Spyderco Street Beat Review

Spyderco Street Beat Review: Front Pocket Folder Alternative?

Spyderco is synonymous mainly with EDC folders. But they also have several fixed blade EDCs. And this Street Beat Lightweight is one of them. This little knife was designed by Fred Perrin, a well-known self-defense factional trainer with a focus on blades, and implemented by Spyderco.

Our review below covers every aspect of the Spyderco Street Beat lightweight model. This will help you understand it better and easily determine if it has got what you're looking for in an everyday tactical knife.

Spyderco Street Beat Lightweight Overview and Specifications

As we have mentioned above, the Spyderco Street Beat is a collaboration between Fred Perrin, a custom knifemaker and a former French army commando, and Spyderco. The original run was the Spyderco Street Bowie (FB04).

Released in 2007, this knife has been in the Spyderco lineup of EDC knives for close to 15 years. The first-ever model was characterized by a beautiful satin blade finish and a distinctive contoured micarta handle.

The Spyderco Street Beat Lightweight is the current version released in 2016. The model comes with a list of upgrades, including the FRN handle, coated blade, and other minor changes.

Spyderco Street Beat

It is 7.18 inches overall and features a 3.5-inch long bowie-shaped blade made from Japanese VG-10 steel. The blade is a full-flat ground.

The Street Beat is incredibly lightweight, at only 3.1oz and 4.9oz together with the included sheath.

Talking of the sheath, it is made from durable polymer. It is injection molded and lets you carry this knife in a variety of positions, making it an extremely versatile sheath.

Below are the key specifications of the Spyderco Street Beat:

Spyderco Street Beat Lightweight

Overall length

7.18 Inch

Blade length

3.51 Inch

Blade thickness


Blade steel


Handle material

FRN (fiberglass reinforced nylon)


Made in Japan


3.1oz (4.9oz with the sheath)


Unlike the original model with G10 or micarta scales, this new model features Fiberglass-reinforced nylon (FRN). This rigid material is injected molded into the knife tang.

This handle feels good and solid in your hands and gives you confidence when using the knife for your everyday tasks.

You'll appreciate the generous amount of jimping (2-3x more than what you find in regular Spyderco folders) on the knife spine. Needless to say, this offers you a good traction point to rest your thumb when you want to choke the blade or when putting it through hard cutting tasks.

The handle is designed with an oversized choil where your index finger locks. This helps prevent your hands from slipping into the cutting edge of the knife and possibly injuring yourself.

Spyderco Street Beat Lightweight Handle

The choil gives you a sure grip whether you hold your knife in a stabbing or piercing position and keeps your hands from the grip. It feels pretty comfy no matter how you grip your knife.

A lanyard hole is included in this handle to allow you to slip in a lanyard if you want to carry this knife around your neck.


This bowie style knife comes with a 3 ½-inch clip point blade built to be both aesthetically appealing and purposeful. The blade is full-tang, giving the knife great strength for everyday cutting tasks and tactical use.

If you live in states like Colorado, where the knife laws are unfriendly, you'll also like the size of this blade as it falls within the legal size.

The blade is made from VG-10 steel. This is a good choice of steel because it holds an edge for a reasonable amount of time. It is also effortless to sharpen and takes an excellent edge.

Corrosion resistance is excellent for this steel. You can use it in wet conditions without fearing rust catching up with it.

Spyderco Street Beat Blade

If it doesn't have a hole, it's no Spyderco! This blade comes with a little Spyderhole as proof that it's indeed a Spyderco's creation.

The knife bevel looks pretty nice and even throughout the stroke and on both sides of the knife. The thin flat grind makes it a perfect slice while its tip feels sturdy and will do a good piercing job.

The blade comes scary-sharp out of the box and cuts like a dream. It also works magic for kitchen cutting chores.

As long as you use this knife for its intended purpose and don't abuse it, it will give you a lifetime of service.


The FRN handle on this knife preserves the ergonomic features in the original Street Beat. It comes shaped to offer a rock-solid grip and prevents slipping in dry or wet conditions.

This improves the overall user comfort. The handle size is also perfect to naturally fit in average hand sizes.

The handle is well-rounded at all corners and feels incredibly smooth in your hands. All edges are perfectly smoothened. This handle is molded to the shape of your hand—i.e., it has a palm swell in the middle a flare toward the end. This makes it feel natural in your hand and ensures additional comfort.

We also like that this knife comes with a large choil in place of a handguard. This choil comfortably locks your hand in, prevents forward slip, and gives you a firm grip on this little guy.

Because this choil is fully exposed when you sheath this knife, it offers you an excellent hold on the knife. It helps you intuitively draw it regardless of the carry position.

Spyderco Street Beat Lightweight

There's no thumb ramp on this Spyderco, and this makes manipulating your grip on the knife much easier.

In the place of a thumb ramp, the knife comes with a generous amount of thumb jimping on the blade spine that extends all the way to knife tang. This offers your thumb a good traction point when choking the blade for heavy cutting tasks. It adds to the overall firm grip of this knife.

Simply put, this knife will not slip when you hold it. It will also feel comfortable when using it for those heavy cutting tasks that require you to put extra pressure into your blade.

The sheath

The sheath you get when you order this knife is a total win. If you look at the photos of this sheath closely, you'll see it has plenty of spots you can attach it with. This makes it incredibly versatile, and you can place it anywhere you can think.

It fits your knife incredibly well and gives a soft click to let you know that your knife is well in place. It produces no rattling when the knife is in there.

Even better, the sheath has excellent knife retention, and you'll never have to worry about the knife coming out unless you remove it yourself.

It also features a nice drain hole at the end to ensure easy cleaning and facilitate total water drainage.

Turning to the other side of the sheath, you'll discover a solid G-clip that you can attach to either side of the sheath for ambidextrous carry.

Spyderco Street Beat

It can not only clip to belts but also waistbands, whether you wear it inside or outside. You can even carry it as a highly discreet IWB.

Because this clip is also angle adjustable, it lets you carry the knife in multiple positions, including vertical, horizontal, and canted carry inside the waistband or on the belt.

The clip feels sturdy and reliable. It works pretty much like the Spyderco pocket clips on their folders.

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Final Verdict

Spyderco Street Beat Lightweight is a great little knife for everyday carry. The little knife is incredibly lightweight and easy to carry around without feeling like it's bugging you.

Its blade is big enough to handle general EDC tasks but not too big to make it hard to control. The blade is super-sharp out of the box. The steel scores well in edge retention, easy sharpening, and corrosion resistance.

This knife is sent to you with a nice, well-made sheath that allows you to carry it in various styles. The handle itself is perfectly contoured for rock-solid grip. The ergonomics are great. And the pricing is good for what you get in this knife.

Simply put, this knife presents you with all the great features offered by its predecessor, the Bowie, in a more EDC-friendly version. Spyderco perfectly executed Fred's idea, and there's nothing to hate about this knife.

If you're looking for a compact fixed blade EDC knife, we highly recommend this Spyderco Street Beat Lightweight knife to you.

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