Spyderco Techno 2 Review

Spyderco Techno 2 Review: Our Honest Opinion

When Spyderco Techno 1 came out, it was an instant hit. EDC fans were head over heels about this little EDC for its tremendous strength and performance in a compact package.

The great success of the first Techno fueled Spyderco into launching the Techno 2. Dubbed one of the coolest-looking small Spydies by many knife enthusiasts, this new model tries to improve the performance of its older brother.

In this review, we'll get up and close with Spyderco techno 2 to uncover whether it lives up to the hype of the original model, the major upgrades it has gone through, and how it differs from its predecessor.

Spyderco Techno 2 overview and specs

Spyderco Techno 2 is a variant of the original Techno model. It comes with improved construction over the original model to improve its overall performance while carrying on its legacy of incredible strength and utility in a compact package.

Marcin Slysz, the customer knife behind the design of this knife, is one of the hottest names in modern knife making circles. The Polish knife maker gave this little folder a European appearance.

Spyderco Techno 2

This knife is characterized by a sheepsfoot blade. It features a standoff design instead of the drop point with back spacer in the original Techno.

This knife appears under Spyderco's "Little Big Knives" list due to its small blade and handle design paired with premium construction and performance.

It features a hard-duty frame locking mechanism, premium CTS-XHP blade steel, and a vault-like construction. These features are usually attributed to the larger, hard-use knife models.

Reversible tip-up deep pocket clip finishes off this compact EDC folder design.

The knife key specifications are as follows:

Spyderco Techno 2 overview

Overall length

5.98 Inch

Closed length

3.43 Inch

Blade length

2.55 Inch

Blade thickness

0.13 Inch

Blade steel



3.6 ounces

Handle material


Pocket clip

Ambidextrous, tip-up carry


Made in Taiwan


The handle is full titanium and features a stonewashed finish which appeals to many EDC knife lovers. It is smooth but feels high-quality and has a decent amount of grip to it.

The handle is perfectly chamfered and finished with attention to detail for comfortable handling and great looks.

The green-anodized titanium standoffs hold the two handle halves while creating an open-backed construction. This is key to helping significantly minimize the overall folder weight while making cleaning and maintenance a breeze for you.

Spyderco Techno 2 Handle

The positioning of the lanyard hole at the end of the Titanium handle slabs is perfect. When you put on a lanyard hole, it acts as a natural extension of your handle. This is a good thing for a small knife like Techno 2.

However, this lanyard hole is smaller than what you find in other Spydercos. Nonetheless, it lets in a standard Paracord pretty easily.


This knife comes with a short blade, at just 2.55 inches. This minimal blade size makes the knife easy to carry around. It is also less intimidating compared to larger EDCs, and you won't get into trouble with the authorities.

Despite being short, this is a well-made chunky, robust blade that serves its purpose well.

Choice of steel is also great for this knife and is similar to the older version. CTS-XHP is premium-rated knife steel that provides you with exceptional edge retention. You can take it through regular hard use without losing its sharp edge.

Even better, it has excellent toughness and corrosion resistance and will take a beating without cracking or chipping.

But when it comes to sharpening, it takes time and effort to give it that super-fine edge.

It comes with a sheepsfoot blade shape, which is a significant upgrade from the drop point shape in the old variant. This new shape gives the blade a beefy profile. It makes the blade more suitable for handling repetitive utility tasks while holding up to hard use.

Spyderco Techno 2 Blade

The blade has a full flat grind that runs from the spine to its cutting edge. This is a nice grind because it reduces friction during cutting and delivers excellent slicing performance. This saber grind also helps decrease the overall weight of this knife.

The tip in this knife is super-sharp, and this is a good thing because it allows you to precisely cut through stuff like leather, paper, etc., laid on a flat surface.

Like the handle, this blade is stonewash finished which improves its aesthetics.


The little EDC knife is easy to hold and feels quite comfortable in your hands. It offers a comfy 4-finger grip for average-sized hands, and you can easily do push cuts with it.

The Spyderco trademark hole makes the blade easy to open one-handed, even with your gloves on.

You'll also like that this knife comes with jimping on the knife spine. This provides your thumb with some good traction and makes the knife even easier to use when working on tasks that require extra force.

Spyderco Techno 2 Ergonomics

However, most people complain that the wire clips create hot points, especially when you grip the handle tightly. This can greatly compromise user comfort.

Deployment and lockup

It's easy to thumb-flick this knife blade open, with the trademark Spyderhole included on the blade. This thumbhole is pretty versatile and allows for ambidextrous opening. It's also big enough to use without having to get your gloves off.

The blade action is smooth and swivels freely when opened because the blade runs on bronze washers, just like in the older version. And you can hear that sound that assures you it has clicked into position.

However, most users have noted that this doesn't offer significant detent. This means you might need to manually push your blade all the way into frame. This is quite a letdown as Techno 1 has better detent; deployment and return feel stouter than this new variant.

The lockup for this knife is positive. It features a titanium frame lock and no lock bar insert. Thanks to this lockup, the blade tightly locks into position with no detectable play in any direction.

Deployment and lockup

However, lack of over-travel stop means you should be careful not to disengage the lockup and unintentionally disengage the blade.

With the improved thickness of the titanium handle slabs in this new variant, the frame lock is able to deliver a more solid and secure performance.

Unlocking the blade when you want to close it is also easy. The cutout on the bottom of the blade offers you room to access the lock and disengage your blade hassle-freely.

Pocket clip

A tip-up deep carry wire pocket clip lets you completely conceal this knife in your pocket. It is ambidextrous and enables you to carry your knife on either right or left-hand side.

Pocket clip

At only 3.4 ounces, this knife won't weigh you down and is comfortable to carry in your pocket all day.

Spyderco Techno vs Techno 2: Key differences

Before we close our review of this "little big knife" from Spyderco, we'd like to point out the key differences between the two variants to give you a clear picture of what's changed for this new knife.

Blade shape: while the old model featured the drop point blade shape, this new model comes with a sheepsfoot blade shape which is more suitable for day-to-day and heavy tasks.

Blade thickness: the blade stock in Techno 2 is a bit thinner than in the original Techno. And this is a relief for users who thought the thickness in Techno 1 was unnecessary.

Handle slabs: the handle slabs on this variant are thicker than those on the original model. This is a good thing because it makes the frame lock in Techno 2 feel more secure and solid.

Spyderco Techno vs Techno 2

Handle grip: the original model features a choil to help you resist your finger on the rear bottom of the blade, ensuring better gripability. However, the new version features an uncomfortable bump in place of the notch

Handle spacer: Another noticeable difference is that the manufacturer dropped the blue spacer from the original version in favor of a green one. As most users agree, the initial spacer was just ugly!

Pocket clip: the wire clip on the original was quite solid and sturdy. It has a thickness of 1.60mm. However, the manufacturers have compromised on the quality of the T2 wire clip (it's thinner, at 1.40mm) and feel flimsy and less durable.

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Final Verdict

Now that you have read this detailed review of Spyderco's techno 2, you're in a better position to tell whether the knife lives up to the hype of the original version and if it will meet your needs.

From this review, it's clear that this knife has undergone massive upgrades in crucial areas like blade design for even better performance while preserving the original model's great strength and utility performance.

The knife build quality is on point, typical of all the Spydercos built in their Taiwan factory. The blade is perfectly centered, and the overall fit and finish are good.

Overall, Techno 2 will make a perfect little tough knife for everyday carry. It is a great knife with a premium design that gives you the performance you have been dreaming of in an EDC.

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