping for an enhanced grip.

spyderco dice

If you look closely into the flexible section of the knife's integrated lock, you'll discover a textured steel plate.

This is a minor detail that most people tend to miss in this knife, but it goes a long way in providing you with extra grip while using your knife. Moreover, it acts as a non-slip section that helps with closing up your knife.

Deployment and lockup

Dice is designed to be deployed using the flipper mechanism. This involves pushing down on the blade extension. The blade rides on ball-bearing washers, which translates to an ultra-smooth opening.

Besides, you can rely on the Spyderhole on the blade to deploy this blade, giving you more than one option of deploying your blade.

Deployment and lockup

The locking mechanism is first-rate for this knife. It is essentially the frame lock/Reeve Integral Lock (R.I.L) design. It works closely with the hardened steel lock bar insert to provide a solid blade lockup. It allows for easy one-handed closing.

Pocket clip

The Dice is fitted with an ambidextrous pocket clip with up to 4 carry options to give you lots of versatility on how you can carry it in your pocket.

You can carry it tip or tip down on either your right-hand or left-hand side.

The clip is sturdily held in place using up to 3 Torx screws and has a solid tension to it, so you can rest assured it will keep your knife in your pocket until you get it out. Since the clip is finished with a black coating, it will also offer you discrete carry.

Pocket clip

Unfortunately, this pocket clip isn't deep pocket and doesn't ride that deep into your pocket. However, this is not a serious issue as you can easily get a replacement clip that meets your needs for deep carry.

With an overall weight of 3.7 ounces, you can easily carry this knife without worrying about it weighing you down.

Fit and finish

We must give up to the craftsmen in Taiwan for doing a good job on this knife and giving it a precise fit and finish, just like in the Domino.

The overall build quality of this knife is great. It is well finished and looks nice both in the opened and closed format.

Its 2.53-inch blade is well suited for handling various day-to-day tasks, and it has zero blade play in all directions. The blade centering, too, sits right on point.

Fit and finish

Index finger choil enhances the knife ergos and gives it a unique look.

The handle is well rounded and has perfect contours for comfortable holding.

And being a Spyderco, this knife is sharp out of the box and will give you an easy cutting experience.

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Final Verdict

That's all you need to know about the Spyderco Dice knife. This knife brings you the modern knife-making features right in your hands.

It gives you what you expect of a typical Spyderco: a great build quality, good ergonomics, Spyderhole, and a 4-way pocket clip. Its action is smooth and fast, and the lockup is secure and reliable. The fit and finish are precise for this flipper.

Remember, the Deice comes in a much smaller size than its big brother, the Domino.

Overall this is a great everyday carry knife for those who want a smaller knife or those who reside in cities with strict knife laws.

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