"Cherokees Working Together"


To support the belief that all Cherokees are one nation under God. To demand sovereign status, the right to
govern ourselves and the right to be recognized as an independent nation. To preserve our traditions, language,
culture and government. To work together to ultimately bring about the return of the Cherokees from the Trail
of Tears. To provide all members with the right to vote and the information necessary to make educated
decisions. To create a common ground on which like-minded Cherokees may convene to discuss issues of
importance to them and support candidates who represent their views.

Please send your donations to help inform Cherokee's in our 2007 General Elections.

 Send Donations to:   The Cherokee National Party
                                                                                PO Box 487
                                                                                Blackwell, Oklahoma 74631

Now is the time for all Cherokee to help!
Help the everyday Cherokee by sending a donation to get representatives that will bring back the Cherokee Nation to the Cherokee People!

Send in what you can - No Donation is too small.

We, the Cherokee People....are The Cherokee National Party!